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  1. I make my first track with cakewalk and made my first artic map for ni sunbird deluxe melodie. It not so Complicade. The only problem is when you have a ksw -C2 for example it didnt work you must choose for example C3. Thats a little bit tricky. And i have this issue with every instrument i try to map
  2. This themes sre great. I cant do this. I think im to stupid for this. How can i change this theme with light blue colors instead of green? Greetings from Germany
  3. PC A2 didn´t come in my list. start as admin disable windows defender and firewall etc. restart pc nothing happend. it don´t come in my list
  4. Vers. 6 is very cpu intensive with some presets. On my system.
  5. Thx alot. Ihave one more issue with input gain in mixer. When i select all mixer tracks and change gain with strg, move the knob and deselect the mixer the knob goes to 0. 1 or 2 knobs stay in Position. I try to make an video with phone to show what i mean.
  6. when i load a new project with one instrument it work much better. but its still there. whe i load my template with 88 tracks and 4 effects. engine shows 26% maximum it crackles. all instruments are deactivate only one loaded. the joke is i change the driver to fl studio asio and record with obs the issue isnt there, but turned off obs and restart cakewalk again with fl studio driver it crackles like hell. when i playback the record nothing crackles. its a problem to make video with that issue. it is a riddle (hope thats the right word i´m german)
  7. I have the same issue with click crackle and pops when i have one instrument loaded. I try to make a video to this topic. The issue was in every version since Cakewalk Sonar
  8. The dropped out code is 0 or 16. I send picture when i wake up and drink my first cup of Coffee. The UI Performance is much much better than before. On a Template with 149 Tracks and 36 Busses it is really smooth . Is it normal when i make steprecording, i get crackle click and pop when i play. After recording it works. it is an issue that is very long time in this daw (in sonar days). Hasnt no other this issue? Greetings from Germany and thx for cakewalk.
  9. Everytime when i change Tracks, change fader from mixer or effects or when i play my track, choose instrument, etc. I get audio drop out and i have no sound after update. I must change audio driver to fix it. It is with asio
  10. On the left side of the track there is a small picture with keys from a keyboard. Double click it to open the instruments window
  11. Sascha Denda

    Group Mixertracks

    Hello everybody, i think its my first post here and need some help. I make a Template in Cakewalk for the BBCSO Christian Henson style and have a problem with the Mixertracks. now to my questions. Is it possible to group Mixertracks? If Yes How can i do it? Greetings from Germany
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