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  1. Makke

    Floating on the waves

    garybrun , jwnicholson , Wookiee Thanks for the comments.
  2. Cool! Nice groove and sounds.
  3. Makke

    Floating on the waves

    Hi Lynn Thanks a lot for the comment. I appreciate it very much.
  4. Good job. Song has a good structure, rhythm and melody lines works well together.
  5. Makke

    Desert Chant

    Nice soundtrack for the slideshow. Sounds good.
  6. Makke

    Floating on the waves

    bjornpdx, Douglas Kirby, daryl1968, DeeringAmps Thanks for the comments
  7. Makke

    A New Desire

    Oh yeh! Great rock song. Well done record. Sounds good.
  8. Enjoyable video with good soundtrack. Well done.
  9. Cool! Great vocs and guitar playing. Performance and the mix sounds good.
  10. jamming with stratocaster on two chords
  11. Wookie, Bajan Blue and bjornpdx Thanks alot for your comments.
  12. Makke

    Barquentine's Gasp

    Great song with nice groove... good mix and sounds.
  13. Makke

    Like the Seasons

    Nice song and performance... sounds good
  14. Nice song and arrangement. Sounds good
  15. Hi ABull and Douglas Kirby Thanks for comments
  16. Great composition. I liked the groovy and arrangement. And the bass lines and Sounds fit well to the song.
  17. Thanks Tom for your reply and opinions. I didn't have a bass guitar at the summer cottage. So I recorded a bass track with midikeyboard + iPad + garageband app. The mix I did with the Sonar. And yes, the bass is mixed very near to the center. I'm still learning to mix and my hearing has deteriorated a lot from my left ear, so mixing is hard for me these days.
  18. Nice rhythm... I liked melody lines on lead guitar and vocs. Good rock song with strong ambiance.
  19. Great job. Well done cover. Sounds good
  20. Hello DeeringAmps. Thanks for the reply and listening
  21. Hi steveC Thanks for the reply
  22. Hi freddy j Thanks for the comment and listening.
  23. Nice groovy bluesrock song. Good mix and sounds.
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