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  1. I uninstalled, restarted, did a clean install, same behavior.
  2. Alas, my P5 2.51 won't run at all now. It seems to choke while trying to profile the sound card. I've tried it without the 1818VSL plugged in, just winks out back to desktop. Anybody know of a way to keep it from auto-running the WDM profiler? I'm trying to get in to use the ASIO Presonus drivers. Really frustrating. I know I got many more years out of it than I reasonably should have, but for the stuff I do, the pattern editor and .ptn files that act as MIDI loops of literally any length are both vital. (Reich-style process music) Shot in the dark. Anyway, thanks for the good times P5 if not.
  3. This raises an interesting possibility... just using 7/4 at a ludicrously fast tempo. I'm a little hesitant since I'm going to be driving outboard hardware synths, and I'm new to that, and I'm not sure how their tempo functions will respond... Thanks for responding
  4. It's so frustrating that they've built in that limitation. Leaving aside that 7/8 is not 3.5 beats, it's either seven beats, or it's 2+2+3 or 3+2+2 or whatever, there's really no reason for the groove clip creation process to be making decisions about the length of the clip for me. Thanks for responding though, I appreciate it.
  5. Yeah for working with MIDI it was fast and intuitive. Lacked serious audio tools. If they'd just upgraded it to x64 I'd be using it still, rewired into Sonar. If I could get it to run on this machine I'm currently on, which I can't, I would write the piece of music in MIDI in P5, save out the MIDI clips (which you can do) and import them into Sonar (which you can do) I may try uninstalling and reinstalling, as I have all the installers on a NAS drive.
  6. I need to know how to create a non-time-signature-length MIDI groove clip. Is that making sense? In other words, these are the kludge workarounds I'm trying to avoid. I should say that I'm used to the MIDI pattern editor in Project 5 (remember her?) and it was so easy. You just dragged the length handle over to how long you wanted the pattern file to be, and then when it was ready you 'exported' it onto the timeline. Still wishing Cakewalk/Sonar had implemented that. I appreciate the responses!
  7. There is no eighth note on the 'and' of four. The clip is 7 eight notes long. 'Groove clip looping' it makes it 8 eighth notes long.
  8. So simply put, I'm trying to create a MIDI groove clip that's 7 eight-notes long, while in a 4/4 project. There *has* to be a way to do this, but even when I have the clip length correct, and the correct area of the timeline selected, etc, on converting the MIDI clip to a MIDI groove clip, it changes it to 8 eighth-notes long. How do I keep it from changing the clip length?
  9. I would literally kill for: The pattern editor from Project 5, as a plugin. To be able to use that workflow in Sonar would make how I make my music soooo much easier. I wouldn't have to choose between easy creativity and easy mixing.
  10. Yeah I've recently started deep-diving into learning actual programming of softsynths, and I've started with Z3ta+2, and I'm finding that it makes a lot of sense to me, even the matrix which I previously feared as if it were formed from the deepest, darkest Chthonic magicks.
  11. Really the only problem is that you can't ReWire it into x64 Sonar or Bandlab. When I could ReWire, it didn't matter what would only run in Sonar, I'd just have P5 sending audio into Sonar and do the 'mix' there.
  12. OK, so I thought I was, and may have been, and now after a cold boot the directory I was trying to add is in there where before it was blank. Without my trying to add it again. So either loading P5 in admin mode made it 'see' my entry from before, or the cold boot did. Thanks for weighing in either way!
  13. I'm migrating to a new laptop... got P5 2.5.1 successfully installed and authorized but for some reason I can't add a target folder to the vst scanner. Go through the motions and it just doesn't 'take'. Anybody seeing this behavior? Also Win10. p.s. Got back into making stuff after a few years away and used p5 (on the previous laptop quite a bit. 2 of 7 songs on the EP I just released were done in P5 v2.5.1 :)
  14. So I've been using Sonar Platinum mostly because I know it works on my creaky old laptop. I'm just about being done with my upcoming EP (I was an old Project 5 user, I don't know if anybody around here will remember me but I'm the one who put together the massive P5 user links sticky thread.) *and* a friend is giving me a newer laptop that he doesn't use anymore that has significantly more CPU power (Some of the new NI stuff in Komplete 12 immediately choke out my rig on one keypress) so I'm going to try migrating to CbB once I have it. Here's my concern: what about the Cakewalk legacy instruments/effects? I'm pretty sure I have installer disks for most of them, at least up through X3... I think Platinum was a download version purchase. Can anyone who had that stuff and did a clean install reassure me they didn't lose access to anything? Will Command Center still work? I actually used Pentagon I on a track for this EP so I'd love to keep my hands on all that stuff. setting this to monitor replies.
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