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  1. @scook No. Just don't know how to make a script for this Buffersize changing. Have to take a look at CoordMode and Client.... Greetz;) Bassman.
  2. @scook I can't see this! Open Preferences OK, no prob, but within the preferences you can't select the main Tabs, only the settings within a Tab, means if you are in Devices, I can't select driver settings with Autohotkey. If Driver settings are selected I can switch to the Asio Panel, but then with my Audiocard at home (UR44C) I'm not able to switch to the buffer settings without mouse. (TAB does only switch between "OK" and "Cancel") How would you do that? Mouse clicks with Autohotkey are difficult cause the windows sometimes open on the first sometimes on the second monitor. (last opened posistion?) Thanks;) Bassman. P. S. I don't need to switch that often, but just tried to do it with Autohotkey.
  3. HI @msmcleod Thank you for reporting back! Very nice you fixed it! For sure no problem to name the tracks without the "-" as far it exists no fix! Thank you a lot! Bassman.
  4. Hi again:) Attached 2 Videos with the Track names crashing and not crashing! https://1drv.ms/u/s!Al2mKojzOW0Mq5hrJgZYdhXaaT5HBg?e=gZ912W Bassman.
  5. Hi msmcleod:) I named them Bounce works and "not" . It's just with and without the "-". https://1drv.ms/u/s!Al2mKojzOW0Mq5kgdnibDY9xbcnKPw?e=vi9Cae The steps are Bounce (Track(s) to File (32bit to 16bit)) Thank you:) Bassman.
  6. HI there:) @Noel Borthwick It's very weird, but I found out why it crashes without error prompt. What I did: The Project has 3 Tracks ( Announcement, The Song(s) itsself and Outtakes ) (Live Recordings in Studio with Video) with Waves CLA-2A, LP 64 EQ and Old School Boost 11 as Last Limiter (-1 dB) on each Track. My Standard Busses with Master, MIX, 4 Reverbs Busses, 3 Delay Busses, a Chorus Bus and a Preview Bus, but only used the Mix (Spectrum Analyser) and the Master (Izotope Insight 2) Bus for listening. Bounce to Audio Masterfile (Track and 32 bit MIX to 16 bit Master) So I deleted first every Plugin one by one, saved it to a new file and tried to Bounce the Song Mix to a Master File. No chance until I had at least only 1 Track and Master and Mix Bus with NO Plugins. Ok, I decided to delete this last track, made a new one and imported (drag&drop the Songmix(32bit) again and it worked. Tried again with the last saved project and now I saw it! The WINNER is: The Labeling of the Track to Bounce! Unbelievable! Ok, loaded my first Mastering Project with Plugins and Busses and renamed the Track to Bounce and ....voilà. WORKED! So😁 Labeled the tracks first: "Audio - Master - 16bit" "Announcement - Master - 16bit" "Outtakes - Master - 16bit" Labeling it to just Audio it bounced without any problems including the plugins. Further on I deleted "16bit".....crash Deleted "Master - ".....crash Deleted "" - " .....worked Insomma: It's the "-" (Minus) Character which makes the chrashes! WOW! I've had this with Cakewalk very long ago with the German "ä", "ö" and "ü" which made it impossible to load a project. Ok, solved for me for the moment! Greetz;) Bassman.
  7. Hi☺️ @Noel Borthwick Trying this out tomorrow morning! CbB is closing immediately! Same Project with 2021.04 does bounce without problems. Tried without any plugin inside a new project. But more tomorrow. I hope I get some error😁 Bassman
  8. HI:) Same problem as "paul terry", can't bounce any audiotrack. Crashes without any error, so no dumb file ! Have deleted any plugins in the project (not many, cause mastering project) but even with the pure audiotrack it crashes! Windows 11 and Windows 10! Rolling back to Version "April" helps. All fine with it! Tried only with 32 bit Mixfile(44,1 kHz) into 16 bit mastered with a few plugins on the track and without plugins, doesn't matter. Tried a complete new project with the mixed audiotrack, no chance! Mixdown Tracks (the project) to a new track works perfect. Thanks;) Bassman.
  9. HI:) Very cool, but i can hear some bad intonations. For example the very first note and at second 8 and much more, they are too low for my ears and I don't mean the bendings, only the holded (with bending or without) notes. IMHO;) Greetz:) Bassman
  10. Hi:) @Noel Borthwick Changed the Energyoptions to High Performance (not visible on first start). (100% MIN and MAX) (You have to manually start "powercfg.cpl") Changed USB Settings not to switch the Hubs off.(Device Manager) Changed "No Sound" in the Win Sound Settings. (Settings/Sound) Now I can Play the Project down to 64 Samples Buffer (2ms) with no crackles. At 48 Samples the first Crackles appear but no Drop Outs! At 32 Samples Dropouts, but 64 Samples with this Project is fantastic, so I have to revise my first post for sure. I'm not mixing with such low buffers but for recording it is fantastic! I can now work with it and I will stay with Win 11! Next point is, that the Drawing of the smooth shape envelope with freehand is now very fast in 4K Resolution (3840x1920). Don't know if it were the bakers or it is Win 11:) ProChannel Drawing of Gain is now faster too. That's very nice. Could be more faster, but much better than in my Win 10, sometimes I have to wait 2 seconds to see the result of using the Controller with ProChannel. Now it's within the second. Testing more Win Settings to improve the audio performance, but for now it's very good. Greetz;) Bassman.
