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  1. i do have Akai MPK mini and MPC beats software plugin,i can record midi on cakewalk,you have the right midi input on your midi track?
  2. i think Session Drumer 3 come with a older version of Sonar...
  3. si-drum come with cakewalk bandlab wich is enough good
  4. what i,v done is to remove the buss in cakewalk before open them in reaper much simpler that way,i made the full transition on reaper with azslow3 plugin !!! amazing...
  5. does someone have the full version of steven-slate drumer and if so,can you tell me if it contains 6/8 groove? cuz the free version does only have 4/4 groove thanks
  6. you can go on ebay and type 'small bookshelf speakers' there is good small speaker there
  7. i do prefer record on 2 separate track,cuz if one guitar (mic) need EQ while not the other (mic)
  8. i prefer copy the folder like it is = CWP
  9. right click at the top of the plugin,then check those setting it will do it for all instance of the plugin
  10. turn it off on the task-manager,then maybe re-install it
  11. i dont know what cause your problems im also use a Roland-quad capture with no issue
  12. i do produce me & my friend Eric,original folk-music drum,bass,guitars and vocals to put on Utube
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