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  1. HI:) I tried other possibilities but this was the fastest way and the way "Marko" did in his BCR2000 Preset years ago. Heinz.
  2. Heinz Hupfer


    HI:) Love it! ๐Ÿ‘ The only thing: The Piano is too low, the 2 lowest notes should be 1 octave higher, I mean another Conversion, would make it more clean in the related frequency area... Just my opinion;) (And more Bass Movements please๐Ÿ˜) Thank you for this piece of music:) Bassman.
  3. HI:) @msmcleod Here are 4 Videos (Can't figure out how to convert it to animated gifs:( ) The 3. one is 2021.01 related, the others not, sorry! 1. I reinstalled Sonar X1 and Sonar Platinum, then Fader Movement goes fast again, as you can see in Video 1. It reacts immediately! https://youtu.be/_jw7rOvFdKQ 2. This is Cakewalk by Bandlab 2020.11. You see on moving the Fader, the Fader is up, but the Now Time Marker is still moving..... https://youtu.be/IyyIMdvxc0M 3. Cakewalk by Bandlab 2021.01. The Fader is like in 2020.11 moving from 1 to 127 two times then stuck at Measure 33 I think and then remains moving from 33 to 127. I then reload the AZController Preset and go back to Bar 1. It again moves 2 Times from 1 to 127 and then stuck at 33-127. https://youtu.be/aZtFYnBITx4 Added a 4th Video, the worst case:-) A lot of Clips and zooming in..... https://youtu.be/pCEGKApad7A Greetz;) Bassman.
  4. HI:) "K" does only work for Clips or if you select all notes of the clip in PRV. Press F10, you see whether the Delete or the Mute Icon, choose the Mute Icon (twice F10) and you can click on notes to Mute or Unmute them. Greetz;) Bassman.
  5. HI:) @msmcleod Refresh Rate is at 75 ms and the 1ms flag is not used! Always exactly from the 3. Fader Movement all Faders and Rotors are from then on using just 96 values instead of 127 and the buttons are reacting very slow. Reloading the AZC Preset does help, but again only 2 Fader or Rotor Movements and the Buttons does react very slow (Faders 96 values), means I can't use DoublePress (within 0.4 sec.) for example and LongPress (acting after 0.4 sec.). Both do a normal ShortPress. Reloading Preset does help any time for these 2 Movements. Using only the buttons does not change anything, they are working normal everytime as long as I use a Fader or a Rotor). Sounds like a buffer is overloaded or so. Switching back to 2020.11 and all is fine again. I've tried new install of AZController Software and Midi drivers but no effort. Only installing of 2020.11 helped. Something different: As I now have a complete new install of Windows 10, I installed Sonar X1,2,3 and Sonar Platinum and then Bandlab. The Movements of the Faders and Rotors up to Sonar Platinum are reacting much faster than in Bandlab! As soon as I intalled Bandlab the reaction slowed down in all other versions too! Thank you;) Bassman.
  6. HI:) Now that I'm testing all: Same Problem with Control Bar Select Module Changes, the new Buttons are not visible! (Resolution: 3840x2160) Problem with AZController: Doesn't work properly in new Version 2021.01. A Fader is moving from Midi Value 1 to 127 normally, after moving it 3 Times from 1-127 and back it suddenly only moves from 1 to 96 (All Faders and Rotors) This is not happening when I install 2020.11 again. Greetz;) Bassman. P.S. It's from 1-127 but it's jumping over some values. Always the same values!
  7. HI:) Arranger section inclusion of outlying MIDI notes This is exactly what I requested when the Arranger came out! Many many thanks to the Bakers.๐Ÿ‘ Control Bar Select module changes Very nice:) Option to only use external MIDI inputs Indeed very helpful! Export to Standard MIDI File respects selection Time saving! Again a great Update for me. Thank you;) Bassman.
  8. Hi:) Sorry, this is an Off Topic question! @msmcleod Can you please tell me with which software you do these videos and the text adding? Thank you verymuch;) Bassman
  9. HI:) You can click on a single note with the left mouse button to hear it or use the Inline PRV and use Shift+Space to hear the selection but then you hear all 4 notes from your picture. You can temporarily mute the lower ones with Shortcut "K" or the Mute Tool and play the selection. Greetz, Bassman.
  10. Hi๐Ÿ™‚ Should not be too comlicated to make a preset for AZController. I need the outcoming Midi Signals, can you look in Mixi OX what midi CCs the Keylab sends on the Buttons, Sliders and Rotors. Then make a list what functions you want to have on them.... Bassman
  11. HI:) Installation Guide and a very short Starting Description is Online. I've listed the used Shortcuts too in the Doc/Pdf. https://1drv.ms/u/s!Al2mKojzOW0Mp6cltmQ69wjk2fKl0A?e=HzcDaw Greetings;) Bassman
  12. @scook Thank you;) I'll start with installing X2, have some (perhaps needed) older projects with V-Vocal in it..... Bassman.
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