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  1. Hi:) Nowadays I do a lot more with Melodyne and it is very comfortable to work with the keyboard instead of the mouse. I can navigate, play, zoom, select, move notes a.s.o. but there are no keys for scrolling, just auto scrolling, which only works horizontally, not vertically. Am I missing something? I've googled, youtubed but no solution or any key to scroll vertically.... With Zooming in some notes are hidden up or down, and to see them the only way is to zoom out! Thanks;) Bassman.
  2. Hi😊 @scook I know there's an app, that can make a "map" file Out of an "ins" file! Do you know any possibility to do the opposite? Making an instrument file from a map? Don't know the Syntax of a map file but it should be possible in any way..... Thanks😉 Bassman
  3. Always difficult to find the right keywords, sometimes too much, sometimes none results...... Thanks😊
  4. @scook Great! It's like having a board in front of your head😅 Searched the entire Pluginboutique page and googled xpand and second PC and similar but I had no idea to search for iLok and activation🙄 Thank you very much😉 Bassman.
  5. Hi😊 In the Email from Plugin Boutique is written that you can have XPand on 2 PCs! Has anybody installed it on two? I can't find any instruction how to install it on my other PC . Don't wanna loose my activation, so would be nice if somebody can explain howto before I get in trouble! Do I have to deactivate it first or just install with the Software and iLok. I remember installing the first time was a bit tricky.... Thanks😉 Bassman
  6. @promidi Lenses was my first thought, but I don't work with lenses, for me 10 Screensets are more than OK. You're right, I want to use Shift + (0-9), Ctrl+(0-9) and Ctrl+Shift+(0-9). Not the Numpad Numbers! After searching Windows for used Hotkeys with "Hotkeyslist" I can't find any conflicts on these keys. Then I looked in my Autohotkey File, but found only Ctrl+1 and Ctrl+(7-0). Deleted Ctrl+1 in AHK File, the others are OK, I use them for AudioGain(-3dB,-1dB,+1dB,+3dB)(In Conjunction with AHK). Now I tried with not running AHK, but no effort, Ctrl+2 remains on Copy to Screenset 2. After some other tries I deleted all my Personal Hotkeys from the list and did it from scratch. I think it was a total mess with my Hotkeys, after deleting ,new start and setting the keys almost everything's fine, but Ctrl+Shift+(Zero). Can't assign this key to anything. Now I have Ctrl+Shift+O assigned. Perhaps this can't be assigned to anything......? Finally tried it with started AHK and it works too:) I'm marking as solved, This only Key doesn't matter! Thank you very much! Bassman.
  7. @promidi Thanks for your answer! I have to figure out why this doesn‘t work for me..... Bassman
  8. HI:) Normally Ctrl + (0-9) are used for copying Screensets. I don't use this and I wanted to set them to some other functions! So my process: Set Ctrl+0 to "No Action" (Don't know how it is called in English, but the very first after Help) Set Ctrl+1 to "No Action" ....... Then I set Ctrl + (0-9) to different functions. Ctrl +2 is then again set to copy Screenset 2, Ctrl 5 has now the function I set to Ctrl+2 , Ctrl+6 has a very different function which I do not set. So, I looked again in the settings and all these keys which I have set to "no action" have lost these lines. I can't get Ctrl+2 and some others to work with my settings! The same with some of the Ctrl+Shift + (0-9) . Just some of them. Can somebody confirm and try please with Ctrl+2? Thanks;) Bassman. Heinz NOV 2019.kbn
  9. Hi😊 I have not tried out but Instrument Definitions are for sure necessary! It's perhaps enough to just Write the Note names section for articulations, but just try it out.....I'll do this tomorrow! Bassman.
  10. HI:) You have to make an ins file and name the note numbers like your keyswitches. I'll try to explain the whole process: 1. Take an existing ins file and copy and rename it. In the ins file the note names should have the names of the articulations. Delete all of the rest note numbers or just let the numbers exist. Save it. Important is the name and the instrument definition names. (Just an example) .Note Names [Session Strings Pro] 0=Sustain 1=Staccato .Instrument Definitions [Session Strings Pro] Control=Session Strings Pro Patch[*]=1..128 Key[*,*]=Session Strings Pro 2. In the midi track select the correct output and go to the PRV 3. Right click in the keyboard at the left and choose configure 4. Choose define and then import 5. Choose your saved file and open it 6. Click on your saved instrument definition name and then on OK 7. Close the next window 8. Now you can choose your file in the instrument list. Doesn' matter which Midi Port you use. 9. In the last opened window choose "use this note names" and search the list for your file. 10. Click on OK and your articulations should appear on the left side instead of the keyboard. Sometimes it needs to open some windows twice to make CbB recognize your file. Works for me! Bassman;)
  11. OK, got it, I've only look in the Global Area for Keybindings. After switching to Track Area I can see it. Never switched the aereas.....???? Amazing:) Thank you Scook;) Bassman.
  12. @Scook No! It's not there, I've searched the entire list of commands, please look at my Photo in the 2nd post! Bassman.
  13. @Scook So no possibility to switch it per Shortcut anymore? I have no access to the track menu per keyboard either, weird to must use the mouse to switch Auto Track Zoom:( I'll make an Autohotkey Mouse Click then! Thanks;) Bassman. P.S. Not there anymore: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Al2mKojzOW0MmcpAF-iapBqEpx-qHw?e=bIuyjq
  14. HI there:) >>>SHIFT+Z shortcut is no longer assigned to the Track view View > Auto Track Zoom command by default. >>>The Auto Track Zoom command can be assigned to any shortcut in >>>Edit Preferences > Customization - Keyboard Shortcuts. Does anybody miss the Auto Track Zoom Function too? I do switch it very often, but after Update I can't find the Keybinding anymore. Perhaps a new name? Please confirm..... Thanks;) Bassman.
  15. HI:) @Starship Krupa Thank you a lot! Very good Sounds..... Bassman.
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