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  1. Yep. I had discovered this key combo by accident, and use it quite frequently. Usually, unintentionally: I keep expecting <shift + arrow keys> to work like the do in other windows programs. I think my eyeballs are on some object, I'm expecting the timeline pointer to move in increments of beats or bars or whatever: sort of like, in a Word document, shift left or shift right would move cursor one word at a time. ☺ At least, nothing detrimental happens when I do this.
  2. Thank you, Scook! That was the answer, and I do not think I would have ever discovered it. At least, not in a timely fashion. Thanks!!
  3. Scook, Thanks..I'm about to fire up CbB, and your suggestion may be just the thing. I frequently tap keys that change things unexpectedly, perhaps this is what happened! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
  4. Hi, everyone! Anyone else experiencing this issue? The Problem When I have a clip selected, and press the numpad shortcut keys for nudge, nothing happens. I can nudge using the menu, but not with keyboard shortcuts. The Details Win10 on Win7 Prof, HP Pro Desktop, i5 Processor. Other shortcut keys are working fine: L for looping, N for snap on/off, etc I've confirmed that Number Lock is on and can key numbers : 123456789. I've checked Preferences, everything appears to be set up correctly for nudging. Thanks, Kevin
  5. I would handle tubes with tight-fitting gloves or plastic ones, like they use in hospitals. I may be overly careful, but don't like to put prints or body oil on the tubes. Outside of that, can't hurt to try those stewmacs
  6. Starship Krupa: Most excellent rhyming! In square dancing, we call the rhyming, "patter"
  7. Related to the time stretch improvements: BEFORE the latest update, I had just finished a square dance cover of THIS MASQUERADE by G. Benson. My original MIDI files (and the base on which I built up some audio trax) were set at 122 bpm, and the key is way to high. After mixdown, I stretched the timing to be at 126 bpm, and thought CW did a very good job handling. Unstretched? Compressed the timing? Whatever, did the <ctrl+shift> & grab edge of file and moved it left. My point is that if I liked what CW did for the timing adjustment before the most recent update, I'm excited to hear how good it is on the next project. Another awesome point: I pitch shifted the entire mixdown a step and a half: now I can sing it. However, lesson learned for me: pitch-shift indiv trax before mixdown, so that drums/percussion is not affected by the shift. If u read all that, thanks! K
  8. I know others have said they are using Focusrite 18i20 2nd gen. I do, too. It works very well. When I need more than what the 18i20 mic preamps can handle, I use an M-Audio DMP3 mic interface, which I love for its clean-ness. Thanks, Kevin
  9. I've never had that problem. But I didn't know that it could be set to stop at end of song.. get to look for a new setting, now.
  10. Thanks! That sf3 in musescore is playing a file well: for square dancing, I need to split and copy all the parts into 7 sequences of 64 beats: it'd be easier to do it in CW, but may have to work it out in MuseScore. A task I'm not well suited for. But after that, I guess I can convert the file into individual wav (or whatever audio ext) I can get out of each track - slow & tedious ☺
  11. Hi, everyone: Does CW have ability to play sf3's without adding other Vst(i)? If not, is there a freeware/open source sf3 player that you know of that will work? The new musescore sf3 sounds pretty good, that's what I'm trying to get at. Thanks, kevro
  12. Thanks, SCook! I've never used Melodyne, but I had read somewhere that all u had to do was drag an audio to midi, to have the conversion done. Guess I'm gonna be reading up on V-Vocal, AudioSnap and the DrumReplacer.
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