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  1. I see. But it's no longer in the ALL category, it's only in Custom and FX now. Thanks! Also you know the Workspace option in the upper right hand corner, -- is there a way to save Workspace settings outside the program? Because every time I update this program all my Workspace settings are reset to default.
  2. Insert FX disappeared? I can't find it. There used to be an Insert FX on the main page Tracks to add effects when auditioning, where did it go, and how do you now add insert effects on the main page? Thanks
  3. Thanks Terry! Yeah I finally found out the way you described here from finding the Youtube video describing that exact process. The visual illustration allowed me to understand what was being said here. I now see how that process works. I think my MPC X loads midi files, and may allow the user to save as a type 1 midi file. If it does that, I may have another way to convert the files. Thanks for all your help! Hey Thanks for all your help and the link and file! And I also found a youtube tutorial on that exact process. It divides notes into tracks, thanks again! If there are more than sixteen tracks in a midi file, but would it still divide the extra tracks in the sixteen, or leave off some midi track data since midi files only hold sixteen tracks of data I wonder?
  4. Kurre, I'm looking for a conversion program online, probably the only way to fix this may be to buy a midi 0 to midi 1 converter program somewhere.
  5. Clicking "Run Cal" after selecting the midi track only brings up the OPEN browser from the Local C disk, Cal scripts folder. I see midi files when i do that.
  6. So far that way isn't working on Cakewalk, I'm still trying, there gotta be a way to do this in Cakewalk
  7. I think you are right about the Midi types. So the thing now is to find out how to export it from a type 0 to a type 1 to separate the midi tracks. Thanks for all your help!
  8. Hey thanks! Yeah your file opened all the tracks, maybe you have a different Midi file type. I trying to find out how to tell the difference. Hey thanks Kurre, if possible can you screenshot the open media tab I can't figure out how to do this that you've mentioned thanks! If not I'm still looking and thanks!
  9. Using OPEN still only opens/load one Midi track and not the multiple.
  10. Yeah, I'm sure they're multi-track, as I can see the multi track midi data within the one midi track that loads. You have a multi track midi file to try? Thanks
  11. Anyone know why only one track is created when I import a multi-track midi file? I thought Cakewalk automatically created the additional Midi tracks when loading multi track midi files? Am I doing something wrong? I tried several midi files and the same results Thanks for any help
  12. Where exactly is the "Paste dialog box" you enter the bar numbers into ?
  13. I'm gonna try that! I never used to properties option before but if i get the hang of this i'm on to a new future! lol
  14. Hey thanks for all these links, I'm gonna go through them to gets some info on the snapping process. Appreciate it!
  15. I use real time linear recording on Cakewalk tracks and it boils down to pasting according to where I think the part is supposed to be, but by pasting takes many takes because I'm not pasting within a sequencer, and the chorus part past has no bars to snap to like a dedicated sequencer, so I would have to figure out the snap feature in Cakewalk. If I was pasting according to a sequencer, I could do it once and copy the whole sequence 16 bars later. But Cakewalk is real time and it's a guessing game.
  16. Thanks, I couldn't get the part to move, I think I need to see a video demonstration of this process to understand it. I'll look on the web. But thanks for the explanation appreciate it. I tried that, but some parts start before basic bar numbers. The issue I have is trying to copy and paste the exact number of measures from one location to the next, copying and pasting becomes difficult for certain parts that don't start on the exact bar, for certain parts that starts before a chorus part it's a 20 paste guessing game to where it becomes mental fatigue. But yeah, that's what I'm looking for some tutorials on snapping or pasting in Cakewalk. Thanks for your help appreciate it. Well it's just a recorded part, that I wish to copy and paste exactly 16 bars later, but the chorus part starts before the chorus 8-bar sequence starts so it's a guessing game trying to doing live by hand. If i doing it long enough it may sound closer to original but I have to keep doing that tedious part four times over. But thanks I may try to look up some tutorials somewhere. Thanks for the help I never did it that way, is there a tutorial on how this process works? Thanks for the help I never did ripple edit, is there a tutorial on it somewhere? I'll check youtube. Thanks!
  17. How could I copy a Vocal part recorded at a certain part of the song exactly 16 bars later? Every time I try this it's like guess work and never align to the exact location 16 bars later. Unless I just record it live again and again. I often see professionals copy the same vocal hook from the first take and then pasting it until the last. Is there a way to make this easier in Cakewalk ? Thanks
  18. It would be great if their was an upfront Normalize button function on main page next to MIDI - REGION FX buttons above Tracks. This way the user can normalize all tracks instantly instead of going through menus and multiple button pushes just to do one track. Currently if you recorded many many overdubs and punch ins on one track, it's a tedious process to select every punch in edit so that the whole track will be normalized equally. There should be a whole track normalization process that selects all edits and recordings on that particular track instead of just the selected part. I find myself selecting a track to normalize, and come to find out that because their were numerous punch ins it only selected a small section of a complete recording.
  19. Did you have the Cakewalk CA-2A Leveling Amplifier already installed when installing the update?
  20. When I play one VST in Cakewalk using my MIDI controller keyboard, the other VST plays also. How can I trigger just one VST module at a time? It used to play only one VST when it was selected, but now when I leave that VST track to go to another, the old VST track still plays when playing from my Midi keyboard controller. Is there a switch that I un-selected? It used play only one track at a time, and when I left that track the old track was silenced and only the new VST track played, but now every new VST midi track selected keeps on playing at same time? So now every track plays the same midi notes. How can I play one track at a time? Thanks for any help
  21. Yeah, but those messages used to just go away. But now they never goes away, I'm trying to figure out what's wrong altogether?
  22. When opening a new project Cakewalk, it displays the message then gets stuck saying [Opening Project "Loading FX SPACE" ] and the other message says [VST Scan - Scanning Waveshell9-VST3 11_x64.vst3 ] even though the programs seems to load. How can I fix this? Image example below
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