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  1. Hi:) @John Maar Thank you for leading me in the right direction! I thought it's possible insight Rewire to send Midi from a Notation Program to CbB, but now since I have googled🙄 I know why it is not possible: A Rewire Host can only send MIDI and receive Audio. A Rewire Device(Slave) can only receive MIDI and send Audio. CbB can only work als a Host but not as a Slave, so the only way is to send Midi over a Virtual Midi Cable. That will work! Thanks😄 Bassman
  2. Hi:) Does anybody know how to Rewire MidiData from Notion or Ouverture to CbB?? I can't get it to work! Audio over Rewire works but not Midi. I want to write staff in Notion or Ouverture and have the Sounds in CbB over Midi, but it seems to be difficult, there are no Midiports from these Programs. Notion to Studio One work well and relatively easy to set up..... Thanks:) Bassman.
  3. HI:) I've attached the Standard AD2 Drum Map. Don't know if you can download it, but here in addition a OneDrive Link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Al2mKojzOW0MmZti7SWesA5BgJjE5Q?e=MNdd4X Greetz, Bassman. AD2 Standard.map
  4. Superb! Thank you very much for this overview! Bassman.
  5. Hi:) Not to forget setting Midi Echo On on both, Ripchord Midi Track and! Synth Midi Track. It happened to me that I searched for a long while till I get the solution to get it to work. Very nice VST3, that's what Cakewalk should have;) Bassman.
  6. @folge622 Thanks:) This Shortcut only switches FullScreen and that does switch my long track view back to just 1 monitor. Greetz:) Bassman.
  7. @msmcleod Thanks for the video! I have this concept already with 3 monitors: 3. monitor, only an analyser 2. monitor (screensets 2-6) (2) Console (3) Browser, Inspector, Synthrack and a small Console (4) Piano Roll View (my most used screenset) (5) Matrix View (6) Synth Rack (for automations) 1. Monitor, Mainly the Track window, sometimes with Browser and/or Inspector Screenset 1 is the large Track view. I have set all screensets without Full Screen, now after this Barline spectacle all with FS, but not number 1. I'll try a problem report, maybe 4k monitors are not implemented yet? Thanks, Bassman.
  8. @msmcleod I have tried these setting, but then all FS Windows are spread over 2 monitors, so if I have Track Window left and Console right, with this setting the console is spread over both screens, not what I want. I need a 2 monitor Full Screen just for only 1 Screenset, where I have a long track view over both monitors. Without FS I get those Barline jumps...... I think this will not be possible:(
  9. @msmcleod I've searched for sure and found software solutions like "display fusion" and "multimon" by mediachance but not tested it yet. Thought there can be an easier solution within windows. To your question: It reverts back to one monitor! It's weird that on my home PC on 2 screens everything is OK. If I get no answer here on the forum I'm going to test out these Apps above.... Thank you;) Bassman.
  10. @msmcleod I had the main window extended on both screens, but then I have this behaviour with these 2 4ks: https://1drv.ms/v/s!Al2mKojzOW0MmLt4aoVjsT2fRDplmA?e=exoxK6 https://1drv.ms/v/s!Al2mKojzOW0MmLt5vTP2Mz2QEIow3g?e=C7sGcK With full screen mode this doesn't happen! Bassman.
  11. HI:) Does anybody know if it is possible to have Full Screen Mode expanded over 2 Monitors? I Know, nvidia has the function "eyefinity", but then all programs are expanded. Just want to have CbB expanded with full screen mode not just on one display! If possible, is it saved with a screenset or a lense? Thanks:) Bassman.
  12. Hi😊 Under Bug Fix Highlights/UI is written: Full Screen Mode only expands across multible monitors. Does that mean that I can have Full Screen Mode over 2 Monitors? But how? Doesn't matter how or where I click on the FS Icon, it Switches to just 1 Monitor. Thanks😊 Bassman
  13. HI:) Found out that in fullscreen Mode everything is OK. If not in Fullscreen Mode, as soon I expand the main window to the 2. monitor, the barline jumps here and there and everywhere if I come to the middle of the screen. I have one screenset which is a large track view over both monitors, and it worked well with my 43" UHD screens. Now I bought 2 4k screens, I think this is the problem and not the EA1 or 2 or the newest July update! But does noone know how to have one large screen on both monitors without this behaviour?? Fullscreen Mode is just 1 Monitor so I can't switch this on. Hm......On my Home PC with 2 24" displays everything's fine! So waiting for some Input;) Bassman.
  14. Hi there:) Since EA 1 my barline disappears on 1 Monitor and jumps on a 2 monitor screenset: (2 4k monitors 43") https://1drv.ms/v/s!Al2mKojzOW0MmLt4aoVjsT2fRDplmA?e=exoxK6 https://1drv.ms/v/s!Al2mKojzOW0MmLt5vTP2Mz2QEIow3g?e=C7sGcK I've never seen this! It is with every project, even a complete empty one. The barnumber itself doesn't matter! But it's always about in the middle of the screen..... Can anybody confirm? Or ist it just me...? EDIT: Doesn't happen on my home PC and 2 24" displays, only on the 4k televisions... Bassman. P.S. don't look at the other things, I'm testing a new placement of monitors and speakers:)
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