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  1. Hi and Hello, could need some help... Starting a certain project in recovery-start-modus (choosing: skip all) my actual CbL 2019.03 immediately crashes without any warning. Seems to be a problem with Celemony Melodyne V. Melodyne works fine in standalony-modus. Any suggestions About this behaviour? Cheers Uwe
  2. Astra-Ios

    Copying tracks from one project to another

    for me copying lanes only worked out, when I prepare the new pasted template track with the same number of takelanes as in the original track. It is so easy to describe it in german - I hate translate it into something like british ðŸ˜Ĩ
  3. Astra-Ios

    Copying tracks from one project to another

    * in addition to the first step you discribed: To copy envelopes I had to check the new created preset section inthe synthrack. (it was empty and blank in my setup) Otherwise no envelopes, even no synthassignment in the automation box.
  4. Astra-Ios

    Copying tracks from one project to another

    Howdy, and does this method also work when the track carries envelopes and takes? C U 😃
  5. Oh, okay - maybe this one could help out; Increase current track height CTRL+SHIFT+DOWN ARROW Decrease current track height CTRL+SHIFT+UP ARROW
  6. Hi, you might find the stuff you need in ''console view'' keybinding-editor: 1062 😄 Widen All Strrips 1063 😄 Narrow All Strips
  7. Astra-Ios

    Horizontal and vertical zooming bug?

    Hi, have you also checked the vertical-zoom-bindings in the global-area? Is the assignment made to the same keys there? Another issue could be lenses. Try lenses off... Cheers
  8. Astra-Ios

    Weird ProChannel EQ Behavior

    Hi and hello, I once had terrible mess with ProChan QuadCurve EQ. Then I realized, Cakewalk doesn't save ProCha EQ adjustments within a projekt. It should be saved under: Cakewalk core/ProChannel presets/ but only if you had saved each EQ Adjustment apart. After this bad experience I save all my EQ s with designated files in ProCha Presets.
  9. Astra-Ios


    My idea (and concept) about a Shortcut-Workpad: (started this a few years ago in Berlin Germany) - 1 keyboard for normal use (mostly text-editing) - 1 modified keyboard (Shortcut-Workpad) dedicated to shortcuts only - 1 programmable mouse, containing at least 5 or 6 buttons, whereat the extra buttons are directed to ctrl, alt, shift... The use of two keyboards in this way, requires a software allowing you to switch between both easily (like e.g. ATNsoft 'keyremapper') The combination of mouse and shortcut-keyboard allows me to avoid the conventional handling of shortcuts, twisting your fingers all over your workpad (as for example "ctrl+alt+U" - what needs two hands for and is defenetly a workflow-killer) This way it's possible to use hundreds of shortcuts with one left finger only and the bottons of your right-hand mouse. For example: - U without mouse - U within combi of mousebuttons (ctrl+U, shift+U, alt+U, alt+shift+U. ctrl+shift+U, ctrl+alt+U) = 7 commands produce with only one button (one left finger) on the shortcut-keyboard and mouse (right hand). I removed some buttons for a better overview and organisation of the workpad, as you can see on the pictures. (there's no need for that many buttons) This helps choosing commands easily and quickly. The colored stickers give me an exact hint to get my intended actions. The right section (NumPad) is for transportation, loop and marker issues. The arrow area is for window regulations like left/rigt - up/down - scaling up/down/left/right - choose one/all track - undo/redo etc. Main or left area is for all kinds of commands. In this area seven buttons are dedicated for controlling the HUD-funktion. It is another great adventure to devide the use of shortcuts and editing text. I found this reduces the rate of accidents by wrongly pressed keyboard- combinations, leaving a horrible mess in your project sometimes. With this solution I'm be able to control my sequencer more laxly, and it gives me room to slow down my right-hand mouse-jerking activities. For achieving a better and harmonical workfow I tent to devide my activities to both hands. ATNsoft KeyRemapper As I pointed out in other mailings, this should give you the powerto regulate about 700 shortcuts, but.. Cakewalk once decided to bind many commands (about 340) in their own 'default keyboard' context. This makes the situation quite complicated. The rudimentaly created keybinding-editor gives everybody a hard time to realize what I try to set up. Shortcut-Workspacemin.pdf
  10. Astra-Ios

    concept and blueprint of keybindings

    sorry SeaDude 😉- I'm tired - it's around midnight and my bed is calling...
  11. Astra-Ios

    concept and blueprint of keybindings

    take a look here - from the old forum; http://forum.cakewalk.com/Default-Key-bindings-m45528.aspx I hope, I did translate right...
  12. Astra-Ios

    concept and blueprint of keybindings

    ðŸĪŠ Hey SeaDude - you're genius!!! Great job done, wow ðŸ‘Ļ‍🎓 And do you know what? - I've found out 2004 or so, a list of all keybindings existed in a cakewalk help file
  13. Astra-Ios

    concept and blueprint of keybindings

    In ATC tool (options) you'll find the only total summery of all keybindings inside of CbB. It is a complete list not devided in groups or Areas. All in one, but also not editable (no copy) At the beginnning the list also contains some commands refering to ATC only How would you describe the difference between shortcuts and keybindings? There's a keybinding, but not a shortcut editor. Cakewalk offers a list of all shortcuts, but this isn't syncro to the keybindings...
  14. Astra-Ios

    concept and blueprint of keybindings

    So you say I'm just a grumbler nerving other people. ðŸĪ” No I'm not! Don't you see my creativity thinking about a tool, that could be so much better by changing a few parameters? For example, I'd counted all 340 default keybindings in keybinding Editor ☠ïļ. Was checking out for weeks and months what the hack went so terribly wrong with that section. Rack my brain to find solotions ðŸ’Ģ Sitting for hours trying to describe in a foreign language my discomfort and you recommend me to light a candle by listening foreigners 'I wanna know what love is' to calm down with "Thank god a millionaire saved the live of Cakewalk" in my mind? 😁 Maybe you are the one who lost some respect