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  1. 22 hours ago, Bapu said:

    Well, I finally got into Steiny site. Nothing on my free SL6 -> SL7 upgrade.

    Wrote MAGIX and they replied back that I will see my activation code within a week or two.¬†ūüė°

    I'm in the same boat.  I was about to email them.  I will wait a week to see what happens.  I'm not in a hurry.  


    Is there any need to keep SL6 if you get SL7?   My C drive is starting to get full......

  2. I'm not too worried, in that I always use Paypal and I use an email address that I don't regularly use anymore.  But I think I will change my password once this is cleared up.  Eric has always been really great with the customer service and has been very active over at KVR.  I tend to believe they probably had an issue with their system.  Most of these guys set up an easy storefront with one of those companies that advertise everywhere and are fine while they stay small.  But it won't support a larger business.  And in the last few years, I think they have grown more than their storefront can handle. 

    As an accountant, you see it happen a lot.  Small businesses start doing better, get popular, and start to grow.  But there's this point in between being small and being large where a lot of businesses fail.  The cost to go large is more than they can afford (hiring more people, spending more on a solid website, etc...), but if they don't, they can't support the growth.  Add a pandemic in that is making you question how much you should invest, especially if your brick and mortar store is shut down, and problems ensue.

    And maybe it is time to get a password manager program.  And more email addresses....   Though I worry my password manager will go out of business or get hacked.  And I will be stuck.  I do use 2FA on a lot of things now, especially bank and credit cards.  



  3. 2 hours ago, Fleer said:

    Pro allows you to actually create your ideal piano, just the way you like it. Think thundering Steinway D bass, subdued Bl√ľthner mids¬†and angelic Bechstein highs. Or anything in between and beyond.¬†

    So can you mix pianos in the Pro?  It's just kind of pricey for how much I forget I own it. 

  4. Anyone try this?  I usually just buy cheap pianos without thinking about it, but this has no ProTools.  With all these new tools like Scaler working in ProTools, I find myself using it much more.  

  5. 17 hours ago, cclarry said:

    Hey Everyone!

    I had a family Emergency and had to go to Kentucky.
    Been there 3 weeks and NO INTERNET!  

    I'm glad to be home!

    Special thanx to those who expressed concern!!!

    OMG! Call the Geneva Convention!  This is definitely torture!!!  No internet just is not allowed.  


    Glad everything is okay with you and you are back safely.  :)

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  6. If you can download the programs with your slow internet connection, yes, it should work to download the libraries elsewhere and just "relocate them" rather than have NA redownload them.  

    If your internet is too slow to download the programs, then I wouldn't bother.  If that makes sense?

  7. Hmm.  Saturn 2 is about $69 for me.  I have all the basics and don't see a need for the rest, except maybe Saturn.  Have to think about it. 

    Edit: Price doesn't seem to change no matter how much I would buy.  It is very strange. 

  8. I changed computers.  I did download the programs through NA (Kontakt, Massive, etc....) But then just moved my NI drive to my new computer.  You can point the way to the files. It takes longer because you have to do each one separately.  But you don't need to redownload it all. And?  you can have NA on a non-DAW computer, download it all onto that and then move it to your DAW computer and re-link.  It doesn't work for the programs but will work for libraries and packs.

    I do have a fast internet but I regularly download onto my purchasing computer (I don't like to go on the internet on my DAW computer except when really necessary, so I download a lot onto my other computer.)

  9. 1 hour ago, lawajava said:

    I do.  I can’t say it’s wide ranging in capabilities like Scaler 2, but it’s another tool and I do use it (unlike some tools I grab but sadly never use).  Used it this week once again with good results in a new song.

    Thanks.  It looks a little easier than dealing with Scaler.  And it works in ProTools - as does Scaler.  Most midi tools don't work in ProTools, though there are more and more that do.  

  10. Just now, Hidden Symmetry said:

    They have the worst re-sell/ transfer policy I think I've ever heard of.  G. said they're working on a new policy though.

    At one time they didn't even allow license transfers. Again I refer to it as the AA Drama...

    I'm talking in general here.  I have virtual instrument libraries that cost hundreds of dollars that can't be resold.  Don't blame the companies in some ways.  If I were professional and selling music made from a library, I shouldn't be able to sell that library as long as I am receiving royalty checks on music made with it, if that makes sense. 

    Most of the effects libraries seem to be resellable. 

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  11. 2 minutes ago, Piotr said:

    Instead of mastering how to use what we have we are buying next ones...


    This.  I am getting to the point I think  "No more!"  "I have enough!"  


    But then there is this cool new thing....And it is on sale!  (my favorite four-letter word!)

    I finally opened up an old project (copied) and just started playing with new plugins on it to see how I liked them and could use them.  I can't seem to finish anything lately to the point it is playable.  And the constant sales don't help.  Four years ago, there were BF, Xmas, maybe a spring sale, Beginning of Summer sale and back to school sales.  Now it is every week.  I'm getting burned out.  Or feeling withdrawal when there isn't a sale.....  

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  12. 4 hours ago, Piotr said:

    And if I am not wrong they are counting spent money in relation to catalog price not discounted one (at least I hope so otherwise I spent too much in their shop ;)

    This.  My latest says I've spent 1000 to 1500 euros for 35% off.  And?  Maybe I have spent that much. 


    Yes, I just counted.  I have 20 paid products plus N4 - all were purchased on sale, many at 70% off but they were all between 40 and 60 euros each with all the discounts.  I am liking their stuff though. 

    Then again, I do spend way too much on computer music related stuff.

  13. 2 hours ago, Hidden Symmetry said:

    BTW I think they're planning an upcoming sale using either previous flash or personal codes.  I'd hang on to your personal codes even if they're expired or not used.

    Thanks!  I get the personal code emails, but I don't always see the other ones.  It is strange. 

  14. Okay my email said July 10th.  But I just realized the code above is different and it did work.   The code I had didn't.  Strange they would do that.  

    Okay just went back to look again.  The one I had was for Magenta.  The Scarlett only just showed up.  My email is annoying at times.  I think it's something to do with how gmail separates stuff, because it's not in my junk either.   Okay, Nevermind.  Just a rant about my email accounts.   :)

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