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  1. Hi Rik - thanks for those great comments, much appreciated Nigel Hi treesha Thanks for those kind comments re the website - much appreciated keep well Nigel Hi John glad you enjoyed the scenery😉😉😉 Thanks for the comments, truly appreciate them Cheers Nigel
  2. Hi Steve - love the picture and Mark's comment re the same Barber😁 Like the track, very much of its time, but well cool Nigel
  3. Hi Barry - I like, this version a lot - really good track - and those horns sound great Cool stuff Nigel
  4. Bajan Blue

    SONG: Mudflap

    Hi - good track enjoyed the listen - I also heard what tom did at 1.39 - sounded a bit odd, but as tom said, your track!! Nigel
  5. Hi - a good track, have to say though I struggled a bit with the vocal processing - sounded a bit hissy to me. Apart from that, all good Nigel
  6. Great Playing Rik Enjoyed the listen, thanks for posting Nigel
  7. Hi Tim Really like the song and the production is excellent. even though i use Superior Drummer, I process our drums in the same way - export individual tracks then process - i do think it's the best way. And the video brought back memories for me - I used to have an office at Milsons Point many years ago, so spent a great deal of time around the harbour!! Nigel
  8. Bajan Blue


    Hi Larry I like this - my only things are the cymbals that I feel sound a bit splashy and perhaps the bass sounds a little boxy Apart from those two minor things, really enjoyed this Nigel
  9. Hi John love the piano playing - sounds really good A great track, really enjoyed it Cool Nigel
  10. Bajan Blue

    Just Bones

    Hi treesha A really good track - loved the vocals and harmonies in particular and enjoyed the listen - keeps your interest all the way through Cool Nigel
  11. Hi Keith Great track, really enjoyed it - I wouldn't change anything Cool stuff Nigel
  12. Hi Wookie I do hope things improve soon - a Dark and Haunting piece of music my friend thinking of you Nigel
  13. Hi Paul Thanks, really appreciate you taking the time to watch and comment Cheers Nigel Hi Freddy Totally agree this is a bit different to our normal stuff - i didn't even know if we were going to include this on our current album - it just came out so nicely, we thought we would!! Keep well Nigel
  14. Hi tom - glad you liked the Sax!! keep well my friend Nigel Hi Steve - thanks so much for the kind comments Cheers Nigel Hi - sounds like me - every year we went to a farm near Swanage - my Dad knew the farmer from their time in the RAF and we couldn't afford to pay anything / pay much as we were pretty poor - great times that left a lasting memory for me. Glad you enjoyed the track Nigel
  15. Ha ha - thanks for that, appreciated Nigel Well, it is a beautiful part of the Country!! Thanks for taking the time to watch and comment Cheers Nigel Great stuff Steve - I'm sure you will win!!!! Cheers Nigel Hi Bjorn thanks my friend, really appreciate those kind comments Nigel
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