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  1. Hi John B Thanks for the reply. The song is an old finnish walts in 3/4 rhythm that I arranged to 12/8 triol rhythm and added some blues feel. Maybe someday I'll make a better version.
  2. Makke

    Only Time-Original

    Nice song. Beautiful melody ... I liked the instrumentation and arrangement. Nice rhythm and sounds.
  3. Well done nice song. Pleasant melody and sounds.
  4. Makke

    Ghost On The Glass

    Good composition and arrangement. Well done eerie ambience. Sounds nice.
  5. Makke

    Skin Tight

    Cool! I liked the rhythm groove and melody. Sounds good
  6. Villiruusu (the wild rose) trad song played by BullHill Moods säveltäjä / composer: Evert Suonio (1891 - 1934) sovitus / arrangement: Markku J Aalto Recorded and released 2019
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