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  1. Bajan Blue


    Wow, thanks for that, really appreciate those comments Cheers Nigel
  2. I've had Dubstation for YEARS - started V1 - i still use it quite regularly - i just like that dub type of delay sound - a really solid product. Nigel
  3. Larry - thanks for this and great timing - I have been trying out a number of these type of EQ's - I know all slightly different, but so far tried out Smooth Operator and Gulfoss - i have had Zynaptic Unfilter for a while but not used it much in anger, so comparing that one as well. So far not desperately impressed enough to buy either Smooth Operator or Gulfoss, but i definitely need some more testing time before making a final decision - now I have another one to throw in the mix and best of all it's free!! Cheers Nigel
  4. Bajan Blue


    Hi Douglas Thanks for taking the time to watch the video and make such positive comments - really appreciated Nigel
  5. Bajan Blue


    We use Superior drummer and I like Arturia compressors - thanks for the great comments cheers Nigel
  6. Bajan Blue

    PSP Xenon

    I've had Xenon for years and still use it regularly - it's a very good product and this is a very keen price nigel
  7. Sounds really really good to me - mix is clear and very well balanced Great stuff Nigel
  8. Bajan Blue


    Hi David I tried it as well but it said it was unavailable? Nigel
  9. Bajan Blue


    Hi Everyone We have just released the fifth track off our new album Regeneration. The track is called Underground. Hope you enjoy it. Nigel https://devinelie.com https://music.amazon.co.uk/artists/B002GLCV8K/devine-lie https://open.spotify.com/artist/2Sd0BBWtT5fv0GaXLoKTAC https://www.youtube.com/c/DevineLie/videos
  10. I Like this Dennis - good track and good enjoyable listen Cool Nigel
  11. Bajan Blue

    step tap

    Jack I like this but i do agree it is very toppy - i would definitely have the bass up a bit Otherwise like it a lot Nigel
  12. Hi Douglas - like this a lot - good mix and the harmonies sound really good Cool Nigel
  13. Good mix and enjoyed the song Cool Nigel
  14. Great Guitar, enjoyed that a lot Sounds a decent mix, enjoyed the listen Nigel
  15. Bajan Blue

    Cherry blooms

    good guitar as per usual - sort of made me think of Japanese Surfing for some reason! Cool stuff Nigel
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