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  1. This is true. They don't have sales often.
  2. Huh? IK has constant sales. This is just a newer product for them. And? I've gotten the group discount many times on IK products at JRRShop
  3. Kind of what I thought. Thanks 😉
  4. Is there a reason to get HALion if you have Kontakt, Omnisphere, and Falcon? I don't really use it when I use Cubase, so I have no idea if there is anything special about it.
  5. Dzilizzi

    IK VI Group Buy

    I just bought the Max deal - well a few months ago. I'm not sure I've actually loaded all of it yet. Not sure there is anything I need in instruments.
  6. I've actually had good luck with Iron. The secret is to change the strum every or every other bar. But use the keys that are next to each other so the change is minimal and it sounds closer to how a real guitarist would play. Throw a few mutes in and it's good. Then I use Amplitude or Guitar Rig to add effects, hide it in a mix and it is good to go. On it's own? Maybe not perfect. But most of the time the rhythm guitar is not overly exposed. So it works fast and easy for me.
  7. I guess it's a good thing I'm going to have to wait a couple weeks for it. 😉
  8. You can't use the link provided as that is for subscriptions. But in your account, there is a spot to add renewal from distributors. That is where I added it.
  9. Yes. It added to my perpetual license. I'm now good until 9/2024. Gives me time to decide what to do.
  10. So did I. If it is perpetual because they have some old ones, I will grab one if I can. I am currently good until 2022. Not sure what I will do after that.
  11. I'm in the same boat. I was about to email them. I will wait a week to see what happens. I'm not in a hurry. Is there any need to keep SL6 if you get SL7? My C drive is starting to get full......
  12. Mine as well. Not a big deal. They didn't actually take any money out.
  13. I'd question this one. ProTools 12 has been gone for a couple years. They are going by year now - the current is PT 2020. And last I checked, the update price for the perpetual is $199.
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