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  1. does someone have the full version of steven-slate drumer and if so,can you tell me if it contains 6/8 groove? cuz the free version does only have 4/4 groove thanks
  2. you can go on ebay and type 'small bookshelf speakers' there is good small speaker there
  3. i do prefer record on 2 separate track,cuz if one guitar (mic) need EQ while not the other (mic)
  4. i prefer copy the folder like it is = CWP
  5. right click at the top of the plugin,then check those setting it will do it for all instance of the plugin
  6. turn it off on the task-manager,then maybe re-install it
  7. i dont know what cause your problems im also use a Roland-quad capture with no issue
  8. i do produce me & my friend Eric,original folk-music drum,bass,guitars and vocals to put on Utube
  9. you can conect a midi-controlor like a midi-keybord (that dont have a USB output)
  10. if your snare is separate i think there is a midi plug that do velocity
  11. if you want to move on reaper there is a software for it,tell me if you want to move on reaper i will give you a link to download the software
  12. you can also use a wave-editor to 'cut' remove the selection at the start\end
  13. could it be a 'demo' plugin that make silence time to time??
  14. dont know if this is what you want but Mvmeter2 is free https://www.tbproaudio.de/products/mvmeter2
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