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  1. Tecknot, you were correct, as well. I just could not see that Ujam had installed to some weird location on my hard drive "C:\VTRoot." All taken care of now, Thanks for your input!
  2. ZincT, You were correct. For some reason, Ujam Iron had self-installed to some place on my drive called "VTRoot," which I cannot view from Windows Explorer. I could only find it using the search software, "Everything." I certainly did not choose that as an installation path, but that did certainly fix it... its loaded in CW, and me and my MIDI keyboard are ready to play!! Thanks for your help!
  3. Yep, I'll give that a try this weekend, when I get back to that machine. I know, due to double-checking, that the files are in c:\program files\vstplugins, and that folder is in scan path. If this works, I'll come back and mark the post as solved.
  4. As a part of my Focusrite Scarlett experience, I downloaded for free the Ujam Iron Virtual Guitarist. It installed successfully, and shows up on my hard drive, but I cannot seem to find it when I've got CW open, and "insert new instrument." It should be working great. Its not the only VSTi, or VST effect that I cannot find. I'm not at my CW machine, so I cannot look up what specific VST affects/instruments are MIA. Most of them do work, and work well, I might add. Since I wanted to play w/the UJam this past weekend, and it not working, I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Thx.
  5. A little late to this party, but I just upgraded my HP Pro - Win7Pro to Win10. So far, all things seem to be working great, including CW. I lost my access to Ableton Live Lite, but logging into the Ableton website fixed that. (I have a focusrite interface, and Live Lite was an included software item) As I'm playing around w/it over the next few weekends, I'll try to check all my plugins inside CW to make sure their licenses are still in tact. Thanks and a shout out and salute to the OP: I had no idea the free version of Win10 was still available. KR
  6. I wish it would minimize and stay within (visible) the main CW window, rather than get lost somewhere else. If it stays within the proggy, it would be one click to restore back to size.
  7. Yep. I had discovered this key combo by accident, and use it quite frequently. Usually, unintentionally: I keep expecting <shift + arrow keys> to work like the do in other windows programs. I think my eyeballs are on some object, I'm expecting the timeline pointer to move in increments of beats or bars or whatever: sort of like, in a Word document, shift left or shift right would move cursor one word at a time. ☺ At least, nothing detrimental happens when I do this.
  8. Thank you, Scook! That was the answer, and I do not think I would have ever discovered it. At least, not in a timely fashion. Thanks!!
  9. Scook, Thanks..I'm about to fire up CbB, and your suggestion may be just the thing. I frequently tap keys that change things unexpectedly, perhaps this is what happened! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  10. Hi, everyone! Anyone else experiencing this issue? The Problem When I have a clip selected, and press the numpad shortcut keys for nudge, nothing happens. I can nudge using the menu, but not with keyboard shortcuts. The Details Win10 on Win7 Prof, HP Pro Desktop, i5 Processor. Other shortcut keys are working fine: L for looping, N for snap on/off, etc I've confirmed that Number Lock is on and can key numbers : 123456789. I've checked Preferences, everything appears to be set up correctly for nudging. Thanks, Kevin
  11. I would handle tubes with tight-fitting gloves or plastic ones, like they use in hospitals. I may be overly careful, but don't like to put prints or body oil on the tubes. Outside of that, can't hurt to try those stewmacs
  12. Starship Krupa: Most excellent rhyming! In square dancing, we call the rhyming, "patter"
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