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  1. That's it! Worked like a champ and simple. Thanks.
  2. Is there a method of turning off the metronome at a specific measure? What I am looking at is a way to turn off the metronome near the end of the song (the last 2-3 measures), where things slow down and there is a bit more wavering in exact tempo. I have looked and found methods to adjust tempo (speed up/slow down) once the track is recorded, but nothing while doing the actual recording. Trying to slow down while the metronome continues its steady beat is a distraction.
  3. A "CHM" file is just a modified "ZIP" file. You can see everything in a CHM file by making a copy (so you don't mess up your original CHM file!), change the extension from CHM to ZIP and use a program such as WinZip or 7-Zip to open it up. Here is a CHM help file opened in 7-zip I have been working on for a database I am writing. The folder you are probably most interested in is HTML (CHM help files are really just small, self-contained web sites made from HTML files). Here is what my HTML file looks like. The file labeled "Table of Contents.hhc" is also just an HTML file. It provides the table of contents that is displayed on the left side of the CHM file. Also, forgot to mention, you can still download the HTML Help Workshop from Microsoft at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=21138 Hope that helps
  4. We pull out the trains every year at Christmas. We set up a Christmas Village under the tree. This year we used the Mickey Mouse engine and cars from wife's set (it was her dad's back in the late 70s). Most everything train related we have is at least 25 years old. The transformer is over 50 years old (still have the train set that went with the transformer that my father got for me in 1966 - and it still runs). I must admit I do prefer the Fastrack over the older stuff. Although it is way too expensive for what you get. Its the main reason we only have one loop running. Here's a few shots from our village this year
  5. Sometimes its not just the song and the instrument, but the association. Have been to many a fire department funeral. Always bagpipes. Always Amazing Grace. Always the ringing of the bell. It breaks you down every time.
  6. And now there's this (Reuters is all over this): Second hacking team was targeting SolarWinds at time of big breach A second hacking group, different from the suspected Russian team now associated with the major SolarWinds data breach, also targeted the company’s products earlier this year, according to a security research blog by Microsoft. “The investigation of the whole SolarWinds compromise led to the discovery of an additional malware that also affects the SolarWinds Orion product but has been determined to be likely unrelated to this compromise and used by a different threat actor,” the blog said. Security experts told Reuters this second effort is known as “SUPERNOVA.” It is a piece of malware that imitates SolarWinds’ Orion product but it is not “digitally signed” like the other attack, suggesting this second group of hackers did not share access to the network management company’s internal systems. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-cyber-solarwinds/second-hacking-team-was-targeting-solarwinds-at-time-of-big-breach-idUSKBN28T0U1
  7. And then there's this from TechDirt and Reuters "No doubt the company [SolarWinds] claims to take security seriously. But while users are being subjected to password requirements that demand them to utilize most of the alphabet and multiple shift key presses, internal security isn't nearly as restrictive. Here's the "OMFG are you ***** kidding me" news via Reuters, which first broke the news of the malicious hacking. Security researcher Vinoth Kumar told Reuters that, last year, he alerted the company that anyone could access SolarWinds’ update server by using the password “solarwinds123”. https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20201215/13203045893/security-researcher-reveals-solarwinds-update-server-was-secured-with-password-solarwinds123.shtml https://www.reuters.com/article/global-cyber-solarwinds/hackers-at-center-of-sprawling-spy-campaign-turned-solarwinds-dominance-against-it-idUSKBN28P2N8
  8. But if I provide an override, you might use it all the time, and then I wouldn't get the surveillance data on you so that I can sell more advertising!
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