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  1. i just tried it on a project..awesome!! martin
  2. ps(im not working for the company)im just sharing my found i found this on Arturia (free reverb plate-140) (you need to create a account)they give it until 31 december.. here cheer martin
  3. does anyone know of a "pure" sustain plug in?
  4. martsave martin s


    really good, i like your style
  5. make your track the way you want then right-click and [set as default height] then add your track..(it will be the size you setup)
  6. sorry i dont understand what is your issue
  7. martsave martin s


    hi there Grebz i like your song it sound good !
  8. for those of who use the MeldaProduction plugins there is an update here
  9. you have tempo change and i think that's the problem try . 1.apply triming 2.bounce to clip 3.drag your clip it will work
  10. yes my toolbar stay (i have re-boot my computer and it worked.. thanks martin
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