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  1. HI:) Please look here: http://www.azslow.com/ Or especially here: http://www.azslow.com/index.php/topic,119.0.html Greetz;) Bassman.
  2. HI:) I do not use MP3s, but I sometimes got some to edit them for some performances... (stupid not to use waves then:( ) But the'yre always totally overloaded and/or overcompressed. I'm pretty sure the conversion gives 3-4 dB of more level. All frequencies above 15 kHz are totally cut off, what can be seen in an Analyser. Maybe this level raising is only affected if the Bitrate is too low, so better you use 320 kBit instead of 128! Much better it will be to use the Wave File! Before Conversion I would Master/Mix it down to -5 dB and then convert them to at least 240 kBit. Bassman.
  3. HiπŸ™‚ Look here: Or here: http://www.azslow.com/ Greetz, Bassman.
  4. HI:) You could do much more with the 8 Faders if you use Shift, Long_Press or Double Press with 1 or more Buttons. Perhaps 2 Buttons would do a lot more on Double Press and Long_Press, so it would be a Shift 1, Shift 2, Shift 3, Shift 4. Not that complicated to do.... Perhaps EQ in Normal Mode and Compressor with Shift 1, then the rest with Shift 2 a.s.o. Greetings;) Bassman.
  5. HI again:) So I tried to upload a video to Youtube, but it's very unsharp, now here a link to OneDrive: (For better Quality download the video!) https://1drv.ms/u/s!Al2mKojzOW0Mp8gwICzN6G1iQFVsPA?e=ak2xIh What I do: 1. Open ProChannel and Editing Gain, Q and Frequency, then Compressor, Tube and Console Emulator, Sliders and Buttons for 4 Banks of Novation 2. Change Tracks 3. Open Display and do the same You can see in the first row of the display: a) Track, Name, Parameter Name, Parameter Value b) Rotors 1-8 c) Values Rotors 1-8 d) 9-16, 17-24 e) Measure, Markers f) Sliders and Values g) Buttons and States Reaction is a bit slow, but this is the Capturing Software I think! 4. For a short time you can see the 3 other Banks of Preset 1 (of 4) a) same b) Input Gain 1-8, Pan 1-8 and Volume 1-8 same with Sliders and Buttons 5. I close ProChannel and you can see that the PC of the selected track is edited with only the display 6. Switching through the tracks and the Track names and numbers are changing 7. Close PC and open Multidock and 8 Tracks PC 8. Editing 8 Tracks simultaniously now in my Preset 2: a) Bank 1 Bass b) Bank 2 LMF c) Bank 3 HMF d) Bank 4 HF 9. Buttons for 4 Banks (With Shift Button) 10 Compressor with Sliders 11. Closing PCs 12. All Parameters in the Display, no need to open the ProChannels Just pause the video to see details or look at my preset Post. Greetz;) Bassman.
  6. HI:) To 1 again: The Bakers must have repaired the Shortcut. Tested it at the moment. But..... You have to first make the track active (Click on the name). Then select the track(Click on the number) and then use the Keyboard Shortcut. You can assign any Keyboard Shortcut in the Preferences--> Console Shortcuts --> View ProChannel (or something like that). So for the Shortcut to work you can do in the AZC Preset. 1. Focus the Track View 2. Make the Track Active (Select Strip +1 Volume in the preset) 3. Use "," to select the track 3a. Shortcut CTRL+I to open PC in Track View 4. Move the Focus to console View (I have Shortcuts for Next/Previous TAB, means I Press CTRL+SHIFT+Right and then CTRL+SHIFT+Left, then Console is in Focus) 5. Use your Shortcut to open PC That's weird:( So much better to not have to open the PC and use the AZ Display! Looking for Screencapture Software then I'll send you a video.... Greetz:) Bassman.
  7. HiπŸ™‚ 1. I've tried to find out how to do this. The only say is to use the Keyboard Shortcut,but ig only works if the Focus is on this small arrow. No way to switch through the parameters especially to this parameter. I do change the Pro Channel Parameter without opening the PC modul. I have all parameters on the AZ Display! I can open this with a Button LongPress. Much fasterπŸ˜€ 2. I don't think this is in SDK, never seen this. 3. I have not integrated this in my preset yet,but I'm looking into it. Tell you this tomorrow. Send you a s small video from working with PC Modul in my preset tomorrow too and I can help you doing this with your preset! Link to my preset, not yet finished,IM still working on the parameter display... GreetzπŸ™‚ Bassman
  8. HI:) For me it's always 3-4 seconds to switch, doesn't matter how large the project is, so I don't use Screensets anymore! Bassman.
  9. HI:) Articulation Maps. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ ARA/Melodyne algorithm picker (pre-release). πŸ‘ VST instruments can use custom instrument definitions. πŸ‘πŸ‘ Piano Roll view Note drawing now automatically switches direction as necessary during the gesture πŸ‘ Relative resizing of selected tracks. πŸ‘ Allow track FX bin to be bypassed via control surfaces rather than just individual FX.πŸ‘πŸ‘ And for sure all the Bug Fixes!!! This is a BIG Release for me. Thank you very much for thisπŸ˜ƒ Bassman.
  10. HI:) @reginaldStjohn Thanks for the link:) Bassman.
  11. Hi:) A good friend of mine(Drummer) wants to record Drums at home with Cakewalk but he lives a few hundred miles away so I can't really assist... Does anybody know him Videos for Drum Comping/Overdubbing? Thanks:) Bassman
  12. Hi:) I've used articulation maps now. Very intuitive, within minutes I was able to make a new map! Just 2 suggestiones: 1. For Multi Instruments we can duplicate a map, but it should be a faster way to change the midichannel for the articulations! 2. I would like to be able to insert an articulation on selected note(s). Selecting a bunch of notes and then placing the articulationes starting exactly on "From" a d ending exactly on "Thru" would be nice. Should be possible if the articulationes are at least sent 20 ticks before the notes! By the way thank you very much for all the other beautiful new features in this release! ThanksπŸ˜‰ Bassman
  13. Hi:) Thanks for articulation maps, I'm awaiting this for a long time:) Great Job! Bassman.
  14. Hi:) The best free burning software I know! Very safe and stable with lots of features. https://www.burnaware.com/ Bassman
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