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  1. Ok... nice, I will check that in the morning... thank you!
  2. Hmmmmm.... crazy..... I 'll check a little more. Thank you.
  3. This is simply to let everyone know that the drivers that came with my new Nektar GXP88 Keyboard (not the standard driver for using the keyboard, but the drivers that control the control surface features on the keyboard, transport, faders, etc) is causing massive midi problems in Cakewalk. I also verified this in Sonar Platinum. Faders would start moving on their own, midi devices would start acting screwy, disappearing, etc. I don't use the control surface features, so I uninstalled the Nektar Cakewalk Drivers and everything started functioning properly again. If you have a Nektar device and your having midi issues, this might be your problem as well.
  4. Would someone possibly be able to verify this.... every time I shortcut "k" to mute a audio clip, it deletes it and the clip is gone, not hidden.
  5. I have had this device for over a year and no troubles, except I have stayed on this driver - MOTU M-Series Installer v4.0.83874 (Release Date 2020-01-23).... for me, drivers newer then this one gave me problems. Totally agree with "delete" old drivers, delete "AUD.ini file and start fresh, shut off Windows sounds, turn off desktop display pics, I just have a black background....basically, turn off all the crap that you don't need, including the hdmi/monitor audio sound drivers... I believe there is a reg fix floating around here somewhere, that's what I used to turn it off. I do have a windows driver for this that came out the same time the new Mac driver came out (Nov 17 2020) I believe, but for some reason they pulled it.... I have tried this newer driver and had no problems with it, but I choose to stay on the older driver because it works. Don't know why they would pull the new driver. This is a smokin hot interface with stunning sound and features..... don't give up on it, you'll get it going. Hope this helps.
  6. Once in a while I run into what I call a "dead track"..... the audio is there, or the midi data is there, but it either won't play back, or won't allow mute, solo, etc, or you cannot fade or any automation.... so what I do is create a new audio/midi track, then drag the wave, or midi data to the new track and it all works again. Might not be your problem, but it might be. Hope this helps.
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