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  1. HI:) WWWHHHHOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOO😁 ARTICULATION MAPS! YESSSSSSSS👍 @Martin Hooper Thank you very much for this Video! Bassman.
  2. HI:) I have 19 Instances of it loaded in the last project without any problems! (Stereo Version and the first time I work with SOC) All Presets loaded correctly. Fantastic Plugin:) Bassman.
  3. HI:) I know the Gain and Velocity on Instrument Tracks changed, but I've now seen that Audio Input Gain on an Instrument Track can't be changed by AZController any more. Should this work or only on normal Audio Tracks? Thanks;) Bassman.
  4. HI:) @Promidi Thanks for the answer, but TIMEBASE*4 does not help with other meters. there should be a variable to read out which meter we have. 3/4, 4/4 or maybe 7/8. With (meas From) we can re3ad out the number of the measure so it doesn't matter which meter we have to get 1 measure forward! Greetz;) Bassman.
  5. HI:) Thank you for the link but unfortunately not. In the manual for CAL I found something interesting but I don't know how to use it: (meas Event.Time) displays the correct Measure Number of an Event. (meas From) displays the correct Measure Number of the From Time If I could now add or subtract 1 from (meas From) that would be the solution. I mean (-= meas 1), but this does not work, perhaps I have to use (makeTime measure beat tick) ?? Perhaps like this: = Var1 (meas From) = Var2 (beat From) = Var3 (ticks From) ++Var 1 =From (makeTime Var1 Var2 Var3) Let's try out:) Edit: ================================================ ; This will move the Selection 1 bar(at 960 ticks per quarter note) to the right (do (include "need20.cal") (dword var_meas) (dword var_beat) (dword var_tick) (dword var2_meas) (dword var2_beat) (dword var2_tick) (= var_meas (meas From)) (= var_beat (beat From)) (= var_tick (tick From)) (= var2_meas (meas Thru)) (= var2_beat (beat Thru)) (= var2_tick (tick Thru)) (+= var_meas 1) (+= var2_meas 1) (= From (makeTime var_meas var_beat var_tick)) (= Thru (makeTime var2_meas var2_beat var2_tick)) ) =============================================== This works for moving the selection 1 bar to the right! Thank you for the link, pointed me to the right direction to search for... @Nigel Mackay Bassman.
  6. HI:) Following Problem: I can for example move the From Time in ticks: (+= From 480) for an eigth, but how do I find out how many ticks a Measure has? In 4/4 one Measure is 3840 ticks In 3/4 - 2880 (+= From measure) or (+= From Beat) does not work for sure:) In the manual I can't find any solution. Thanks;) Bassman.
  7. HI:) Look at AZController: http://www.azslow.com/ It is a bit more complicated than the other possibilities but you have much more features! Look at my latest preset (PDF) for details what is possible (especially Stereo Level Mode for example). Shows Level for the selected Track for Gain staging, sweet Spot (-18 dB) is when the 4 Green LEDs are on. For sure I can help make your own Preset, but there are a lot of presets ready to download on AZSlow3s Website. Greetz;) Bassman.
