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  1. Yes, have a look at the documentation for the Select Module. Selection is often used for copy/paste operations. You can also set your loop points to the selected region.
  2. Fortunately, the few negative posters are usually drowned out by the many friendly, helpful posters. However, I do agree. If you don't have anything nice to say, just move on.
  3. I'm also relieved that it was a simple oversight and not a glitch in CbB. 😀
  4. There is a patch change at 41:04:420
  5. Can you reproduce the problem in a simple project that you can share with us?
  6. Try each of the screensets until you find what you're looking for.
  7. A new year with Cakewalk is always a good year. 😉 Thanks BandLab and the Cakewalk devs for continuing to make our new years happy. 👍
  8. I still have my SC-88VL and SC-8850 and am still very happy with them. 👍
  9. Update worked liked a charm. 👍
  10. Hover over the thread link a little longer than you did in the old forum and you will get a pleasant surprise. 👍
  11. That's possible. I think the forum admins are flipping switches left and right, trying to make everyone happy. 😵
  12. The dot in front of the thread subject becomes a star if you have posted in that thread. Is that what you mean?
  13. Welcome Bob. You're going to fit right in here. 😉
  14. Thank you @Jesse Jost @laurent @Morten Saether @Meng and everyone involved in bringing this forum to life. It's great to see the regular faces here, but it will also be great to welcome in the new blood. I'm looking forward to more of the great discussions we've had over the years in the old forum.
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