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  1. i just dont know what is ARA???
  2. i have this set up on my computer Cakewalk_by_BandLab_Setup_25.01.0.27
  3. try donload it here https://www.bandlab.com/products/desktop/assistant
  4. so you talk french? je trouve que tu a une belle voix!! im a french canadian..
  5. on my speaker(cheap speakers) the sound of your track does not sound 'dirty' or 'gritty' at all..
  6. what kind of speaker do you listen your tracks?
  7. Johnbee58 (your vocal-track sound already good & natural) i make a MP3 of your Vocal-track,tell me what you think(im not a Pro)using (VX-64 vocal-strip) thx can you look if you have this plug please(if you dont have it i will do another mix)with stock plugins
  8. ok Johnbee58 thanks,i will upload your track later,today i think it come from an older version of SONAR Johnbee58 can you look if you have this plugin (VX-64 vocal-strip) pls thanks martin
  9. can i download your track? i will experiment with it using (VX-64 vocal-strip)..
  10. have you tried the VX-64 vocal-strip? i use it for my vocal tracks EQ is your friend.. to me your vocal track sound good to start with!
  11. i try your project and in track-view copy & paste work,but not in pianno-roll and staff view
  12. edit i got try this Ctrl-A- right-clik on traks-view then at the bottom,click-(associated-audio-files) then click on (recompute-pictures) Edit) ahh i just noticed that's per track only one by one,,
  13. there is a option to re-compute picures,but i cant find it for now..
  14. have you tried [average-infinite] set to enable?? just a guess.. by the way i'v not found a better EQ than this one..!
  15. i cant find the "setting" feature you talk about? can you post a image?
  16. got it man!! thanks you very much Geoff to have take your time!! merci beaucoup cest tres gentil Geoff !!! martin
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