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  1. could it be a 'demo' plugin that make silence time to time??
  2. dont know if this is what you want but Mvmeter2 is free https://www.tbproaudio.de/products/mvmeter2
  3. coupld it be your internet is not fonctioning corectly ? welcome to the forum !!
  4. oups you already try this sorry have you try re-install it??
  5. double-click the numerics-peak to reset it
  6. i remember Sonar 5 was doing this on me,time to time...
  7. you can try ASIO driver-mode in preference from there adjust the buffer for your soundcard, 128 can be good for recording...& playback
  8. option-meter option-show numeric-peak value
  9. sorry i'v not found the plugin..
  10. my onboard soundcard is disable in the Bios and all is working fine
  11. i see that your track1 is splited,is it this splited portion that you are hearing??
  12. Foobar2000 is a good (free)media-player https://www.foobar2000.org/
  13. you may want to contact the company of your plugin..
  14. i remember the old Sonar forum at the bottom of the page it was writed how many registred users on the (forum)..
  15. Tentacle Sample Player (free) ps(read carefully the instructions to install it) http://pulpoaudio.com/Tentacle/
  16. i think there is no diference between DAW (raw-wave track) apart maybe the pan-law...
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