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  1. Hi, Everyone! So, here's whats happening. I had marked the thread linked below, as SOLVED. It is not solved, I thought it was until I started trying to record, some more. I have new info of what is happening, but can't seem to resolve. I'm simply trying to record midi tracks, in real time. 1) I have one midi track: say, its addictive keys. (also occurs with TTS) 2) arturia keylab essentials keyboard plugged in via usb: its inputting notes, but, 3) the click's accented beat is playing 2 or 3 beats after the visual beat one Where the NOW marker is, is when I hear the beat one of the Metronome 4) I thought I had solved this by clicking on INTERNAL SYNC When I do that, and immediately record, it all works together as it should: what I see on screen and what I hear falls on the beats correctly. As soon as I STOP recording, the INTERNAL SYNC automatically changes to AUDIO SYNC. 5) I also tested this scenario by creating a auxillary track and recording the metronome there. The same results occur. I see beat one go by on the timeline, but don't hear it until 2 beats later. Weird. 6) I also used PREFERENCES to change to INTERNAL SYNC. It also auto-reverts back to AUDIO SYNC. Here's My Equipment: Focusrite 18i20 Arturia Keylab Essentials 49 keyboard Windows 10 Prof, running latest updates thru December (January's will probably fall this week) Any thoughts or suggestions? Maybe its a CW bug, maybe I should re-install CbB? Bleh... I sure don't wanna do that, unless last resort.
  2. Thanks for the offer: is it ok if I wait til next weekend? (Jan 16 or 17?) If I can get to it sooner, I will, but its time for the work week to start and my schedule is jampacked.
  3. Now , just need something like this for the arturia keylab 49 essential: me trying to use the ACT to get the DAW commands to work, ain't working
  4. Thank you, CJ Jacobson! While your solution did not work when I tried your suggestion, my eye spied the little sync icon. It crossed my mind to click on Internal Sync, and voila'! That fixed!! Happy Camper about to record some music now! ☺So, indirectly, your idea led to me figuring it out!!
  5. Hi, Everyone! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I have 2 images below: they are each showing that that my MIDI trax (and audio Metronome track) are visually aligned. However, when I play it, I do not hear beat one of first playback measure, until its on beat two. Which, of course, throws the timing off. So, when I'm listening to the metronome track in solo, for example, the STRONG beat is always falling on beat 2. If I close my eyes to record other trax, its ez enough to follow along and record: but not have the visual line up with the audial is a bit disconcerting. Anyone have a solution? This has been going on for about a week, and for the life of me, I cannot figure out what I've changed, if anything. Thanks, Kevin
  6. @Starship Krupa I can't remember the exact icon, but its a fairly standard Windows "error" icon, perhaps it was in the shape of a triangle?? Anyway, keyword, was "was." See, below ! ☺ @Starship Krupa Yes, the vpn was 1/2 the problem. Since my day job gave me one of their computers as soon as I had a problem, I realized I could safely uninstall the vpn. The other 1/2 of the problem was my anti-virus. Windows 10 is pushing hard to get 3rd party firewall's and antivirus to misbehave, thus forcing users to use Defender. Defender has come a long way way ,so I'm ok with it, plus it cleared some hard drive space by deleting Comodo. Once those 2 were removed from the system, the USB wifi worked without a hitch. Thankfully.
  7. Funny you mention that idea. I discovered an Asus usb-AC53 nano. Loaded the drivers. Plugged in the usb device and NO web access.. Going thru all the troubleshooting I can figure out how to do. Windows sees the device in the device drivers window, and it has some little symbol superimposed over. When I check properties, it says, Has anyone dealt with this? I've internet searched, and tried a few things but nothing so far is working... this is so frustrating.
  8. I use both Home and Pro: the only reason I use Pro is that its a desktop machine given to me from my last job, a few years ago. Its the primary machine I use to record on, since it has the capability to use 2 monitors, which were also gifted to me from that job.
  9. I sure hope this is true, still. My ethernet port died on my CW pc Currently , no $$ to replace the PC and no slots to add a 3rd party ethernet board, either. So, hoping I can maintain use of CW via this method.
  10. Greetings: I searched and did not see this exact request. If it is a duplicate, I apologize, in advance. It would be handy to be able to set a user-defined limit on # of take lanes and stop the loop recording. For example, I'd like to loop record up to 5 takes. Being able to set the limit, means I can hit record, and do not have to worry about stopping the transport. In other words, after the 5 takes, recording stops, and the transport stops, simultaneously. Thanks, Kevin
  11. Brandon!! Thanks!! Guess I never realized there was more to the page past the "previous" offers. ☺
  12. Where do u do that at? I just glanced, didn't see an option, but I may have missed or am on the wrong web page.Thanx
  13. I just check every so often: I never receive a notification from focusrite.
  14. Brandon, It was a part of the plugin-collective offerings that rotate every month to two months for free software from focusrite and different companies. Its been several months ago. AFAIK, you can only access whatever the current offering is. It is usually full program, not demo, or trial-ware. Here's the link to the software, U have to be signed in to ur account. Use this one to find the current software to download, and install from. As of today, the current proggy is DEVASTATOR. https://customer.focusrite.com/en/my-software The next link shows u the current software for download, plus the past ones. https://focusrite.com/en/plugin-collective
  15. Erik, I think I used an outboard MIDI keyboard synth to control (Ensoniq TS10) . But, I use the virtual keyboard all the time with vst instruments, and they seem to work well for me. Hope someone can shed some light on the subj for you
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