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  1. Makke

    Flowing Going On

    Yes, The parts with tempo and arrangement (drums and bass) changes makes this sounds a bit like two different songs in my opinion. . Otherwise the melodylines and sounds are pleasant.
  2. Makke

    guitar instrumental

    Hello Bjorn. Thanks for listening & commenting.
  3. Makke

    "The Wild Animals"

    Nice record. Well done rock song. Sounds good.
  4. Makke

    guitar instrumental

    RobertWS DeeringAmps Thanks for the listening and reply. Greetings M J Aalto
  5. Makke

    guitar instrumental

    My Bonnie - trad. song played by BullHill Moods sovitus / arrangement: Markku J Aalto Recorded and released 2019
  6. Nice song. I liked the melodic tune and arrangement. Good vocals and sounds.
  7. Cool. Great guitar playing. Nice groove and sounds.
  8. Enjoyable instrumental music. Pleasant melody lines and ambiance. Sounds good.
  9. Makke

    An Artist - video

    Nice video. Beautiful paintings and soundtrack.
  10. Cool stuff. Nice rhythm and bass. I think some solo guitar a bit here and there would fit well. The arrangement and the mix sounds good.
  11. Makke

    Happy Holidays

    Enjoyable instrumental music. Well played beautiful melody and chord progression.
  12. Beautiful song. I like especially the bass lines. Maybe the snare drum could sound a bit softer in my opinion. Good composition and arrangement.
  13. Makke

    Dance Shower

    Nice Stuff. Cheerful melody and ambiance with pleasant sounds.
  14. Makke

    Tamiami Trail

    Groove got body swing in rhythm. Nice vocals and guitars. Good job.
  15. Pleasant to listen to well done song with cheerful ambiance. Nice melody and sounds. Good job.
  16. Cool! Great rock song and performance. Arrangement and mix sounds good.
  17. Beautiful music and pics on the video. I liked the composition. Well done arrangement and orchestration.
  18. Enjoyable old time rock song. Good groove on the rhythm and bass line. Sounds nice.
  19. Great guitar instrumental. Excellent playing with good sound.
  20. daryl1968 Thanks for the listening and reply.
  21. Pleasant piano music. Beautiful composition and ambiance.
  22. Nice one. Good old time rock 'n' roll. Thumb up!
  23. Hello Tom Thanks for the listening and reply Greetings Makke
  24. Hi Tom. Thanks for the comment. I don't posted this earlier. Other guitar instrumentals I posted earlier to the old cakewalk forum. Greetings Makke
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