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  1. Eve Ripper

    Step sequencer changes

    I think we need sampler at first. Because concept of sequencer is to sequence. Maybe then add buttons to open sequencer slots for example.
  2. Eve Ripper

    Sought: good free drum samplers¿?

    I would recomend TX16WX. It is a sampler, not designed for drums, but it's like an old hardware sampler. Put waves into zones, check out groups, use it with a step sequencer built in Cakewalk. It's the best one.
  3. Why are you using Amplitube 2? What about Amplitube 4 Custom Shop?
  4. Eve Ripper

    SonicCharge Cyclone sampler

    All right. Everything is working, just added PITCH MODE in Wave edit after recording.
  5. I may say that i'm in some retro, but here's another sampler that I would like to use: https://soniccharge.com/forum/topic/433-a-blast-from-the-pas - it's called Cyclone, which is based on Yamaha TX16W Sampler. The most needable feature is to record samples in it... But there's no way to sample VST and other stuff. http://forum.cakewalk.com/Solved-How-to-use-vocoder-in-SONAR-m3506514.aspx - There's a thread about using TAL Vocoder in Sonar. Today I am trying to record my bass guitar to Cyclone Sampler. Because there's no feature like send VSTi audio to VSTi, it's gonna be a little complicated. 1. I insert Cyclone as audio FX 2. I enable MIDI input in that 3. Enable Echo input of my bass guitar 4. Starting to sample, I setup gain level in that sampler. 5. I see indicators are moving. And then... 6.White noise sound. So does anybody can share their tips?
  6. Yes it has MIDI OUT, MIDI IN. I have Roland Duo Capture EX UA. I'll check soon monitor activity.
  7. I've tried the same with Volca Beats. Everything is fine. So... I will look into RX-7 midi settings again.
  8. Eve Ripper

    Re: Addictive Drums 2 and Samples

    https://www.xlnaudio.com/support/can-i-load-my-own-samples-in-addictive-drums-addictive-keys-or-addictive-trigger No, you can't.
  9. 1)I know. It will be layered and modified (I write some industrial music). 2)there’s no problem in mapping. I can play all the notes in PRV. But I can’t play the sequence. 3)Because I would like to use it live then. Of course I make drums in CW with other samplers. But on one track I would like to use real drum machine)
  10. http://www.polynominal.com/site/studio/gear/sold/yamaha_rx7/yamaha-rx7-manual.pdf - here's manual. On page 34 - I've set Ch message one job 2 - set to recieve voices on channel 1. page 38 - Sync with MIDI. These are the settings that i have. I had tried to use drum machine in Reaper. Everything's almost fine. It plays notes that are in piano roll and plays my sequences that are in Drum machine memory.
  11. I was trying to record this old drum machine. But something is going wrong. 1. I’ve set it to midi sync with Cakewalk as a master clock. All right, it gets start command. 2. I’ve touched drum map in PRV and could hear notes from drum machine. So in PRV everything is fine. For example I would program drums in DAW and would like to record incoming signal from RX. 3. I hit play and record - and no audio signal on audio track. After I press stop- I can hear some midi echo maybe. I hear previous midi hits. I’ve tried to disable sync. So I still can’t hear my programmed drums. Only midi echo after stopping playback. What can it be?
  12. Eve Ripper

    Matrix view question

    No, no. Example: I have a basic drum track. It's in arrangement. But I think I could use some other midi loops. So I open Matrix View and drop there midi loops to listen. I start to play my arrangement. Drums which are there are playing. Then I choose my midi clips in Matrix View. So I get sound from original arrangement and it blends with my midi loops.
  13. Eve Ripper

    Matrix view question

    because I want to use it
  14. Eve Ripper

    Matrix view question

    So I'm trying to use Matrix view sometimes to make sketches and arrange loops, clips, etc. As I remember in Ableton we had something like instrument is not playing anymore if it has launched clip. So If I start midi loop in Matrix view, then if there's a midi events on a track, these things are playing together. Is there a button to mute midi playback in Matrix View?
  15. Eve Ripper

    Duplicate clips on grid.

    Painting is great but clicking is always faster.