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  1. we have to be aware to dont move left\right before drag a clip to another track martin
  2. hi there i use to remember on SONAR 5 holding the shift-key (drag 'copy') a clip ,will prevent the clip to move left or right is there a key for this in CBBL? thanks martin
  3. im using nero express https://www.commentcamarche.net/download/telecharger-34056254-nero-6
  4. hi there can i plug a USB 2 audio-card on a USB 3 plug? thx martin
  5. there is no more 2 cursor on track-view,but i still get a 'ghost' cursor time to time on console-view(on big project) wich dissapear when i press the rewind-button.. mine is intel HD- graphics 530,go to intel then download the latest drivers
  6. (forget about i find it) what is the note for a snare please? is it A5 ? thanks martin
  7. on device-manager on all USB hub un-check "allow the computer to close this device to save power" (something like this, cuz im using windows 10 in french... martin
  8. have you tried plugin manager you can import\export preset on a file..
  9. have you tried slip edit the clip to the start? just a idea..
  10. report back,instaled the new video-card drivers,seems to have fix my problems!! thanks guys (i'v also notice that the VU-meters response faster!!
  11. there is no group at all on this project,will see on another project to see.. thanks
  12. thanks Kurre i'v not notice this..wierd yeah?
  13. do you mean folders tracks? i'v download & installed the latest drivers for my video-card.. will report back if this have fix my problems thanks martin
  14. I would definitely look in to what @Kev said. I haven't seen this in a long time. EDIT: Ive never seen 2 Nowtime bars but I have seen it disappear a couple years back. im using the onboard video card wich is a intel chipset,i will search for update many thanks! martin
  15. sometime i get 2 cursors on track-view and i dont know why this is appening?? see the image below thanks martin
  16. does anyone know where the .prog reside in program files for session drumer 3 ? thanks martin
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