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  1. hmmm, okay, πŸ€” I haven't checked it out in 'real time' and with sounds (just tried the midi-function)... will try tomorrow
  2. Hi 905133 πŸ™‚ Yes, I have no probs to midi-remote my ProChannel Arp functions So I can easily switch thru the octaves, turn Arp on/off or latch +/- What MIDI Ctrl-device do you use? That's how it looks in my German version Greetings from Berlin
  3. Producer/Designer of various synthesizers sound banks and GUI sets. Random Wave Music https://www.kvraudio.com/developer/random-wave-music What's happened to Random Wave Music? https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=440610
  4. ... and what about this one: https://sonicstate.com/news/2010/08/25/sounds-for-z3ta/ Features 128 new Programs in .128 file format Bank files provided in standard 1.0X and 2.0X oversampling playback quality versions 20 additional single-cycle waveforms (used in the creation of the new Avant-Garde sound bank Programs - Included FREE) Avant-Garde GUI (2 versions: "New" and "Used" -Included FREE) Documentation including this Manual, Program List and License Agreement Pricing and Availability: Introductory Pricing: $6.50 More information: Avant-Garde
  5. Thx for reply - but I can not open *.cmp files there... 10, 15 or 20 years ago, something like a cmp-fileconverter existed. 😌 https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=203910 Only way is to drag and drop an arp into the track and save it as midi in whatever directory you want it. But this is a bit complicated and takes a lot of time. 🧐
  6. Hee? - Does somebody know something about this GUI: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riS2z48EtRg Haven't seen this before...
  7. Hi, I wonder, how to manipulate Z3TA+'s Arp presets? The files are saved as *.cmp files (arp001.cmp). Here on my PC stored at: C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Z3TA+ 2\Arpeggios. Many of the arp-presets aren't really useful, but there seems to be no way to change or manipulate the cmp files. After delete one (cmp) it still appears in the Z3TAs list (without arp information). Whatever, cmp files might be an concept of an older "Jammer" musical software.... I don't know? I would like to sort them like "1-arp001.cmp" for a good one and "2-arp002.cmp" for an okay one to make me feel better working with this stuff. Cheers
  8. Btw I created my own Z3TA+ "Ranking-List" (about 2000 Presets) in Libre-Writer to keep orientation... 🀠 Ahh, thx and okay, so I can delete those initials... That's how a preset-list could look like - what do you think?
  9. Hi, anybody around here understanding the meaning of these special endings in Z3TAs first "Factory Content" preset library? 12 endings as far as I see can count: BT / BC /BD / DMS / DSF / FI / FS / FI / FG / HP / WRJ / XS ... for example: RockFlagEagle WRJ Smooth Poly FS Space Bell Donk BC thx and nice to meet you
  10. Ho ho πŸ˜‹ how cloud "Sonar" ever be a guest somewhere? Isn't it the king (Louie) of all software solutions... ? πŸ€ͺ but! - it is a good hostel for my FL Studio Pro now. So I can switch very comfortable into my new studio and slowly say goodbye to a lot of sorrows.
  11. Okay, BRO 😁 - now I'm a believer. It works absolutly fantastico!! hm, but wait, now I have to learn all that stuff - sure this will take time questions after questions now - how do I setup my ProCha EQ ? Puuh, english dokumentaion...
  12. Thx for reply, azslow. Okay, I will give AZctrl another chance (for my own benefit) and will follow your instructions. I was getting into this "Locig" stuff and so on, until I quit my jouney. Reading english documenations is also not my heaven . BTW, have you red my last post about Trackpane confusion? Hm, I wonder nobody respond. Maybe my describtion wasn't that good, but I tried to optimise it. 😎
  13. Well, I also tried the AZ Controller, but hey, I'm not a programmer and if you aren't in the lucky position to load a predifined preset , you are right in hell's fire… no way for me to spend so much time to learn this thing in a couple of weeks...
  14. Hi there 😌 Here is my Situation and Question... I use 3 instances of Generic Control in my CbBL-setup First and second for to control Solo/Mute/Vol and Pan in Console View, third one for EQ in ProChannel View - and this works perfectly for me--- BUT, I always have to be in focus of either ProCha-EQ or Control View to bring the knobs and faders to work. This isn't a satisfieing workflow, because there is always the need using the mouse to switch in between both applications. Does somebody know how to focus EQ by a shortcut (or whatever) and then back to console faders again? This would be a great help, thx
  15. Okay, so I loaded the default Cakewalk .KBN in the shortcut-editor to see what is happening and now I understand what is going on... Toggle Track Mute for selected track = ALT+M Toggle Track Solo for selected track = ALT+S Toggle Track Arm for selected track = ALT+R Mute (for selected clip) = K ALT+M only sets the Mute Icon in the trackpane active (means, it should turn into a yellow Mute) in the track when it has been highlighted (select current track COMMA(,) before! Anyway, ALT+M also mutes the track, even if it's not highligted/selected without setting the Mute Icon active, which seems to me a not really good idea. Maybe this is because of the second mute option --> Mute = K ? This occurs only in "Instrument Track" (which I guess is status quo for the most operatoers), not if the track is devided in Audio/MIDI. | 'marked' Track | selected/highligted Track | mute solo rec | mute solo rec | - x x | x x x | - = no x = yes
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