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  1. you can open the 2 projects and from there you can copy & paste the tracks from one project the next one...
  2. you will benefit more if you record @96k or 88.2k
  3. thank you Variorum cant get cakewalk to recognise it,i copied it on share-midi plugin & also vst-folder..
  4. not at this time it's a piano-track 'extracted' from a acoustic guitar with melodyne..so there is alot of notes so that i want to mute before delete them..
  5. got it guys! thank you i just found that when you are done, hiting ctrl-z, un-mute the notes !
  6. on piano roll view is there a way to mute multiple notes? thanks martin
  7. nice track Freddy ! maybe adding some "clarity" EQ on the vocal(really it's just a tought) im sufering of anxiety
  8. that's really good ! the sound on the left-speaker remind me a sound of Jethro-tull (velvet green)
  9. good tune i like the guitars tone & the kick sit well in your mix!
  10. im listening on my krk and your guitars sound really good it's alive..great playing also Tom
  11. yes ok i understand now thank you Tom
  12. here is the sample was recorded with a drum-machine,,it's kind of a "hook" but im not sure i will keep it.. https://soundcloud.com/user-852678669/percussion
  13. if fact ,i have just composed the music,the lyrics & the vox(vocals)are composed from my friend right now in this mix all highs-end are cuted off(drastic EQ..cut (for now im happy about 70\100 of the kick "sound" so i will experiment what you are saying! thanks it's been a while i record this but i think yes or maybe both pick-up with rool off tone ps(this distorsion sound came from a VS-1824-roland,(amp-similator)so im "stuck" with this distorsion-sound)... that's not bad at all..🙂 thanks Tom,what do you mean by ( pull that snap down just a tad) ? do you mean some kind of multiband-compressor? on the master? right now i have some EQ on the master wich is [m-EQ-melda-production]-[modern-analoger antress] and a limiter [limiter 6] thank you alot to take your time to listen & coments !! cheer martin
  14. thank you Max,i will experiment on the bass frequencys do you think that is 'lack' of bass on the master? or on the basse & drum track? or both.. (these days people are not listening on good speakers,they listen to cell,PC speakers ect..) thank you Max it's appeciate martin
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