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  1. HI:) Love this Shape Smoothing. In my case, if I use it slowly, I can see the line drawing, as soon I move it faster, it shows after releasing the mouse Button. Looks like it's the same problem like changing Values in the ProChannel with Controller, I can see the result seconds later in the PC, but I hear them immediately. I can live with that, but I think it will look better when it reacts much faster:) No problems with all other new features so far, great new things in this release, my favourite is to reorder multiple Tracks at once👍 Bassman. Video:
  2. HI:) Schepps is the best Channel I've ever heard, and the possibilities are insane! I love this Stereo/Mid-Side/Duo Mode Switch. Duo Mode is fantastic Bassman.
  3. Hi:) Bought 2, got 2 more for free! Thank you;) Bassman.
  4. HI:) In PRV and Inline PRV I can move to previous/next Note with "TAB", then I can change Note Length, Velocity, Move Notes +- (Snap) with Keyboard Shortcuts or with Controller. Now when I want to do this with Playing a Loop , the "TAB" Key to select the next/previous Note is not working, I have to stop , press TAB and Play again or use the mouse to select the notes. Would it be possible to let TAB work on Play? Thanks;) Bassman.
  5. HI:) The fastest way is with AZController and a Rotor or a Fader like in this video: I'm moving Next/Previous Section, Next/Previous Marker and Next/Previous Bar, then some other movements....Next/Previous Clip for example or moving the Selection.... Greetz;) Bassman.
  6. HI:) I've had this on my Studio PC "Crackles and Pops every 10-20 seconds" with 2048 buffers. Can't find the problem and then I went down to 1024 buffers and everything was fine again! So I now do recording with 128 and mixing with 1024 buffers. Perhaps the same problem on your machine? Please tell me if you then find out what it is.... Greetz;) Bassman.
  7. HI:) @Matthew Carr Here two links from AZController site which are interesting for you..... https://www.azslow.com/index.php/topic,288.0.html https://www.azslow.com/index.php/topic,119.0.html Just write if you need more help for this..... Greetz;) Bassman.
  8. Hi;) OBS was like a overloaded program for me until I saw this video course. It's a very great program! It's in German, but perhaps you can see some things and how it works.....I have just looked at the first 6 videos.... Greetz;) Bassman.
  9. Hi🙂 @murat k. Is the track of the opened flyout window then selected or/a d made active to work immediately with a midi controller on it? or Is a shortcut possible so that I can first select the track, then open the flyout window? I do almost everything with controller, not mouse, if possible😁 Thank you:) Bassman.
  10. HI:) I've made a short video with a small AZController preset: (Attached the preset) Button 1 jumps to Bar 100 Button 2 jumps to Bar 150 Button 3 jumps to Bar 200 Button 4 jumps to Bar 10 It is also possible to set save several Now Times in the timeline and load them with Button Presses but they are gone when you exit the project. So this is the better possibility. You can have as many Now Times as many Buttons you have or add some Ctrl, Shift or Alt Buttons for more NowTimes. Now the problem is how to access the Buttons. Normally via a Midi Command, in this case CC 57,58,59,60. I know it is possible to send these CCs via a Handy(OSC) or a Tablet, but therefore you have to ask Alexey(AZSlow, www.azslow.com) cause I have never used this.... With Midi controller it is very easy as you can see:) P.S. I forgot, you can lay this on a Rotor or Slider, so 127 Positions with just 1 Rotor/Slider, but it's a bit tricky to just move 1 value, so better just 64 Points per Rotor/Slider. You could combine a Rotor and a Button. So Choose the Position with the Rotor and Move to with the Button. Greetz;) Bassman. Jump to Position.spp
  11. Hi🙂 You could make a Autohotkey Shortcut to turn all On or Off what you want with a single Shortcut. (If it is possible with TAB and Space to turn things on) Different Hotkeys for different purposes or just one for always the same. I could make some when I am in Studio tomorrow morning(Germany) Greetz😉 Bassman.
  12. HI:) I have this problem since a long time, sometimes it goes a bit faster, sometimes not..... In the video I open ACT Mode and use: 1. Schepps Omni EQ Gains with Sliders/ EQ Frequncies with Rotors 2. Open the next Plugin in the Track, use Threshold Sliders and Frequencies with Rotors As you can see it is reacting very fast! 3. I close ACT Mode and open ProChannel As I move the Rotors it does nothing when I move as fast as in the Plugins. After a long time, when I go slower and slower, the curve appears suddenly. Then it jumps... When using the Rotors very slow it reacts as it should! Is there any chance to look into this behaviour? It happens with ProChannel and the Multidock sometimes too....as if there's a buffer overflow and avoids the showing of the changed values.... Thank you very much. Greetz;) Bassman.
  13. Hi:) [Solved] It was a problem with the Shortcut Key. I bound it to another Key and it worked again....so any bug in the shortcut list. The Key is not unbind from an old binding..... I've had Shortcuts and the commands on my controller, but I have realized that "Back to Previous View" don't work anymore. I select a clip or a track and use "isolate and fit selection", it shows in the wohole window size. After editing I use "Back to previous View", but it now only shows in half windows size, not as small as it was before the isolate command. Can somebody confirm? Or is it just me? Thanks;) Bassman.
  14. HI:) Fantastic Theme!!! Thank you very much🙂 Greetz😉 Bassman.
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