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  1. Thank you, both.
    I've tried ASIO first, but unfortunately I wasn't able to get it working (cause I have no clue what's going on with all this different modes)

    Switched to WASAPI/shared with a sampling rate of 48000.

    This works fine with my bluetooth headphones SONY WH-1000XM3.

    and..... no more crackling sound. Phantastic!

    Maybe this post may help someone with a similar problem:
    cakewalk, crackling noise, crackle, soundproblem, sampling rate 48.000, WASAPI
    see pictures for setup


    Edit:  (quote from member scook)
    When sharing devices with Windows and Cbb make sure the sample rates are the same.
    Above shows CbB is set to 48000.
    Windows must be set to the same sample rate.


    Following posts are no longer relevant.
    Reboot your PC at least once after changing settings 😉 

    Best regards






  2. Good morning everyone,
    hope you all have a nice Sunday morning 😉

    Sorry to disturb you, but this is annoying and I don't know what to do:

    Please find attached a soundfile. 

    What you here is the sound of PERCX (a drum sound lib) used in cakewalk and exported to mp3.
    You also hear that unwanted crackling sound.

    This crackle is independent of output device, i.e. headphones, speakers, wired or bluetooth.

    It does NOT appear when using the PERCX standalone module.

    I've checked the latest audio drivers, tested different audio formats in Cakewalk preferences, I tried some checkboxes (not really knowing what purpose they serve)
    Can someone please help with this problem?

    Thank you all in advance.

    Best regards


    Link to PercX, in case it's needed: https://www.auddict.com/percx
    sysinfo, if needed;
    Win 10 Home
    Dell Inc. , XPS 15 7590
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-9980HK CPU @ 2.40GHz, 2400 MHz, 8 cores, 16 logic proc
    BIOS-Version    Dell Inc. 1.8.1, 03.07.2020
    BIOS-Mode    UEFI
    phys RAM     32,0 GB
    Audio Adapter:  Intel Cannon Lake-H/S - cAVS (Audio, Voice, Speech) [B0]
    Video Chipset:  NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650


  3. 12 hours ago, Promidi said:

    Zoom right out so that all of the CC1 events are visible.

    With the smart tool enabled (Middle mouse button, press the star), Right click drag a marquee around the controller events, hit delete on the keyboard.

    thank you, Promidi, that helep a lot.



  4. 6 hours ago, Lord Tim said:

    I'm running a 49" super ultrawide here so this kind of thing would be super useful for me too.

    Ideally, I'd love for the UI to be similar to, say, the Adobe suite where you can dock anything pretty much anywhere you like, even as sub windows to other windows.

    That would be the very best option, but for now being able to split the multidock would help very much.

    I have a flat samsung widescreen in my home studio and a curved samsung wide screen in my home office.  

  5. Hi Cakewalk-Team,

    your DAW is still great and getting better and better with every update, Thank you.

    My Question:

    I have a wide screen and I want to arrange Piano Roll and Console view inside the Multidock side by side, so that i.e. piano roll is on the left and console on the right or vice versa?

    Can s.o. help, please, cause I am not getting it.

    Thank you 

    best regards








  6. Removing of automation lane does not work properly?

    Hi, I added 2 automations to a track: VOLUME and MODULATION. Then I copied one clip of the first track via dragging (ctrl-key was pressed) to a second track. Automation was copied, too. I then noticed, that I don't want the volume automation on track 2. I am able to delete it, via clicking in MINUS or via contextmenu and the VOLUME automation lane disappears. 

    But when I enter SHIFT-A I can see it still exists.

    Am I using it wrong or is that a bug?

    best regards







  7. Strange behaviour on 2nd screen, sometimes:

    I use a notebook and separate 2nd screen. 

    Under at the moment unknown circumstances there is no contextual menu when I rightclick on an arranger section to remove it. Instead the frame of the contextual menu appears with no contents. Couldn't remove the desired arranger sections, so I tried dragging them back to the source pool above.  They stayed hovering over the source section. They looked transparent. Even after having closed cakewalk, they stayed on the screen for a moment before disappearing.

    Unfortunately I am not able to reproduce this behaviour.

    Maybe this explanation helps you finding a bug.


    EDIT: reproduceable when adding (dragging) arranger sections from source to arrangements. Then, the dragged section is duplicated - optically - and remains. From that time, the menu, when invoked, does nor work or disappear. See screenshots.

    When trying to drag the duplicated back to the source, they stay there. See last screenshot for menu behaviour. It stays over all windows applications.

    A big "Thank you" to the whole cakewalk team for your good work.

    Best regards











  8. Hi music friends,

    there is another crash situation.

    • I loaded a bunch of VSTs (see screenshot),
    • then used captain chord to find some chords.
    • exported midi to the piano channel
    • started the arpeggiator
    • tried to modify the note length by dragging the appropriate element in the arpeggiator gui
    • chrash

    It says that the ABPL2 plugin crashed.

