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  1. Hi there:) I'm stupid, completely wrong place. It's a Waves Plugin, not Native Intruments, sorry..... Bassman.
  2. Hi:) @Eddie From there I come to the same support page where you can't get any contact Infos but this email: info@native-Instrument.de Which is useless, cause you can't get Support on this, down below the answer from my email: No questions about products or technical support! No chance🤥 Bassman. =============================================================== Bitte beachten Sie, dass wir über diese E-Mail-Adresse keine Fragen zu Produkten und Bestellungen beantworten oder technischen Support anbieten können. Für derartige Anfragen benötigen wir detaillierte Informationen zu Ihrer Bestellung, Ihrem Produkt und / oder Ihrem Computer-System, damit unsere Experten Ihre Fragen in kürzester Zeit und zu Ihrer vollsten Zufriedenheit beantworten können. Daher möchten wir Sie ermutigen, die Support Website für Selbsthilfe und Kontaktoptionen zu nutzen. Alle sonstigen Anfragen, die uns über diese E-Mail-Adresse erreichen, werden an die entsprechende Abteilung im Hause weitergeleitet. ================================================================
  3. HI:) I do work with Omni Channel Stereo. Don't know since when (Update to Version 12) some Buttons do nopt work anymore with my Controller and ACT. All On/Off of all Elements (Pre, Gate, EQ, Comp, Deesser) All Size On/Off of all Elements (Pre, Gate, EQ, Comp, Deesser) ACT Numbers are: 60/43, 16/17, 107/108, 139/140 und 70/71 Can someone confirm this? Thanks;) Bassman.
  4. Hi:) Searched 2 h now for a possibility to contact Native Instruments Support. Can't find any Email Adress or Phone number or any other contact possibility! 🤢 Just this .... https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/de Does not help! What a company😖 Bassman.
  5. Hi:) @John Vere Maybe they change something in the DLL to know it has been installed, but if I install it, it should be overwritten and it only works when I delete it and install again...weird.... Bassman.
  6. Hi:) Tried the Rescan, yes. I had to delete the DLL and install it again, then it worked. Interesting why it worked with the same DLL in my other Windows....?? Thanks;) Bassman.
  7. HI:) Wanted to load an older Synth, but it is not recognized as a VST, here the lines of the Log File: ====================================================================== VSTSCAN: ---- 163: g:\vstplugins_2021\Xpand!2_x64.dll ---- VSTSCAN: [ShortPath] g:\VSTPLU~1\XPAND!~1.DLL VSTSCAN: [RegKey] Software\Cakewalk Music Software\Cakewalk\Cakewalk VST X64\Inventory\g:/vstplugins_2021/Xpand!2_x64.dll VSTSCAN: Previously scanned - NOT a VST plugin VSTSCAN: Finished analyzing VST plugins - 0 of 191 VST plugins were scanned in this run VSTSCAN: Delete untouched - Scanning for plugins to remove... Closing log file Thursday, 21 Oct 2021, 10:37:17 ====================================================================== I have the same Dll in another Windows Installation and there it works. iLok is started and the license activated! What can I do? Thanks;) Bassman.
  8. Hi🙂 I can see you're in contact with Alexey on his Homepage , so you have the very best help you can get for writing an AZController Preset😁 Greetz, Bassman.
  9. HI:) Map 1 should be enough for the beginning, I have a basic Preset with normal, double press and long press actions on every button, additional we can use a Shift and Ctrl Button, so a lot possibilities for actions... If you can wait a few days I can make a first starting point...so what do you want to have on the Buttons? For normal actions I do have on my preset: Vol, Pan, Sends 1-6, (Pan Sends 1-6), Solo,, Mute, Rec Arm, A.Write, Phase and Echo. For the Buttons on the right I have Start, Stopp, Rec, WAI +-, Shift and Ctrl Button. I think I do make these and just tell me if it is OK for the first preset.... Greetz;) Bassman.
  10. HI:) @daveindev Could you send a photo of this controller or give the complete name of it? Can't find a launchpad with rotors in the net.... Then I can help you writing an AZController Preset......look at this: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Al2mKojzOW0Mq7wpLVhlBk1B8qlUIA?e=be8Y9p Greetz;) Heinz.
  11. Hi:) @msmcleod Doubleclick did it, thank you. Now I saw these dots at the right with a little menu to recall the task settings. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience;) Bassman.
  12. @msmcleod Tried out this: 1. Used a Project Template 2. Selected a Time Portion to Export 3. Export - Audio 4. Loaded my Preset with Busses as Source 5. Select only the Master Bus 6. Select a Task and named it 7. Closed the Export Window 8. Saved as a new Preset 9. Opened the New Template 10. Named the Project 11. Select a Time Portion 12. Select my Preset in the Export Window 12. I can see the "Saved with the Template" Task, but all "used" Busses are selected and when I Export it, it will write a File for every used Bus. The Problem is, when I close the Export Window with only the Master Bus selected and I open it again, all busses are selected again, so it's saved with all busses selected in the Template. If the Export Window is open I can't save the Template...... (So sorry I have not used this in the EA time, but have not worked much 3 weeks cause of a heavy depression (no wonder in these bad times)) So how can I save in the Project Template to have only the Master Bus selected? Can't find out.... Thank you very much;) Bassman.
  13. HI:) @msmcleod Thanks;) I'll check this out. Bassman.
  14. HI:) When I export Busses, is it correct that the selection of a (source) bus isn't saved with a preset? I normally always export the Master Bus, sometimes my Mix Bus. Not a big deal to deselect all others ...... Thanks;) Bassman.
  15. HI:) I'm first decreasing the loudest portions with Clip Gain (not more than 3-4 dB), then increase the softest portions again with Clip Gain. Then again decrease loud "s", "t" and possible pops, when I got a "live" recording, should have no pops in studio recording with a filter. These pops I cut out and put them on another Track with different EQ. After this a gentle compressor on everything...lot of work, but it's worth it! Bassman.
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