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  1. HI:) I set up 3 Pads for 1,2 and 3dB and 1 Toggle Button for Plus or Minus: Description down below the video. Description: (You can directly run the Gainscripts from the pads, I do use the pads with other software on focus too! So run the scripts from added translations) C4,Cs4 and D4 (Pads) On Focus "Cakewalk" Gain_1, Gain_2 or Gain_3 script is running. PlusMinus (Togglebutton) If the value of the button is 127, the variable %PlusMinus is Plus, if the value is 0 the variable is Minus Gain_1, Gain_2 and Gain_3 (3 Pads C4,Cs4 and D4) If %PlusMinus is Plus, Louder_1, Louder_2 or Louder_3 script is running. If %PlusMinus is Minus, Softer_1, Softer_2 or Softer_3 script is running. Louder_1, 2 and 3 There you have to change the coordinates: movemouse (($x) - 100),250 (This moves the mouse inside of the selection and down to the beginning of possible automation edit) click left (($x) - 100),250 DOWN (Clicks and holds the mouse button) movemouse ($x),187 (Moves the mouse up 1,2 or 3 dB) click left ($x),187 UP (Clicks 1 time so the automation edit is done) movemouse ($x),1640 (Moves the mouse back to the bottom of the clip, where it is best to make the selection) Softer_1, 2 and 3 (Same as Louder_1, 2 and 3 but - 1, 2 and 3 dB, if the PlusMinus Value is 0) So, Select a portion of audio and press the PlusMinus Button for Plus or don't press if you do not use Plus and press one of the pads. You can use the mouse helper with Ctrl+Menu+I in CoyoteMidi for the Mouse Coordinates. That's it Greetz;) Bassman.
  2. Hi:) The "~" is only availabe with the AltGr(Ctrl+Alt(Menu)) Key right beside the space key. Alt+126. Same Key as + and * on my Keyboard. Not possible to use it in Shortcuts here in Germany! Bassman.
  3. Hi:) He can test it! Just write Alt+60 and Alt +62 and see if it is "<" and ">". Alt+65 should be an "A". Bassman.
  4. HI:) "<" and ">" never worked for me with German Keyboard and Shortcuts in Cakewalk! Bassman.
  5. HI:) (Not a Tutorial but perhaps it can help others) I get the Clip into the whole window, select a portion and hit a Midibutton. That's it. Set it up for -3dB but I'll use more buttons for that. Set up another Midibutton for press and hold the Ctrl Key on value 127 and release it on value 0 so you can stay with Controller and Mouse and move the Audio Data to the left or right. It is much faster and you don't have to move the mouse always up and down. Done with CoyoteMidi! For Video look at --> next Post Greetz;) Bassman.
  6. Hi😊 In AZController you can set points in the timeline where you can GoTo with 1 Midibutton, but it‘s not saved with the project so you have to save the point on every start of the project with a button and then you can recall it as long the project is in work. Bassman.
  7. Hi🙂 @GreenLight They are bound to Ctrl+Numpad 2 and 8, you just have to unbind your CALs. Greetz🙂 Bassman
  8. HI:) @GreenLight I had CALs too for this, but you can use NUMPAD2+8 with Ctrl without CALs:) Bassman.
  9. HI:) I do use NUMPAD2,8,4,6 (with Ctrl) very often on Editing Midi, I can't remember it crashed on that. I know it doesn't help, but maybe it has to do with some other things, perhaps used these keys as shortcuts in other software in the background or in Windows itsself? Bassman.
  10. HI:) I'm not! I never had a project with so many Instruments without freezing some of them! So happy to have it working so well now! It's just fun to add Vsts and watching the CPU Meters not overloading and not to have to freeze before recording the voices and other Audios before mixing. Even the Endmix I did without freezing anything. No crashes, noc crackles, it couldn't be better. Hope next Update will not change this! I love it;) Bassman.
  11. HI:) As we read a few posts with having problems with CbB I have to tell the opposite of it! My last project was a very huge one: 2 different Drum Vsts (1 for Base, Snare and Overheads, the other just for Snare Rolls) 1 Bass Vst 3 different Piano Vsts 1 Brass Kontakt Library Saxes 1 Brass Kontakt Library Trombones and Trumpets 1 Woodwind Kontakt Library Flutes 1 Woodwind Kontakt Library Clarinets 1 Woodwind Kontakt Library Oboes 1 Woodwind Kontakt Library Bassoons 1 String Kontakt Library Violins 1 String Kontakt Library Violins 2 1 String Kontakt Library Violas 1 String Kontakt Library Cellos 1 String Kontakt Library Double Bass 1 String Kontakt Library String Runs 2 String Kontakt Library String Legatos Violin and Violin 2 19 x Omni Channel Stereo in Audiotracks 21x Omni channel Mono in Audiotracks 8 Overdrive Plugins for Guitars 4 different Reverbs in Busses 3 different Delays in Busses 1 Analyser in my MIX Bus 1 Loudness Meter in my Master Bus 32 Midi channels with some Automations and Articulations 53 Audio Channels (used 40) The last 2 Choruses playing all Instruments. Without freezing anything I recorded 12 Voice Tracks (Verse, Prechorus, Chorus, Bridge) and 8 Guitar Tracks. Audio Engine MAX 25% and System Engine MAX 33%, perhaps sometimes a bit more. Sound Card (For this project I used an Steinberg UR44C, normally I have an RME HDSP 24/192 or an Presonus AX44) on 1024 Samples, no crackles, no crashes, nothing, just a lot of fun to work with!!! My CPU is an i7 -9700, 32 GB RAM and just SDDs, no HDD. Absolutely fantastic!! Greetz;) Bassman.
  12. Hi🙂 With the Arranger you can involve notes that start earlier, from 1 tick up to 1 bar I think. Bassman.
  13. HI:) What exactly is updated? Can't find any information! All my plugins are versions 13.0.0 as before. I had a problem with Scheps Omni Channel and the support told me to wait for the next update, but where is it? All Updates did'nt change anything...... or is it just Waves Central to be updated? Thanks:) Bassman.
  14. HI:) @promidi That's nice I'm using only channel 1 from now on. I have the different channels in the track so it's not necessary to use different channels in the data! Thank you;) 1 issue resolved, the others resist... Bassman.
  15. HI:) Sometimes it shows some strange white lines which are not there in the event view: Bassman.
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