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  1. This is my "Tappeto", featuring the Steinway Model D piano with orchestra. Larry Graham Alexander
  2. The instrumental sounds that I used are not from the Moog synth. I don't presently own a Moog. I have a pretty good number of synthesizer libraries that I used. Everything that you hear on this production, except for the drums, is synthesizer-produced. Thanks for your input. Larry Graham Alexander
  3. ...and your nice compliments sound good to my ears. Thanks. Larry Graham Alexander
  4. I paid honor to the old Moog synthesizer with my "Colonel Moogy March". Larry Graham Alexander
  5. All, Here's my "Ballad For Trumpet". Larry Graham Alexander
  6. Thank you for listening, Doug...and a good day to you. Larry Graham Alexander
  7. Y'all, This is my "Halls Of Ivy" from my series 'Songs Without Words'. This is a choir with large concert harp. Larry Graham Alexander
  8. This is my arrangement of the children's tune "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" (Sometimes called "The Alphabet Song"). Larry Graham Alexander
  9. Give a listen to my "In The Spotlight" if you wish. Four instrumentalists take turns (In The Spotlight) and show off just a little bit. Instrumentation: Chapman Stick, Guitar, Violin and Drums. Larry Graham Alexander
  10. This is my mostly-synths, "Annie Log". The bass and voices are sampled. Larry Graham Alexander
  11. I appreciate the fact that you took the time to listen. Thanks, Mister Doug. Larry Graham Alexander
  12. Here are some country thangs that I wrote and produced: "Tribute To Chet" http://www.alexandermusic.com/resources/Chet2.mp3 "Dear One" http://www.alexandermusic.com/resources/DearOne.mp3 "Country Capers" http://www.alexandermusic.com/resources/CountryCapers.mp3 "Bantasy" http://www.alexandermusic.com/resources/Bantasy.mp3 Larry Graham Alexander
  13. Music Lovers, Have fun with your music. It's loud and brash and will probably make your ears bleed. It is my "The Dish Rag" and It's is all in fun. Larry Graham Alexander
  14. My "Violin And Piano Number Five". Just the two instruments. Larry Graham Alexander
  15. The piano is the Garritan authorized Steinway. It is my favorite. A tad more emphasis of the higher frequencies of the snare would have been better, IMHO. Thanks for havin' a listen, Doug and a good day to ya'. Larry Graham Alexander
  16. I don't know what your message means. Scoff? What are you talking about? I am too old and my health is too bad to collaborate. Sorry. Larry Graham Alexander
  17. Thanks, Mister Keith. Larry Graham Alexander
  18. Thanks for listening Jose and Joe. Larry Graham Alexander
  19. Y'all, This is my "Jabba The Herd", one of my chunes with the top blown off. Regards, Larry Graham Alexander
  20. I have written some chunes that might fit the description "...with the top blown off." Maybe I can post a couple of them in the future. Best Regards, Larry Graham Alexander
  21. Mister Paul, The facial hair is fake. I just forgot to shave that day and it grows reaaallly fast! Thank you for your complimentary words. Best, Larry Graham Alexander
  22. Herewith is my "Sketch In B Minor" (relative to D Major, two sharps). Use caution with your volume. The horns are aggressive (sfz and fff in places) in the opening measures. Larry Graham Alexander
  23. This is the synthesized version of my original solo piano composition called "Patterns". Here is my "Synthesized Patterns". I hope that you like it. Best regards to everybody. Larry Graham Alexander
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