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  1. Makke

    Part 5

    Nice groovy instrumental music. Good composition and arrangement.
  2. Pleasant sounds and mood... I liked the melody lines and orchestration.
  3. Makke

    traditional canoe song

    jack c. , Bajan Blue , Douglas Kirby , Old Joad , DeeringAmps Thanks for the listen and feedback Greetings Makke
  4. Excellent video. Great music and sounds
  5. Makke


    great rock song. I liked the ambiance and the guitar sounds.
  6. Makke

    show me your heart

    Nice song and performance
  7. My arrangement with 5 guitar tracks
  8. Makke

    Christmas song

    Thanks for the reply
  9. Enjoyable instrumental music. I liked the soundscape and the ambient
  10. Makke

    Happy New Year

    Nice instrumental with a cheerful atmosphere.
  11. Pleasant composition and sounds.
  12. Makke

    Christmas song

    David Sprouse Thanks for the feedback! Merry Christmas to you too. Greetings Makke.
  13. Makke

    Christmas song

    AndyB01, jack c. , Starise Thanks for the listening and feedback
  14. Makke

    original song

    Nice parts of the Christmas ambiance.
  15. Makke

    Those Silly Elves

    Nice soundtrack for the Christmas evening. !can imagine elves dancing around a christmas tree.
  16. Makke

    Christmas song

    Instrumental version of the traditional Christmas song composed by Kotilainen, Otto (1868 - 1936)
  17. Enjoyable piano blues. Well played instrumental.
  18. Good song with great vocs and backing vocs. .. arrangement and mix sounds well balanced.
  19. Makke

    Floating on the waves

    Midikeyboard + Garageband smart piano app with classic rock organ sound.
  20. Makke

    Floating on the waves

    garybrun , jwnicholson , Wookiee Thanks for the comments.
  21. Cool! Nice groove and sounds.
  22. Makke

    Floating on the waves

    Hi Lynn Thanks a lot for the comment. I appreciate it very much.
  23. Good job. Song has a good structure, rhythm and melody lines works well together.
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