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  1. what's the output of your track you record on? it make me think that is maybe a setting on your soundcard software panel
  2. .you double-click to reset it to default
  3. thanks for the clarication Base 57 martin
  4. im more on i want to be sure that the kick (clip mono) is output-mono(including FX plug)?? does that make sense? do you guys set the interleave button to mono?
  5. let say if we put a sonitus EQ(stereo plug) on a kick track(mono-clip), interleave-button set to stereo,does the EQ will process the track as stereo?
  6. (sorry to hijack this thread) if we put a sonitus EQ on a kick track interleave-button set to stereo,does the EQ will process the track as stereo?
  7. do we set the interleave-button to mono?
  8. we have to be aware to dont move left\right before drag a clip to another track martin
  9. hi there i use to remember on SONAR 5 holding the shift-key (drag 'copy') a clip ,will prevent the clip to move left or right is there a key for this in CBBL? thanks martin
  10. im using nero express https://www.commentcamarche.net/download/telecharger-34056254-nero-6
  11. hi there can i plug a USB 2 audio-card on a USB 3 plug? thx martin
  12. there is no more 2 cursor on track-view,but i still get a 'ghost' cursor time to time on console-view(on big project) wich dissapear when i press the rewind-button.. mine is intel HD- graphics 530,go to intel then download the latest drivers
  13. (forget about i find it) what is the note for a snare please? is it A5 ? thanks martin
  14. on device-manager on all USB hub un-check "allow the computer to close this device to save power" (something like this, cuz im using windows 10 in french... martin
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