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  1. Well, my WUP ends on Dec 3rd, so I'm good. My first question is always, what did Apple break to require this? Well I guess I will grab it as it won't cost anything. Hopefully everything works.
  2. I like Prime. I usually buy enough that the free shipping is worth it. I also do a bunch of subscribe and save stuff from them. Mostly pet stuff. And Nespresso pods because no one sells them in my area. Buying food from Amazon is hit and miss, so I've mostly given up. And frankly, since the only place to get a lot of things around here is Walmart, I have no problem going to Amazon. 23 check out lines and only 3 are ever open, 2 of which are 15 items or less. Of course, after all this current mess is done, who knows what will still be open. I did a quick look at Prime day sales items. I would like another 6TB 7200 rpm drive, but I didn't see any with good prices. Prices are still high for me on the 2 and 4 TB SSD's, so I'll probably wait.
  3. LOL! True. But then, depending on your computer, Acustica Audio's doesn't work so well as a VST either. Not mine, fortunately.
  4. Will probably keep an eye out for an SSD. But really, I'm mostly good. Though maybe an air purifier because the dust has been so bad this year with all the fires.
  5. Well, if you don't want to spend this much, I think Harrison Mixbus is on sale right now also.
  6. I remember when ProTools LE was free. If you didn't count the big dongle you had to buy for about $399 - aka the MBox. But really, I still sometimes use the old MBox 2 Micro that came with PT8 LE. Really like that thing when I am traveling and don't want to carry a big audio device. Frankly, I thought Cakewalk was kind of pricey at first. It didn't come with much.
  7. I think you need full Kontakt for this. Just sayin.....
  8. Thinking about getting Coffee for about $57. I already have the cream. How come they don't have sugar? 😄 I've been slowly collecting these as they have been on sale and slowly learning to use them. Most are very subtle in the sound gooder area which is hard for me to get used to. But they do work. And they do use CPU. But really, I find it isn't any more than most of my Izotope plugins use. I usually just get a track sounding good and then freeze or bounce it and disable the original if it gets too much. I can always go back and change it later if needed.
  9. Yes, it changes every year also. Since I had the piano and BDT, I go Edna for $37. It was a pretty good deal.
  10. It's a TRAP! They lure you in with their wonderful free Labs stuff and then the next thing you know you are paying $1200 to get the Symphony Orchestra on sale. No, but really, the best deal they have all year is something called The Ton on BF weekend. $99 for 3 libraries, usually one or more of which is normally over $100 regular price.
  11. Dzilizzi

    JRR Shop

    I'm waiting until BF only because I'm trying not to buy until then. Of course, if something really great comes up for sale before then..... I keep saying "No More!!!!" Then a great deal comes along and I grab it! The GAS gets me again. 😄
  12. Dzilizzi

    JRR Shop

    A lot of times when they build these store sites, they buy a certain level (simple store) and then they outgrow the original setup. Only it means starting all over with a new setup if you want to do it right. Unfortunately, most of these guys don't have time, money, or knowledge to upgrade to a bigger setup, so they muddle along until it finally gives out. It happens a lot in retail as well. There's a point you go from small to midsize to large. If you don't do it right, it all collapses on you and you go out of business. There's a lot of competition out there and every year there's more. That said, JRRShop and Eric have always been great to work with for me. I will continue to buy from them. Though probably not until Black Friday. I have a couple things on my list that they don't sell and I should quit buying and start saving for the BF/Xmas sales. 😉
  13. Not working for me. Either they ran out or it's limited to an area? Not really an issue. I think I have it.
  14. It's not in mine either. Maybe it is not yet been rolled out? I have full Reason 10. I have to wonder if having Reason Lite 11 will give me access to my Reason 10 instruments/effects as VST plugins? Probably not. Still waiting on the upgrade sale.
  15. It's only the boxes that are a deal. I ordered from Thomann and it should arrive next week sometime. It's costing me about $23 more than it would cost if I wait until the next 50% off sale. (for shipping) If you have a 0 transaction fees card, it is the better way to go. Paypal was going to charge another $5 or so. (I still use Paypal, I just pay in Euros)
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