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  1. Very cool song, arrangement and performance.
  2. hmm...says code is invalid... NM....typing in the code worked!
  3. What Bob says! Nice uncluttered arrangement and a well balanced mix....very impressed!
  4. mcmd

    RME stuff

    Its great that RME continues to update my Babyface gen 1!
  5. listened to Crucial (donot worry baby) Always impressed!
  6. mcmd

    A cover I did.

    Nice arrangement and balance. Well done.
  7. Thanks for sharing...very pro. sounds good on MSP5's and JBL306's
  8. mcmd

    Proud Dad!

    Thanks for listening!
  9. mcmd

    Proud Dad!

    I'll convey the compliment - thanks! ...piano...unfortunately no...you tube backing track...
  10. mcmd

    Proud Dad!

    Me too! ...some people just have the 'chops' ...but she works at it, so not taking it for granted.
  11. listening on MSP5's and JBL306. I listened to the album. Great arrangements, vox, guitars,drums and balance .....all sound great...very pro!
  12. I'm passing as I don't used high gain amps and sims...I'll stick with my S-Gear and IK sims for cleans and overdrive.
  13. http://everyplugin.com/prs-supermodels.html Everyplugin $23.83 with code YNY23
  14. mcmd

    Proud Dad!

    Hi Daryl - she's 15. Plays the Ukulele, writes her own songs, all her friends know the lyrics and can sing along. (hey...that rhymes!) What I'm realizing, is that social media, like Instagram, allows her to share her music with her peers and get instant feedback/validation. Also, in general, these kids all listen to music on their phones, often through the speakers, so 'quality recordings' isn't part of the experience that they care about. (BTW your music is great!)
  15. mcmd

    Proud Dad!

    Will - whats funny is that she won't sing at home when I'm around or use my studio...but with her friends or 'On Stage ' different girl!
  16. ....wondering if there shouldn't be some Song sub-forums; 'Show-off" forum ....not looking for critique or feedback.....just validation.. love me! ...here's my web page, facebook or you tube link! ..give me likes!🙂 ❤️ "Help me' forum.. .I clearly have no idea ... what are I doing wrong... basic ...obvious...novice issues ...most everyone can help here....timing, clipping, total mud.... "intermediate experience' - got the basics but can't transcend to the 'next'level...song composition and arrangement seem OK, still some mud and no shine...I bought more plugins... nothing helps helps!
  17. I liked the sentiment...drank the cool aid...signed up and watched the (free) WEBINAR for "5 Recording & Mixing Hacks to Create a Radio-Worthy Song". Didn't expect much and no surprise! Basic Recording 101 content, with the sales pitch to buy $400 of 'courses" The 'raw' tracks presented seemed Radio-Worthy as is and the webinar added a touch of verb and compression to "shine 'em up" Normally, with webinars, the comment fields are live and everyone can see the comments and activity...no so here....I though this was odd.... I'm not faulting the business model......good luck.....just not buying. Many thanks to the contributors on this forum and other forums in providing their experience and contributing their time to help their fellow musicians! Seriously, interested in some comments from you guys on these business models and promo sites. Play better? Write better? Record better? "secrets"? Lesson learned.... I'll keep checking in here.
  18. Very pro...nicely done!
  19. mcmd

    Proud Dad!

    Just sharing .......and perhaps many of you can relate to this....I've been an armature musician for 40yrs (and with Cakewalk form very early). My daughter recently participated in her local High School "Idol" contest. I'm encouraged by all these young artists performing in front of their peers.
  20. mcmd

    Command Center?

    What will happen to the Command Center and all my product licences, downloads and authorizations?
  21. M-Audio BX5 Carbon 5" 2-Way 70W Active Studio Monitor (Single Black) $49.95 @ B&H Photo w/ Free Shipping https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1411624-REG/m_audio_bx5carbonblk_bx5_carbon_black_monitor.html Store: B&H Photo Video
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