  8. HI:) 1. Settings - Shortcuts --> Show Selection or similar (Don't know how it is called in english). Bind it to a shortcut. CTRL-Z to get back minimized. 1. Select a note and TAB and Shift+TAB 2. Press your shortcut to set the "From" Time, use TAB and when you're done press your Shortcut to set "To" Time 3. Note_Length_ Cals, change the value +-10 to +-240 for sixteens or +-480 for eigths and bind the CAL to a shortcut 4. Legato and Endtime Cals 5. Velocity Cals Greetz;) Bassman. Note_Length_+10.cal Note_Length_-10.cal Note_Length.cal Transpose -12.cal Transpose +12.cal Velocity +3.cal Velocity -3.cal Velocity -1.cal Velocity +1.cal ENDTIME1.CAL ENDTIME2.CAL LEGATO.CAL
  9. Heinz Hupfer

    List of CAL functions

    Hi😊 I‘m not at home at the moment but there is a manual in the WEB, I can upload it tomorrow... Bassman Cakewalk Application Language Programming Guide.pdf
  10. HI:) @Steve Veach Hi Steve:) ACT is buggy, use AZController instead. It works perfect and the possibilities are countless! Look here what I've done with the Novation LaunchControl: (PDF or DocX) https://1drv.ms/u/s!Al2mKojzOW0Mp6cltmQ69wjk2fKl0A?e=HUaPTH Lot of work but when done it is just fun to work with! Greetz;) Bassman. Novation_2.0-LC 30-08-2020.pdf
  11. HI:) @Max Arwood F4 is the shortcut to open the gain window, you have to set it in the shortcut menu or change "send {F4} to any other! target_Path is the path where you want to copy the last "MaxCopy" 5 Directories. In my Script I set it to 10 and the targets as you can see, 1 to my backup drive and 1 to the cloud. @GreenLight Sorry, but Vel+ and Volume can only be changed with a Controller Rotor, not with a button. With CAL you can only set an offset +- to the selected Track, I'm not really sure if you want that:) Volume can only be set to a specific value with CAL. So with 2 Rotors it is possible to change that by controller and AZController. No way found to change this by buttons +- BUT: You can set the Fokus of the selected Track to the VEL+ Parameter and then change it with "+" and "-" --> select the next/previous track. Same with Volume! I have to look, but I think it is not possible with AZController to set the Fokus to these parameters......? EDIT: With Button you can open a small window and type in the value of Vel+ and Volume! If you want that I can make a preset for AZController. Bassman. From CAL Manual: ================================================ (TrackVel+ [<amount> [<track>]]) This function sets an offset (Vel+) to the velocity of every note in a ‘track’. ‘amount’ must be between -127..127. (TrackVolume [<volume> [<track>]]) This function sets the ‘track’ volume. ‘volume’ must be between -1..127 ===============================================
  12. Hi😊 If you have a MIDI Controller no problem! With PC Keyboard you can install Virtual MIDI Driver like LoopBe and use Cakewalk Virtual Keyboard with AZController Software. I can make a small Description how to install and use it. MIDI Controller or Keyboard is much more simpler😉 Bassman P.S. Another possibility is to use a PC Keyboard to MIDI Driver in conjunction with AZController!
  13. HI:) @GreenLight is a way to adjust channel velocity or channel volume using the keyboard What do you mean with this? Overall Velocity and Volume of a Midi Track? Bassman.
  14. HI:) @GreenLight I attached you a few CAL Scripts. Copy them to ..\Cakewalk Content\Cakewalk core\Cal Scripts and bind Shortcuts to them: The meaning of the Cals is the File Name! I bound for example Velocity -+ 1 to CTRL-(+/-) and +-3 to CTRL+SHIFT (+/-), cause + and - on the NUM Pad is Note Up/Down in Cakewalk. Feel free to use the others;) I do use them very often.... I have Shortcuts for raising and lower the Gain too but this needs "Autohotkey" or AZController if you use a Midi Controller, I attached this too. For Controller I should know the CCs... Greetz;) Bassman. Note_Length_+10.cal Note_Length_-10.cal Note_Length.cal Transpose -12.cal Transpose +12.cal Velocity +3.cal Velocity -3.cal Velocity -1.cal Velocity +1.cal Gain-Sonar.ahk
  15. HI:) Made a Video from the problem. Trying to move a special selection and it works, but only if a clip is underneath. What I did in the Video (With Controller) 1. Select Track 2. Select Clip 3. Isolate 4. Change Snap Settings (Very fast with a Rotor) 5. Zoom In 6. Select a portion of the clip (Jog) 7. Zoom Out 8. Move the selection and select some other Slice 9. Change the gain of the slice twice 10. Move on to the next slices I'm doing this moving with a assigned CAL Script by 16th Now when the clip is at the end, it isn't moving anymore with the CAL. (Doesn't work on Midi Clips) Could this be possible to move the selection further to the next clip without to have to bind the clips? Would it be possible to implement this "moving" into the SDK like "EC Clip Left/Right/Up/Down" --> EC Selection Left/Right/Up/Down by Snap settings? This "Moving Selection" is a huge time saver, you don't have to always select each portion to edit it! Here the Video: Thank you very much;) Bassman.
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