    Well, five minutes ago it said it was the percx plugin.

    All these plugins are only loaded, not yet used.

    please find attached two dumps (7Z) and a screenshot.




    instruments_04242020_163815.7z instruments_04242020_171338.7z

  9. 14 hours ago, Jonathan Sasor said:

    The stack for the dump file is all within the plugin, you should try sending it to Sonivox. If there's anything on our end that needs to be tweaked, they can reach out and we'd be happy to look into it, but it seems like a plugin issue. 

    I contacted them yesterday. Now I am waiting for a channel to send the dump to them.

  10. 8 hours ago, Kaustub M. Joshi said:

    I use that plugin too, and I haven't updated from Cakewalk 2019's last update yet. But BigBang sure has given me a lot of problems in REAPER. I had to activate “Buggy plugin compatibility mode” in REAPER to use it. However, in Cakewalk 2019 it works fine! I wonder if something new in the latest Cakewalk is triggering it like in REAPER. It's probably a plugin bug, I think. I have sent SoniVox a feedback from their site, but I haven't received any reply yet. It would probably be a more urgent issue if you also contacted them about this.

    I did so, yesterday. Now waiting for a response.

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  11. Hi cakewalk team,

    I am using BigBang (cinematic drums) from SoniVox.

    Everything is fine, as long as I do not meet certain circumstances: 

    The situation in detail:

    • press a drum button on the sonivox GUI - ok
    • drag a note inside the pianoroll - crash
    • play the notes that can be seen in the pianoroll - ok
    • press a key on the real midi keyboard (associated with a drum) - crash
    • press a key on the pianoroll keyboard (associated with a drum) - crash

    I've attached a mini dump - had to compress with 7Z. Unfortunately it is not the dump from the screenshotted situation.

    If you need a matching pair (screenshot - dump), I can produce one.

    I tried to reproduce this error and found this out:

    If a create a complete new cakewalk project, insert a track with bigbang, everything is ok.

    If I use one of my projects with some tracks, I have this faulty behaviour as described above.

    If I delete all tracks from my project except bigbang, the error remains.

    Now, if i save this one-track-project, close, load , then it's ok.

    now i can add some other tracks (6 in this case) - no error at all.

    now I save this 7 track-project, close, load and bam, an error occurs as soon as I hit a key on the keyboard for bigbang.

    all this happens on my desktop and on my notebook.

    both are very new machines, Intel I9 / AMD 3900, enough memory 😉

    hope this helps you tracking down the error.





  12. 8 hours ago, Nigel Mackay said:

    Different instruments need different drum maps. If the one you have loaded works with SI-Drums, in the textbox Presets, type DM1-SI Drums and click on Save. Now you have a drum map that works for SI Drums.

    Ask around if anyone has a drum map for the Middle East Sample library. You might get lucky.

    If not, consult the user manual for the drum kit, it will have the mapping for the drums there. Then create a drum map, naming it NI Middle East, using this video as a guide. It is a lot of work, so I normally just put in the most important stuff as a start. As and when I need other articulations I add them. Can't remember if the video says how to edit an existing drum map, but when you need it just ask on the forum.


    You can create a drum map for any instrument that uses keyswitches for articulations. Then you create a MIDI track for the notes and a MIDI track for articulations.

    Thanks Nigel, I knew this video from Mike already. It was the basis for me to start. I did everything step by step and it works fine with SI-drums but not with kontakt. Tomorrow I will check  if the problem has to do with channel 10.

    Again, thank you for your kind advice.

    regards, Peter


  13. Thank you Nigel for your quick response.

    Unfortunately that's not the problem.

    I'm using the "pass through map" as a template.

    that means, all notes are inluded and I can rename them appropriatly (I have the PDF with the names here)

    But there is no sound from the middle east kontakt player pluging.

    Any ideas? 

  14. Hi all, I recently bought the "NI - Middle East Sample Library" . It's great. but there is one thing, I can't figure out. That's how to use a drum map with this combination. 

    I've set up a small demo (see screenshot) that perfectly works with the SI-Drumkit or others. It even works with a piano, driven by the drum map.

    Can anyone help please, because with middle east drums it's even more important to have the names mapped than with a western drum kit.

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards


    cakewalk-kontakt-drum map.png

  15. 1 hour ago, Noel Borthwick said:

    @Peter Stiens Indeed. I found the source of the problem yesterday and we have a fix. Its quite a bad longstanding bug related to applying workspaces (or screensets) referencing views to an empty project. In your case the workspace referenced the step sequencer view. Since a blank project cannot have a step sequencer this was running into an issue when loading the workspace and crashing.

    This is already fixed for the next release but to work around your crash just remove the step sequencer from your custom workspace for the time being and it should resolve the issue.

    Thanks for reporting this!

    @Noel Borthwick You're welcome. I have to thank for this wonderful DAW. Greetings to the whole cakewalk team.

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