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  1. sjoens: I must of hit a short cut key, or something..... I don't know. It is nice to know about.
  2. In the Track Inspector, left click (NOT RIGHT CLICK) on the track name at the bottom of the inspector view and a menu will come up.... at the bottom of this menu it says "Lock the current track or bus", unselect it. Mine was selected for a track and it was locked. Like Steve_B said, who new?
  3. Solved: somehow the "Lock Current Track Or Bus" got turned on in the inspector view..... Great!!!
  4. UPDATE: Rolled back to previous version, no change.... reinstalled latest version, no change. I opened some other projects to check and the tracks I opened worked..... hmmmmm....... I looked at everything I could possibly imagine, and I can't figure out why it is locked on a specific track in the inspector view, no matter which track I select. Strange.
  5. I am having this same problem..... has there been any word from Cakewalk about this, or there a fix for it? It is very annoying and hinders the workflow.
  6. Great!!! Thank you for your assistance.... that worked..... shame on me for not reading the manual a little closer, lol Thank you, Bristol!
  7. I've tried screen sets, mix recall, but I can't seem to get them to work with this problem. I keep having the problem of opening a project, clicking over to Console View, or Piano View, and they seem to always open up a third of the way, or three quarters of the way, or even just barely visible.... sooooo I stretch them to full size (fully opened) and continue working, then if I double click on a midi track to open the piano roll view, it again only opens part way, or two thirds the way , or even barely open. When I open a project to start working, again, all the views (except the main view, of course) are back to everything but full view. Is there any switch, or setting to make all views always open full view? I would really like that feature. I'm probably doing something wrong. Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. Step record does do this.... thanks Scook!
  9. Does anyone know if Cakewalk does midi step input like Guy Michelmore does on his video's in Cubase? I think that feature could be very useful. Thank you
  10. Cool! I had a friend that had a touch screen monitor and Sonar X3 worked great with it, I was just wondering about the newer Bandlab versions. Thanks for your help!
  11. https://youtu.be/_GkYO3L-7Ks my guess is that it should still be set to use a touch screen monitor.
  12. I remember the older versions were, I believe up to platinum, but not sure. Is anyone using a touch screen with the Bandlab versions. My control surface is starting to reach its end and pseudo wannabe version of Slate Raven would be cool. Touch screen monitors are pretty reasonable right now, so I thought I would ask here. Thanks for your help. Michael
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