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  1. and choose Edit Clip Tempo Map. Average tempo is shown at the bottom of the clip. It may often be off by a factor of two. Play the track and verify that the downbeat markers are aligning roughly with the downbeat transients. If not, choose one of the alternate tempos from the dropdown. If all you want is that average tempo, you can just change the Edit Filter back to Clips. Double left-click the clip ...
  2. To delete the saved audio files in your project that are no longer in tracks, simply execute "Utilities/Clean Audio Folder". That simple. Another way is "Utilities/Consolidate Project Audio". That will collect the active audio files into a subdirectory in the project, but you then must delete the audio directory files and put the files in the sub back up into your audio directory. Another way is to go to Windows file explorer and select all of the audio files in the project's audio directory while the project is open. Hit delete and all the ones not being used will be deleted. Clean Audio Folder does it for you.
  3. I have a Lynx PCI audio card that just got a new driver. In the verbiage on changes, it says that DAW and audio application writers should not be implementing prioritization from within an ASIO application, and that this is stated in the ASIO spec. What does this mean? That we should not check "MMCSS" in our audio setup? That checkbox is available in my Lynx driver utiity. Should I check it there and not in Cakewalk? I ask because my system falls apart (crackles, audio engine stoppage) whenever I do anything with graphics (open a new window, check the web, etc.). Of course, Cake is my only DAW that does anything like this, so I'm hunting for ways to improve performance. HERE IS LYNX' verbiage:
  4. Cakewalk is consistently the worst at handling audio data flow amongst all my DAWs. It clicks and pops and overloads consistently on mid-loaded projects that do just fine in Samplitude, Sequoia, Reaper, ProTools, FL Studio and Nuendo. To have to adjust buffers over 128 asks for intolerable latency with soft-synths and direct monitoring. I'm not saying that this isn't something in this particular case that will be figured out, but I am saying that Cakewalk and Sonar have always been the worst at handling audio flow. I've been with Cakewalk since the eighties.
  5. Thank you, Ab. I'll set it back and push on with troubleshooting my system. I DO have an old Quadcore system that I'm scared to upgrade!
  6. In my projects using Kontakt instruments and Superior Drummer 3, I have click/pop issues now and then. One thing I tried today was to opt for Superior Drummer to use multiple cores (I set at two to start). The verdict is still out, but is this an overt conflict with having Cakewalk already using multiple cores? Also, I note that any other PC activity, such as just asking another program to start, destroys my audio engine performance, yet my Lynx audio card is on a separate IRQ from all others. Is it a matter of not IRQ but just pure processing scheduling that I'm up against? Thank you all. Always great responses here! Jonas
  7. I thinned-out my VST library today and deleted Groove Player as one of my cleanups. Now I open every single project and it says that this is missing: "GroovePlayer (Track: 'LRS track bus'). I have no idea what this means, and many of the projects now won't play, have noise coming out of the main bus, and show overloaded resource bars. This is so, so disappointing. Any ideas? Thank you! Jonas
  8. Excellent. It worked fine. Thank you very much, good Scook. Very appreciated.
  9. Thank you, Scook. Works fine for splitting a stereo track into separate mono tracks. Doesn't work for taking two monos and combining them into a stereo track, unfortunately. But hey, I wasn't even aware of the BtoT option in the first place!
  10. And dragging two mono tracks into separate take lanes in a new track never let's you bounce, after panning, into one main stereo clip as Anderton advised in 2017 with Sonar. What changed?
  11. I'm baffled. I want to split a simple stereo clip or track into to mono tracks with a command. No such thing? Sure I can duplicate, pan, then bounce and make mono. But how do I then combine them into one stereo track again? Very odd this doesn't have a one-click split and one-click combine of two tracks.
  12. My system does it too. The higher the processing load, the more it does it. Promidi, I happen to use a PCI care (Lynx Two).
  13. I fixed my own issue. I had used a process explorer to stop some update stuff, and evidently it was reporting after that that I didn't have certain things updated and stopping Cake from going. My bad.
  14. I started with Cakewalk in 1988, I believe. I've had every version, and I've also tried every DAW out there. Sure, I got familiar with our stuff and all, but I'm a detail guy and have fun doing other tech. All my studio buds are stuck with, and do well with, Pro Tools, for sure, so I tried and used that on the side for years. But I'm just here to say that except for a few years of frustration with a Sonar changeup (2011-2013?, can't remember), I love Sonar/Cakewalk. I was tickled to death at the Bandlab takeover. My software has run very well all the time except for having a bit more audio stress (drouput crap) than my Sequoia and Nuendo engines. I love it. I come here and see the problems and hope they all get resolved, yet wonder why I don't have many or any of them at all. I'm still on Win 7, if that matters. I have every plugin and VSTi imaginable. They all work fine, although Massive failed to even be seen today! Love it.
  15. Whether we figure out my issue or not, I must express my gratitude for the responses I've been blessed with!
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