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Even after 20 years of fumbling around with this miracle of software, I'm a designated and also dissapointed OP of CakeWalk.    Right now, my SetUp is a combination of Cakewalk and FL Studio 20 VSTi, so I take adventage of both programs at the same time.  CbBL seems to perfectly host FL Studio (FL is, from my point of view, a very strange construction and concept, but ... hmm)              

I'm using ACT Technology and Generic Surface (inside CbBL) to contol my Softsynths, EQ and Console. Once it works, it is a fantastic tool, but it drove me nuts to handle it. No chance to succes without AZslows "ACTfix.exe". 

I'm also a great lover of two software-tools called Key Manager (ATNsoft) and Actual Title Button (Actualtools), which make my life easier with CbBL (you should take a look at both)

Enthusiast and producer of EDM Music  -  especially 'Chilled Dubstep' - 'Prog House' -  'Prog/Psy Trance' - 'Drum & Bass'


home studio with selfbuild 'Shortcut-Workpad' in Berlin (Germany)


Favourite software Synths and Plugins:

- reFX "Nexus 3"
- Reveal "Spire 1.5"
- "Z3TA+ 2"
- MusicLab "Real Guitar 3"
- Magix "Indedependence Pro 3.2" (Part of Samplitude)
- Native Instruments "Kontakt 6"
- Arturia "Spark 2" (Software Version)
- Loopmaster "LoopCloud 3"


Hardware:- CME VX  MIDI Controller (with motorized faders)
- Arturia BeatStep Pro  (Stepsequencer/MIDI Controller)
- KRK active Monitor Speakers (ROKIT 6)
- Behringer DT 990 Pro (Headphones)
- M-Audio  610 ProFire  (external audioadapter)
- M-Audio EX-P Expres­sion Peda


Take a look at my fantastic, selfbuild Shortcut-Workspace Keyboard! (old IBM - maybe 1989 ūüôÉ


It allows me to take full advantage of the CbBL-shortcut-concept, which inherents an incredible amount of possibilities to control almost everything inside of CbBL.

So I only need one keystroke to trigger one shortcut-command at a time without any "Finger-Acrobatic".                                                                For example: F-Key on my Workpad reacts to total combination of (ctrl+shift+c)--> copy   --> organiezied by a keyremapping-software:   "Key Manager" (ATNsoft)

(This brings an ease of use into my workflow¬†ūü§†¬†no finger-acrobatic - no more key-combinations - just one tip for one shortcut.

Easy to find shortcuts cause of colorselect and group-assignment.




If you are practising CbBL-Shortcuts, have you ever thought about the possibility
using a (at least) 6/7 button mouse to route CTRL/SHIFT/ALT to your right hand preventing 
yourself from complicated finger combinations and tendon sheath [ANAT.] inflammation [MED.]?¬†¬†ūü§©








Also very interesting: 


Key Manager.jpg

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