  11. HI:) @Noel Borthwick Sorry, in English I can see "Overall App Performance" and "Engine Load", when I have the mouse over the Performance Modul in the Control Bar. At 1024 Samples Buffer it is in Win 10 11% App Performance and 31% Engine Load MAX, in Win 11 30% App Performance and 50% Engine Load MAX with the same Project. But I have not changed anyhing in Win 11 yet, perhaps it will be better If I switch some knobs in Windows.....there are some post with improvements, I have to do a closer look at it, cause Win 11 is very nice, I like the new features! Bassman. P.S. I rapidly look into the Energyoptions in Win 11. The MIN and MAX Performance Values were on 5% and 70%. I changed both to 100% and now it's much better! Engine Load better than in Win 10 now! App Performance 24% and Engine Load at 25%, so I'm pretty sure, we can find some knobs for Improvements! I'm diving into it the next days......
  12. Hi:) Ok, I tested a current project in Win 10 and Win 11! (Intel i7-9700/3 GHz, 32 GB Ram) Made a complete fresh install with Win 10 a half year ago which I now updated to "DEV" Win 11. My Old Win 10 is on another Disc so I can start it independently! I used Steinberg UR44C for both Windows, this is my HomePC, in Studio I have RME HDSP 24/96 and Audiobox 1818VSL, but no Win11 installed yet and I don't want to at the moment after this test! Let's look at the project first: Drums: Superior Drummer 3 Bass(Synth): Avenger (Don't laugh:) I'm a Bassplayer, but for this song I need a Synth Bass) Piano: Lounge Lizard 4 3 Instances of Session Horns Pro (Kontakt) Swam Sopran Sax TTS-1 22 Instances of Schepps OmniChannel Stereo 8 Tracks Guitar(2 Verse, 2 Intro, 2 Prechorus, 2 Chorus) 22 Miditracks. 2 Reverbs and 1 Delay on Busses used, 2 other Reverbs and 2 Delays on busses not used in this project. (4 Reverbs and 3 Delays as a template) Always playing the Section with the most Instruments playing! My old Win10 (had a few problems with paths and plugins cause I did not use this Win10 for half a year) 1024 Samples Buffer (Percentages are up to, if "11" they vary from 6 to 11, I always mean the MAX Percentage) App: 11 / Engine: 31 512 Samples Buffer App: 12 / Engine: 34 256 Samples Buffer App: 14 / Engine: 45 128 Samples Buffer App: 17 / Engine: 54 64 Samples Buffer App: 24 / Engine: 65 ========================== Windows 11: looks very nice and I want to switch with all of my PCs to it, but not in this Beta Stadium! 1024 Samples Buffer (Percentages are up to, if "30" they vary from 15 to 30, I always mean the MAX Percentage) App: 30 / Engine: 50 512 Samples Buffer App: 30 / Engine: 60 256 Samples Buffer App: 33 / Engine: 82 128 Samples Buffer App: 47 / Engine: >200 and I can hear Crackles, sometimes Dropouts appear! Can't work with 128 Samples! 64 Samples Buffer Not possible to play the project! The difference is blatant! Doesn't look pretty good for Windows 11 in this Release stadium! I hope I can switch back to Win 10...... https://www.giga.de/artikel/windows-11-deinstallieren-zurueck-zu-windows-10/ Greetz;) Bassman.
  13. HI:) Downloaded it but waiting for my weekly Backup on Friday. Testing Win 11 then over the weekend! Uuups, it's installing immediately:( So good luck to me😁 Greetz;) Bassman. P.S. Installed! Windows works so far. Loaded CbB and started a few projects. No Problems to plkay them, but I have to make more tests over the weekend. No Time anymore for today.......
  14. HI:) Love this Shape Smoothing. In my case, if I use it slowly, I can see the line drawing, as soon I move it faster, it shows after releasing the mouse Button. Looks like it's the same problem like changing Values in the ProChannel with Controller, I can see the result seconds later in the PC, but I hear them immediately. I can live with that, but I think it will look better when it reacts much faster:) No problems with all other new features so far, great new things in this release, my favourite is to reorder multiple Tracks at once👍 Bassman. Video:
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