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  1. I have the opposite problem: unless I click "internal sync" for each time I press playback or record, then I see the waveform edge, and the audio playing back about a beat too late. On all tracks. Midi or audio. I've reported it twice on here, but so far, no fix.
  2. Offset Mode? Breaking out the online CW manual, now!
  3. I've attempted to upload a GIF image: while there is no audible sound, you can see more clearly what I'm talking about. The meters do not activate until beat 2 (or so) of bar 4. That's when I hear playback, unless I tap on Internal Sync.
  4. Yes, I always use direct monitoring, thanks - - > I've checked my settings, too as described above for driver settings and sync and caching: they are what they are supposed to be. How weird.
  5. Thanks, John!! I'll double check all these settings as soon as I get back to my cw machine. I'm pretty sure I have them set correctly, but will double check. Esp the RECORD AND LATENCY settings. Off the top of my head, don't remember noticing that before.
  6. lmu2002, I'm still workingn on that, as well. It has to be manually done, and I've tried to follow the instructions from both the manual, and other posts in here. I've not been successful, and after a sufficient amount of time, I'll try again. I have read that others (in other forums outside of here) have been successful, but they did not post what exactly they did. Once its set up, they say it works great.
  7. I agree. If I have a track or tracks, already recorded, then try to record a new track without hitting the Internal Sync button, this is what happens. I hear when I'm supposed to come in. Record the new track. Then, when I playback the whole thing, the newly recorded track is behind the older track(s). Now that I'm typing this, I have not reported that part of it before. The old track(s), lets say, starts on the 1st beat of the measure, and visually appears so. My newly recorded track, will be behind by that 20ms or however long the delay is. Its weird. If I remember to tap, Internal Sync before recording, then all is well. I've never had to that before Christmas 2020. I've always just armed a track, pressed record and went with it. As further info, I tested this last nite: I usually record an audio-metronome track. So, on a project last night, I thought I'd play both CW's built in metronome and my audio track metronome: they both sounded at the same time, but slightly behind where the playmarker said they should be.
  8. I've been using keylab 49 essential since this past Christmas. The bundled software works great in CW. You can use the instruments inside of CW like any other soft instruments, or use the Analog Lab software and other instruments from your PC's desktop. Make sure that you are getting Analog Lab V! It is a beast - in a good way - and beats the daylights out of Analog Lab 4, even tho, it is good, too. Just , I think the "V" is way better, and I can't tell you why... it just is.
  9. Yes, thats it! In that case, this has been going on for years, and I've simply never noticed. Until recently . Sherlock, I ain't! Hah. <edit> However, if I click on Internal Sync, it lines up properly as it plays and records. Thats what I want it to default to.
  10. Yes, sir. UR correct: I am using ASIO via Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 2nd Gen interface. I have played around with the Buffer Size setting, but that does not effect what is happening, here. I'm on a Win10 Pro desktop PC, on the latest CW update. I removed the solved tag, since this is not really taken care of.
  11. I'm just re-opening this thread, because I've never found a satisfactory solution to my problem. In order for the playback marker to match the sounds, I have to tap the Internal Sync each time I "play" or "record" It keeps auto setting itself to Audio Sync, but that causes an audio versus visual misalignment. Very disconcerting to be trying to record and stay on beat, and I like seeing my waveforms align with what I'm hearing. This all started occuring soon after installing a new Arturia Keylab 49 Essential that I got for Christmas. Someone suggested I remove the Arturias drivers from the system, and that fixed their problem. Not working for me 😒 Has anyone had this, or found a solution, PLEEEEAAAAAAAASE? Maybe, I need to remove and reinstall CW? I don't really wanna do that, but will if I have to.
  12. Hi, Everyone! So, here's whats happening. I had marked the thread linked below, as SOLVED. It is not solved, I thought it was until I started trying to record, some more. I have new info of what is happening, but can't seem to resolve. I'm simply trying to record midi tracks, in real time. 1) I have one midi track: say, its addictive keys. (also occurs with TTS) 2) arturia keylab essentials keyboard plugged in via usb: its inputting notes, but, 3) the click's accented beat is playing 2 or 3 beats after the visual beat one Where the NOW marker is, is when I hear the beat one of the Metronome 4) I thought I had solved this by clicking on INTERNAL SYNC When I do that, and immediately record, it all works together as it should: what I see on screen and what I hear falls on the beats correctly. As soon as I STOP recording, the INTERNAL SYNC automatically changes to AUDIO SYNC. 5) I also tested this scenario by creating a auxillary track and recording the metronome there. The same results occur. I see beat one go by on the timeline, but don't hear it until 2 beats later. Weird. 6) I also used PREFERENCES to change to INTERNAL SYNC. It also auto-reverts back to AUDIO SYNC. Here's My Equipment: Focusrite 18i20 Arturia Keylab Essentials 49 keyboard Windows 10 Prof, running latest updates thru December (January's will probably fall this week) Any thoughts or suggestions? Maybe its a CW bug, maybe I should re-install CbB? Bleh... I sure don't wanna do that, unless last resort.
  13. Thanks for the offer: is it ok if I wait til next weekend? (Jan 16 or 17?) If I can get to it sooner, I will, but its time for the work week to start and my schedule is jampacked.
  14. Now , just need something like this for the arturia keylab 49 essential: me trying to use the ACT to get the DAW commands to work, ain't working
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