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  1. have you tried the VX-64 vocal-strip? i use it for my vocal tracks EQ is your friend.. to me your vocal track sound good to start with!
  2. i try your project and in track-view copy & paste work,but not in pianno-roll and staff view
  3. edit i got try this Ctrl-A- right-clik on traks-view then at the bottom,click-(associated-audio-files) then click on (recompute-pictures) Edit) ahh i just noticed that's per track only one by one,,
  4. there is a option to re-compute picures,but i cant find it for now..
  5. have you tried [average-infinite] set to enable?? just a guess.. by the way i'v not found a better EQ than this one..!
  6. i cant find the "setting" feature you talk about? can you post a image?
  7. got it man!! thanks you very much Geoff to have take your time!! merci beaucoup cest tres gentil Geoff !!! martin
  8. im already using the theme-editor but i'v not find this setting.. will continue to search, i will report back if i found it.. thanks martin
  9. in console view the "peak indicator" color is gray and would like to set "change" the color of it but i cant find this setting on colors option??? does anyone know the setting for it,in colors option? thanks martin
  10. report back thank you Scook i download the limiter 6 64bit & now my projects close fine!!
  11. VC-64 is 32bit plugin might be this plug causing this issue???
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