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  1. Had a C-64 and a C-128. Really liked both of them - especially the 128. Had a program called GEOS (Graphic Environmental Operating System) that had a WYSIWYG word processor, spreadsheet, desktop publishing and more. Real graphical interface - just in black and white instead of color (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GEOS_(8-bit_operating_system). Also used to go to a national BBS called Q-Link (Quantum Link). It was sold and became..... America Online
  2. English translated version https://greatwar.nl/books/meinkampf/meinkampf.pdf
  3. One can only dream...........................
  4. Got to see Roy Clark in a small theater in Lancaster Pennsylvania a few years back. There were several other performers on the ticket with him, but he was the only entertainer. He alone was worth the cost of admission. I think a lot of folks never saw him as a serious musician because of his comedy routines. They missed out on a lot.
  5. In the first line of the second paragraph he uses the term DRM and describes it as "Download Rights Management" and then links to an article on DRM. In the linked article it is correctly described as "Digital Rights Management". When you can't even use the correct term that you link to, well, I don't think you did any research at all. I stopped reading right there.
  6. Acoustic mandolin and guitar - no problem
  7. The last smallpox case was in 1972. Smallpox was considered eradicated in 1980. The smallpox vaccine isn't even given anymore.
  8. When my department was getting ready to institute chase cars for paramedics, almost got "Fast Aid Response Teams" through the process.
  9. I think back to my all time favorite movie, "12 Angry Men" starring Henry Fonda. An old B&W movie shot almost entirely on one set - the jury room. No explosions, no CGI, some music, but man the story and dialog keep you riveted to the movie. The story is what made the movie, good writing. Wish we could get back to that.
  10. Interesting article over at SlashFilm.com on the various reasons why its much harder to understand dialog in more recent pictures than movies from 10-20 years ago. It turns out its not necessarily because we are getting older and our hearing is going bad. Part of the problem is actually an 'artistic decision' that makes some dialog purposely hard to hear, some of it deals with the actors themselves. Another aspect is lack of respect for the sound crews allowing them to get mics in the proper places, along with the idea that "we'll fix it in the mix" later. Technology now allows movies to have hundreds of tracks, and mixing for a theater is different from a DVD release, which is different from streaming. All in all a good read, with some of the issues being the same things we have seen in music production over the years. Full article at https://www.slashfilm.com/673162/heres-why-movie-dialogue-has-gotten-more-difficult-to-understand-and-three-ways-to-fix-it/
  11. According to WhoIs.com (which keeps records for all web domains registered on the Internet) the site is owned by BrianMay.com - Duck Productions Ltd out of Ontario Canada. It was initially registered on July 7, 1997 through GoDaddy.com, LLC. All info can be found here - https://www.whois.com/whois/brianmay.com WhoIs.com is a nice resource for determining who actually registered a web site domain.
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