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  1. have you do (duplicate-track)by any chance?? what copy you mean (recorded) ??
  2. hi there Jordan welcome to the forum !! here is a bunch of videos about creating drumbeats in cakewalk creating drumbeats in cakewalk
  3. welcome to the forum here one way to do it(there maybe another way also) you place the cursor where you want to split(then hit S to split the clip) of course cakewalk support vst-plugins
  4. your track 16 is stereo(the wave) from what i see and your interleave-buton is set to stereo
  5. if you bounce to clip does it re-draw the clip,as Kalle say does it play the sound still?
  6. the Presets box as to be set to= [what you hear]
  7. can someone tell me pls,if session-drumer 3 inclued with cakewalk by bandlab?
  8. it's not supose to scan already scaned plugins
  9. the only thing that can be done in desparate case is hold-shift then open(i dont have a bundle to try it...)
  10. you will get more help by others members,right now im out of idea for you have a nice day
  11. you may start to think about buying a real-sound card..this would fix all your problems
  12. you can try ASIO4all,this might improve the perfomance with it http://www.asio4all.org/
  13. from the gif(video) you have put above,the audio-drop out.. you can try 44100 (but onboard soundcard are "stuck" to 48000 ..
  14. you already try it? if not try it,to see if you still get drop-out
  15. this is the one you have to use(altought it's not the best for audio-production) what driver-mode you use?
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