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  1. There's no price on this bundle. Avenger 2 is 167$ Prices "start from 46$"
  2. If you're not in a hurry, it's been 29$ several times recently. I got it for 19$ a while back.
  3. Probably from having been brought to many Saint Patrick's Day parades as a kid, I've always been enraptured by pipe and drum bands, the bigger and louder the better. Big similarity with the great US marching bands, which I also love. All the magic is in the drones.
  4. I do the exact opposite. I create subfolders for each developer to keep things organized. Hasn't caused any problems in S1.
  5. It looks really nice. I too will wait for an eventual 29$ price, but looking forward to it.
  6. For Elements owners : "Use code HyperionElementstoEnsemble when you checkout with the full Ensemble edition for only $349 (Reg. $549)!"
  7. I've been on the net since before the beginning and only recently has google search become just about useless. It's still possible to reach some usefull info / discussions if you put "forum" in with the search terms, but even that is now getting squeezed out. I now spend more time scrolling through the junk google throws at me than finding useful links to follow. And the only stuff useful to me on youtube is to watch someone tear apart their air conditioner before I tear apart mine. Thank god for adblockers. If they were to become non functional I'd probably drop the net altogether.
  8. A couple of years ago I moved to a big city (which wasn't far away) and last year discovered a world of bands, ensembles and solo/duo performers that make the rounds in the various burroughs' community centres. Tickets are mostly free, the most expensive is 13$ in a nicer theatre. Small venues where you can sit 10ft/3m from the musicians if you get there early. Styles can anything, jazz, blues, pop, classical, Caribbean, folk. Mostly local musicians, some with reputations. All original stuff. I've been really surprised and impressed by the quality. These performers are more young than old, mostly in the middle somewhere, so there are still people dedicating thousands of hours of their lives to making very enjoyable music. It's a real privilege to be entertained by them. They make it look so easy but having tried I know I'll never have the discipline or the drive to achieve anything remotely close.
  9. I just installed and it occupies 7 GB on my samples drive. Maybe they're compressed ? 5 big .nkx files and some other stuff.
  10. At first glance, I find Zebralette a bit of an oddball synth. A bit of everything, but nothing in any great detail. Maybe that's the intention and Zebra 3 will fill everything out. I have separate synths for the different categories of synthesis and I'd be more inclined to use them, each for its specialty. For free it's a great gift.
  11. I've been using Tone 2's nanohost to play instrument plugins standalone, but it only works with vst2. I just found Digital Brain Instruments' free vPlayer 4 Lite which appears to do the job for vst3. Works a bit different from nanohost - it runs standalone and you load the vst3 into its plugin slot (only one slot for the Lite version which is all I need).
  12. Thanks Vst0nE. Seems like a pretty essential function, and it's in the manual.
  13. I can't find anything on an 'export button' as all export functions seem to be in right-clic menus. Are you referring to this ? : "Export Drums: This function exports all the drumpads included in the current list in a single file. Current list means all drumpads sorted with the main and secondary criteria. For example, if you have filtered your list with your Sound Designer name (Author field), the exported file will include all the drumpads for this category (like the snares) that you have created. Import Drums: Imports a file exported using the above function. Import/Export function: Please note that the FACTORY drumpads are automatically excluded from the Drumpads export/import function, as you don’t need to export them – they are always present in StiX." or this ? : "Drag 'n drop Pattern to DAW To drag 'n drop StiX patterns directly to your DAW, click on the Dn'D 'file' icon located at the top right of the pattern block, right of the song settings button. Drag 'n drop this icon to your DAW. You can freely insert the pattern anywhere in your DAW. Please note that the resulting audio may differ from what you heard when playing the pattern in StiX (PolyStep modulators can't be operated; per-step gate time may be different, etc.) Please note that during the drag 'n drop process, StiX will stop playing. Tip: You can also record StiX MIDI Output in your DAW (though some DAWS can’t record the MIDI output of plugins). Not only will you be able to record StiX MIDI output between two locators (i.e. more than one pattern with a single recording), but you can also control other software of hardware drum machines, samplers or synthesizers by routing relevant StiX MIDI Out data to them." Only other reference to 'export' I can find in the manual concerns import/export of presets.
  14. .wav and .mid General Complete name : 95_A_TimeKeys_01.wav Format : Wave Format settings : PcmWaveformat File size : 2.55 MiB Duration : 10 s 105 ms Overall bit rate mode : Constant Overall bit rate : 2 117 kb/s Audio Format : PCM Format settings : Little / Signed Codec ID : 1 Duration : 10 s 105 ms Bit rate mode : Constant Bit rate : 2 117 kb/s Channel(s) : 2 channels Sampling rate : 44.1 kHz Bit depth : 24 bits Stream size : 2.55 MiB (100%)
  15. https://www.pluginboutique.com/meta_product/2-Effects/53-Multi-Effect-/6518-iZotope-Stutter-Edit-2
  16. I downloaded but haven't yet listened, but I don't expect it to sound like a regular old pipe organ (for which I have a few libraries) : "[two] pipe organs performed in unison, recorded with hydrophones in tall crystal vases" I'm kind of hesitant...
  17. I doubt it was THAT ship since its maiden voyage was three days ago. But Larry got a good look at it, must be something to behold (and sails with 10,000 people on board).
  18. $10 for Sublab + $20 for crossgrade from Sublab to Sublab XL
  19. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/4-Synth/5409-SubLab
  20. Sounds an awful lot like Cakewalk's Drum Replacer 🙂
  21. 149$ at Soundiron and 139€ "from Histibe" for the player version. Quite a difference.
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