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  1. Eve Ripper

    How can I use Melodyne in CbB?

    There was a time when you were purcasing Sonar, there was a Melodyne Essential.
  2. Is there any chance to get back old way of reporting crashes?
  3. Eve Ripper

    One Year of Cakewalk by BandLab Celebration

    It was a long time in 2005 when I had a SONAR. After years of learning DAWS, Computer Music, I switched back to SONAR which had a great price. This DAW has a big story, many years of work. And I think it's the most important DAW for Windows users. Now we have all of it in a free product which is good and should be better. Polls and feedback loop are the main sources to move on)
  4. Eve Ripper

    New "by BandLab" releases?::.

    We need sampler, Z3TA, Rapture, iPad apps)
  5. There are comments in which he said that he had connected Cakewalk about those bugs.
  6. That sucks. When I was looking for a new daw like SONAR, which I've found on Steam and it's price was a deal, I saw your videos about mixing in it. It was like a real user experience.
  7. Eve Ripper

    Live mode

    Hi there. I have some thoughts about live mode and OSC support. First of all, of course Ableton Live, Mainstage are the leaders in live performance mode. In Cakewalk we have matrix mode which is like a Clip Mode in Live, also we have performace playlist to load projects for gig. What I would like to see is to have full support of OSC to control my Cakewalk in gig. There's a thing called AZSLOW which was added to support some OSC stuff. But it's not built in, so if i was a noob, I couldn't start perform with OSC in classic terms. So, please add full OSC support to use things like LEMUR, TouchOSC. Then, I would like to see improvements in playlist. I would like to see it in separate docker to organize things well. Of course in mobile era there's a thing called Ableton link to sync which would be cool to use with Cakewalk.
  8. I would like to do not have this mess. In case when you're driving with your laptop and leaving midi devices at home, it would be good to just leave settings as they were.
  9. Eve Ripper

    AIR Transfuser 2

    Hi there. AIR Music has Transfuser 2 which was used in Pro Tools to slice beats, make drum samples, etc. Transfuser 2 I've got it on Plugin Boutique and still using it in my DAWs. I would like also to share my TouchOSC layout for it. I'll be doing some update soon. I've set drum pads (MIDI ch. 10) with 3 rotaries, 6 smart knobs and main section with Master Pitch and Master Volume. Layout link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Au2bDwwlo47ogpF768qzbvhJoK9vEw
  10. Eve Ripper

    Need sampler

    I think it is right to be happy with one DAW)
  11. Eve Ripper

    Need sampler

    That is what I say) Session drummer is limited.
  12. Eve Ripper

    Need sampler

    Session drummer lacks simple sample load. If you’re using multisamples, layering that thing is not good in that way.
  13. Eve Ripper

    Need sampler

    Reaper, which is a “free” daw also has very very very limited sampler. I think we don’t need thing like that. We have a great step sequencer which I really like but there’s no built in instrument to really use it. I really like to watch Future music beat makers, which are making beats fast in Ableton Live without Battery or other third party sampler. Well, there’s still a hope...
  14. Eve Ripper

    Cakewalk hangs

    Ok, thanks. It’s time to change laptop.
  15. Eve Ripper

    Small request on drum pane

    We’ve been discussing it. Would be good to remove these drum maps and add custom maps.