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  1. HI:) https://www.freenet.de/download/downloads/Secwin2-5763.html To Deactivate Hotkeys.(Temporarily) Bassman.
  2. @Starship Krupa I have made a shortcut with Autohotkey for opening EQ Flyout window, this is missing too😁 Bassman
  3. Hi🙂 Cakewalk can only work as Master, not as a slave. But FL Studio as Slave should work with CbB. Bassman.
  4. Hi😊 I forgot opening ProChannel in Console View! Does only work if Console View is in Focus and the right Parameter of the track is in Focus. Ctrl+I for PC in the track view works perfect! Thanks, Bassman.
  5. @msmcleod Good news! Thinking to the end it would be nice to have 2 of them, 1 for opening track related Synth 1 for opening first Plugin from the track FX List (having Plugins in an Instrument/synth track) Thank you😉 Bassman.
  6. HI:) Some problems: You cannot open the synth from the selected track, but that's a Cakewalk problem, no solution for this, as AZSlow said. Focus_Synth_FX.spp 1 Button --> ACT_FX_Button 1 Button --> Next FX (or Synth) 1 Button --> Previous FX (or Synth) Forget the other attached Buttons, I did some other test, which did not work:( First you should assign Midi Buttons (CC, not Note) to these 3 Buttons in the Hardware TAB of AZController. Pressing ACT Button opens synth or FX Plugin of selected track. Pressing again should close the window. Does not if the opened synth is not the first synth from the rack (Perhaps Cakewalk Problem). 1. Selecting Instrument Track and pressing ACT_Button opens the very first synth, you can then switch next and previous synth in the rack by the Next and Previous Buttons. Problem: If you have a FX PlugIn in the instrument track, it opens the PlugIn and you can only switch between FX PlugIns. If you click on a Synth window, then it switches between synths. 2. Selecting a Midi Track which has its output to a synth, it opens the very first synth of the synth rack, then you can switch between synths with the other buttons. 3. Selecting an audio track with related synth on it it opens the synth from the selected track, but not the FX PlugIn. So if you want to open the synth on the selected track, you should use no Instrument track but Midi and Audio track splitted. If you want to open FX Plugin, select an audio track with no synth correlation but Plugins on it. I hope that helps:) Bassman. Focus_Synth_FX.spp
  7. Hi😊 I've done the scripting, but had no time to test it. Complete free day tomorrow, so time enough for testing.... Bassman
  8. Hi:) It's possible with AZCtrl and a midi controller Button. I can send you a small AZCtrl preset tomorrow morning. Bassman.
  9. HI:) Problem is that shortcuts do not work if the focus is not in the right view! Next Problem is that I cannot get the focus to the console view in the multidock by pressing CTRL+TAB. 1. CTRL+I opens ProChannel in TV from everywhere, that should be for all Shortcuts. 2. SHIFT+Enter should open ProChannel in the console view from everywhere, not only when Console View is in Focus. SHIFT + Enter does not work always. Depends from the "parameter focus". 3. Open Bus view in the console should open from everywhere, not only with focus in CV. 4. With Windows CTRL+TAB Focus should "really" change to the Multidock. It looks like it does, the window name changes to black but the focus is still in TV. So I cannot change these things from a midi controller cause it doesn't always work to open PC in CV cause of the lost focus. Thanks;) Bassman.
  10. HI:) @JoseC It's not possible in CAL to read out the momentary snap resolution, but we can set them to every resolution: You can just edit the CAL 3840 - 4/4bar 1920 - a half 960 - quarter 480 - eightth (? 8th) 240 - sixteenth 120 - 32th ... Bassman. MoveSelectionRight_16th.cal MoveSelectionright_8th.cal MoveSelectionRight_quarter.cal MoveSelectionRight_half.cal MoveSelectionLeft_16th.cal MoveSelectionLeft_8th.cal MoveSelectionLeft_quarter.cal MoveSelectionLeft_half.cal MoveSelectionLeft_1_Bar.cal MoveSelectionRight_1_Bar.cal
  11. Hi again:) Oki, here it is: MoveSelectionRight_1_Bar.cal MoveSelectionLeft_1_Bar.cal Both at 960 ticks per quarter note, 4/4 , at less resolution or other metre change the CAL (960 per quarter note)! I put them on ALT+Left and Alt+Right in the Settings/Shortcuts For Autohotkey I took Alt+Shift+Left and Alt+Shift+Right ============================ (Autohotkeyfile.AHK) #IfWinActive, ahk_exe Cakewalk.exe !+Right:: Send, {Alt down}{right}{Alt up} Send, {Shift down}L{Shift up} Return !+Left:: Send, {Alt down}{left}{Alt up} Send, {Shift down}L{Shift up} Return ============================ -->MoveLoop.AHK I like it:) Very fast to move Selection Left or right! Faster than the mouse...... Greetz, Bassman. MoveSelectionLeft_1_Bar.cal MoveSelectionRight_1_Bar.cal MoveLoop.ahk
  12. HI:) It's possible to change the FROM and TO locations in CAL language, so you can move Loop with 2 Shortcuts, 1 for moving the selection 1 bar to the right and press SHIFT+L again to move the LOOP to the new Selection, I can write a short CAL file..... Not possible to get or write the loop position in CAL but in conjunction with Autohotkey it should be possible to set 2 Hotkeys for moving right and left......that'sa nice idea:) Easier with the mouse or 2 Midi Controller Buttons! Will write back soon;) Bassman.
  13. Hi:) For first I would install and start Midi-Ox to see if any Midisignal is coming in. Start Midi-OX and under Options/Midi Devices select Launchkey as IN/OUT. Now you see Midisignal coming in and getting out if it works! Then in Cakewalk deselect Launchkey, restart and select Launchkey again as Input. See if in the Midi-Track you can see a signal if you press a key. Switch Monitor Auto/Off. As I can see in the picture, you have a Audiotrack or is it an Instrument track? Look in the midiTAB if a special Midichannel is selected. Switch to Omni. Hm.....try a miditrack (not instrument track) and recordarm it and start record and press some keys to see if signal is recording.... That's it for the moment:) Bassman.
  14. HI:) EA 1 was OK, but EA 2 has extremely long load, project loads fast then. After load doesn't matter what I do, it crashes without any notification! I'm trying rollback now and edit post........ Bassman. EDIT: Rollback didn't help, I installed "full" Version 2020.04 Build 179 and all is fine again! Waiting for the official .05 Release.... Got no error, just crash so I can't send any dump file, sorry. Trying again EA 1, then EA 2 --> let's see:) EDIT 2: After installing 2020.04 I installed directly EA 2, restarted Windows and now all is working as expected!
  15. @JoseC That's another possibility, but Shift + Right Click is imho the best option..... Thanks;) Bassman.
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