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  1. welcome to the forum! is the vu-meter show 'activity'? also look the output of your track
  2. if you zoom(vertical)the track all the way,you can see the highest peak
  3. i just found this free vst vu-meters (it is excellent) go here TB proaudio
  4. thank you Tom im i make consideration of your coments!
  5. really it's always a 'battle' inside me to mix the vocals.......ūüôā
  6. thank you paul i appreciate your coment!
  7. martsave martin s

    mix song

    song title Mon DIEUX revient any coments, advices & feedback are welcome lyrics & music Eric L arrangements & production Martin S thx martin
  8. that's just me but right now my fx-rack are [compressor]-[imager]-[eq]-[chorus]
  9. William welcome to the forum by the time you fix your issue,on your recorded midi-track(if they there is 'double' notes) there is a .CAL script name is undupe (i'v not try it,but you can give it a try... [select the midi-track then go to [process]-run CAL-[select=undupe] cheer martin
  10. thank you Panu,is there a chance you can add undo\redo button? thanks
  11. if you do not have close cakewalk do edit-undo
  12. if your tracks all starting at zero.Tecknot's way is better....
  13. you can open the 2 projects and from there you can copy & paste the tracks from one project the next one...
  14. thank you Variorum for this plugin !ūüôā
  15. you will benefit more if you record @96k or 88.2k
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