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  1. Hi freddy j Thanks for the comment and listening.
  2. Nice groovy bluesrock song. Good mix and sounds.
  3. Nice soundtrack... well done
  4. Rautalanka version of the traditional folk song
  5. Hello Tom Thanks for the reply. I’ve used Ezdrummer. Maybe I added too much room on the Ez-drummers mix-settings. Greetings Makke
  6. Makke

    "Tin Foil Hat"

    Here I'm listening under the satelites. Biside the hidden microphones and cameras. Well done great song. Sounds good.
  7. Hi. Nigel, Lynn and Mesh Thanks for the reply.
  8. Good song and arrangement. Great job.
  9. Makke

    Make me Smile

    Great music and nise video. Sounds good.
  10. Hello Wookie Thanks for the listening and comment. p.s. This is not Norwegian tune. This is a Finnish ”rautalanka” version of the old Finnish folk Song. 🙂
  11. Nice. I liked the ambiance and sounds. Great job!
  12. Hi DeeringAmps, Douglas Kirby , bjornpdx , David Sprouse Thanks for the comments.
  13. Sounds good. Nice relaxing mood. I imagined I'm laying on the grass and watching the slow moving clouds. Pleasant composition and arrangement.
  14. Beautiful composition and arrangement. Enjoyable ambiance and sounds.
  15. Guitar instrumental version of the Finnish traditional folk song.
  16. Makke

    She Picks Me Up

    Great old time rock song. Nice groove and sounds with seventies vibe. I liked both versions.
  17. Makke

    Hobo boots

    Thanks for the reply and tips
  18. Makke

    Hobo boots

    Hello DeeringAmps, Wookie, David Sprouse and bjornpdx Thank you all for your nice comments. Greetings Makke
  19. Makke

    If Time is Money

    Good work and sounds. Nice backing for the vocals.
  20. Makke

    Hobo boots

    Hi Tom. Thanks for the reply. I guess that I turned the bass and the middle too much down on lead guitar track.
  21. Makke

    Watching the Black

    Good job! I liked the vocals with the delays that fits well to the rhythm. great composition ... nice arrangement and sounds.
  22. Cool! Interesting composition with different parts on arrangement. Good mix and sounds.
  23. Nice song ... injects straight to the rock vein. 💉👨‍🔬🩺💡🧪 Good performance and sounds.
  24. WTF I saw and heard. A nice video and music that I listened my mouth open. 😉 Well played pleasant composition. Enjoyable soundscape and mood.
  25. Makke

    Hobo boots

    Hobo boots Original guitar instrumental by Bullhill Sounds
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