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  1. Here is the case number, This is a follow-up to your previous request #251255 "Issue"
  2. I was drinking yesterday and a bit upset please forgive me if anyone is offended. Im a bit upset I was told be email that the issue I was having with Maschine was resolved. But I have installed the beta and the issue still remains. I have been notified through email on multiple occasions to close my ticket yet no resolution. I love Cakewalk don't get me wrong but it does get frustrating when someone tells you it has been resolved but hasn't. I know everyone is busy , I sent this ticket in at the beginning of January and was told multiple times would be fixed in the next release. Maybe it will be and it is just not in the beta, I guess I will see soon. Markmusicman
  3. I tried to reproduce your issue but if I import a video I am having other issues. Hopefully they will look at your issue, . Make sure your report it through the technical support. Mark
  4. I have installed this version and am still seeing this following issue. I am hoping you guys might be able to apply a fix for the final release. Here is a link to the issue I am seeing, I have sent this through the support page and I know you guys are busy. I appreciate all you do !! Thanks Mark
  5. I have reported it to Cakewalk support, the issue is the first beat is not heard until the loop comes around again because the now time jumps forward. So yes it is very bothersome I would say. I have to quantize the first beat, Anyways I know they will look at it and fix it because they are an awesome team!! Mark
  6. Does anyone else use Maschine as a plugin that can verify this issue? Thanks Mark
  7. Hello I know there was a bug recently fixed when there is a count in measure in cakewalk. Melodyne would not start the count in correctly as it was off a whole measure That issue was fixed in a recent new release. I have come across the following issue and just want to see if this has to do with the fix. When I am using Maschine software with a count in measure in cakewalk the now time marker is jumping forward a very slight amount. I have attached a video to demonstrate what is happening. Has anyone else had this happen? Notice the Now Time marker jump ahead when I hit the record button. Thanks Mark 2020-01-17 13-27-55.mp4
  8. I had this issue and resolved it by turning off all background apps, give it try it cant hurt! Just type background apps in the search left bottom and make sure they are all turned off. This worked for me. Mark
  9. I have figured this out I believe, Please ignore my ignorance!! Thanks Mark
  10. Ok here is my issue, When I am using Kontakt with lets say just 2 instruments for example , First instrument Midi channel 1, second instrument midi channel 2 . I have associated audio channels and have routed 2 separate outputs from Kontakt to the audio channels in Cakewalk. For some reason when I get to the end of the loop and the loop starts for the first time it is sounding out all 2 Instruments even though they are on separate channels midi input and output and I have not recorded anything on the second Instrument. If I stop the loop and just play back what I have recorded everything is fine and it only sounds out the instrument I have just recorded. As long as I am not looping everything works perfectly not sure if this has something to do with the new update. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Mark
  11. Here is a link to the issue with Hybrid keys, I just use the mod wheel all the way up to change the Setting in Hybrid Keys. Hope this link helps you.
  12. I am on the latest Cakewalk and the Latest Windows 10 with all updates.
  13. I am using a Yamaha Motif XS8 and it is amazing for a control surface and midi input device . Always make sure the Yamaha is turned on fully before starting Cakewalk. Also sometimes for what ever reason cakewalk loses my preferences for surface control. Go into your preferences and make sure XS8 1 is checked and XS82 is checked. XS8 1 is used for the keyboard midi input and the XS8 2 is used for the surface controls. Also I use the Yamaha in Master mode and Remote mode on for surface control. I know its allot to take this stuff but you will figure it out and The Yamaha is excellent for surface control it has all the mutes , solos, all transport controls I really love it. I hope you figure this all out!! Try not to panic . Mark
  14. I still have the issue with the one instrument Hybrid Keys but I just leave the mod wheel up. However you can run Kontakt 6 and Kontakt 5 together. I have both installed and you can run them as separate plugins at the same time. I do have the full version of Kontakt.
  15. I purchased picked acoustic the other day and really love it. I used a coupon towards it, I not think you will be disappointed with it. I use it with Kontakt version 6 with no issues. I am glad I was able to help you with the above issue! Mark
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