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  1. HI:) Happy new year! Sorry for the late video, but I was busy with drinking and eating over christmas! @ZincT >>>It might be an idea to post some "how to" or tutorial videos to show what it does etc. Here it is: (hope it helps!) Bassman.
  2. Hi🙂 In short: It's like Autohotkey, but instead of shortcuts you use midi pads, buttons and encoders . You can use both! All actions(hotkeys) from active Autohotkey script can be used. I'll try to make a short video showing some actions and howto connect midi with shortcuts, mouse clicks or scripts... Bassman.
  3. Hi:) I use it now for controlling Windows, no finger stretching Shortcuts anymore, just a midi pad. Possible to write Scripts. Mouseclicks are possible and much more! Great piece of Software and not very cheap (29$) https://coyotemidi.com/ Greetz;) Bassman.
  4. HI:) It was very slow in the past, but it changed for me when they speeded up the VST window. Now it's less than a second here! A bit longer needs the shortcut tab in the settings window (5-6 seconds) .. Bassman.
  5. Hi:) I'm very impressed by this! Great work. Started half a year ago writing a piece of music for string quartet, but it will more be a baroque one..... Bassman.
  6. Hi:) On this link I can download a complete different theme: AFUI 1.5 - BW Pro_2021-12.sth It's a bright theme, not a dark one:) Bassman
  7. Hi:) It's in German, but "Controllers nach..." means "zero controllers"... Bassman.
  8. HI:) You can avoid resetting if you add NoControllerReset=1 to an instrument file. Here you can see mine for the Launch Control: .Patch Names .Note Names .Controller Names .Instrument Definitions [LaunchControlXL] NoControllerReset=1 Control=LaunchControlXL Patch[*]=1..8 Key[*,*]=LaunchControlXL It's better to leave the zero controller option on and insert an import an instrument file! Bassman.
  9. Hi:) OK, it works. I brightened the "Gradient Start and End" and it's much better for my eyes than before. Thanks;) Bassman.
  10. Hi:) Wow, this pdf has been a lot of work to do, thanks for this;) @sjoens Thank you for the link! Trying it out.... Bassman.
  11. Hi:) Thanks for your answer! Could you please tell me how I can change the colors of these Tabs? Looked into the Theme, but can't find these tabs or multidock or similar. Do you know where to change this? Thanks;)
  12. Hi🙂 I don't make themes, but just 1 question: Is it possible to lighten the active tab in the multidock? Hard to see which o e is the active one and if to switch to the left or right to get to another one if many tabs are open.. I always oversee this small "x" in the active one Thanks😉 Bassman.
  13. *i meant it will only show the lanes of the source track if the destination is an audio track, on a midi track destination you have to manually add the lanes. Bassman.
  14. Hi🙂 Aha, now I see...... My source track was a miditrack routed to AD2, where I put the lanes on. If in the synthrack you choose an audiotrack for automation as destination it works, the lanes are shown. With miditrack as destination it doesn't show the lanes, just the lines and you have to manually add them with the plus key. So the destination must be an audio track, could you please confirm this? Thank you very much😉 Bassman.
  15. HI:) I've had the same problem years ago, can't remember how I did it: I want to change just the Drums of some older Projects, made a new project with AD2 with all audio outputs and an extra Automation Track where I placed 23 Automation Lanes for Level, OH Level of BD, SN and Toms, Room Level of BD, SN and Toms. Additionally Tuning Automation of BD, SN and Toms, just to set the Standard Level as a starting point, 24 Lanes in sum. Then I mixed a drum set with all audio tracks as a starting point for other drumsets. Now I made a Track Template of it, deleted the drums in the older project and inserted the Track template into the project. The AutoLanes are not there, means they are not saved with the Track Template and I have to manually add them one by one. Then I tried to set a mix scene and drag and drop this to the older project. The lines of the automations (not all, just 18 in my first attempt, 15 in the second and in the wrong track) but not the lanes, I too have to add them manually one by one. AD2 preset does not work cause with another drumset all parameters are different and the Autolanes are not there. Project template is not a good idea, then I have to port all other tracks from the older project to the template..... Copy the automation lanes from the newer project to the older does copy the lines into the Automation track but not the lanes... So how is this possible, if it is? Thanks;) Bassman.
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