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  1. this is the one you have to use(altought it's not the best for audio-production) what driver-mode you use?
  2. im sorry i dont know what can cause this hang..
  3. could it be that is scaning-plugins?
  4. have you tryed re-install it? just a guess..
  5. wich one does not work sfz +1 or (rgc audio sfz + 1 ) ??
  6. welcome to the forum CJ,from what you describle all your setting seems good,does track 2(right-input)record on track-1 ??
  7. hello Timothy, right now im running a ASUS m-32 series i7-6700 12gig ram ddr-4 im doing projects with about 25 to 36 tracks with about 50plugins and softsynth,all if fine for me with this set-up. i dont freeze nothing (i dont need) cheer martin
  8. Kenrout welcome to the forum under-device setting select ASIO has driver mode,then on [device]-select focusrite un-check creative SBZ
  9. hi James,welcome to the forum try un-select all, do ctrl+shift+A, then try export to see if it work
  10. thank you mister you too have a great weekend
  11. i was using cakewalk\sonar since 2005 wich is a great DAW,but i decide to move on reaper for personal reason..
  12. i also move to reaper i can record on a full-mix project buffer @128
  13. i bind it to[back] on the keybord,go find it on keybord-shortcut [go to start]...and assign whatever the key you want
  14. there select the marker you want to delete,then "hit" delete..
  15. go to view-markers then select the marker you want to delete then "hit" delete..
  16. there maybe a setting on your sound-card to make it sound left\right
  17. you can mouse-over the marker you want to delete & hit delete or view-markers select-delete
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