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  1. if you dont hold (ctrl) just the shift the 'source' track will be 'delete' you can also drags theme to a existing track..both way will work.. later i will experiment CAL option and come back here..
  2. thank you Tom your coment lead me to make "real' percussion track..! by the time here is the 'percussion' that is on the song
  3. you both make me think i will remove it..
  4. select the tracks you want to combine,then hold the shift-key and drag them to the destination midi-track there maybe some others way to do it maybe CAL
  5. oupss the sound is "glitchy" but not on my computer.. edit,ok i found that is the vocal track (i updated the mix) martin
  6. hi there i upload this mix of the song (avec toi) wich is a french lyrics song thank you for listening does it have too much-bass..? too much-brithness..? ect.. first mix edit + bass
  7. i route the metronome to a [buss] from there i can adjust the volume to my taste..
  8. i searched on keybind and me too not found the [shift+mousewheel]... anyway welcome to the forum!
  9. do you have the onboard-audio card enable on your PC?
  10. on a project at the top left side of track-view(i dont know how to name it)i cant get access to clip-property,groove looping..ect can anyone tell me to "activate" it ? thanks martin
  11. comon guys & gals if we are alot to request this maybe cakewalk will make it happen..
  12. Rod i make this short video,hope this what you want to do..
  13. yes M-EQ is really good (i just bought TR5-EQ 81) thank you Jude martin
  14. i would like to have stretching horizontale & verticaly vu-meters in console view...
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