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  1. Or Plogue which is free. I notice recently that sfz has made a sort of comeback after I'd completely forgotten about it.
  2. That's why I'm now on Studio One. And pretty comfortable there, if truth be told.
  3. Got mine overnight. Native Access updated itself to 3.4.0 Don't know if it's any better than it was so I re-killed NTKDaemonService after installing the harp.
  4. I just got a response from Plugin Boutique after an exchange with them about the issue with SoundSpot : "The trading of SoundSpot is currently changing over hands, so there is support for the product line although it is limited at present due to a lack of resources, hence why their website is no longer active." The response then went on to ask me a bunch of questions about my system/brower/etc which have nothing to do with SoundSpot's activation server being down.
  5. Paul P

    AIR Loom for $10

    There's a LOOM II, also on sale at 29.99$. Or you can upgrade from LOOM to LOOM II for 19.99$ I got the upgrade for 10$ back in 2019, and maybe without LOOM beforehand, but for some reason JRR has lost my purchases from 2019 ? I have the emails, but nothing shows up in my account for 2019 (everything else 2017-23 does).
  6. Paul P

    Free LABS Uilleann Pipes

    That was beautiful. For those like me wondering why he wasn't blowing into anything, the Uilleann Pipes are played with bellows between arm and waist. The sound itself is pretty weird...
  7. I just realized that my tower computer was making more fan noise than usual and checked the temps which were quite a bit above normal (I'm just idling most of the time). So I check processes and Native Access is the only active process and it's chugging away at 16% doing nothing at all. It stopping having anything do to about 10 hours ago when I finished updating everything but forgot to close it.
  8. One apparent difference between Factory Libraries 1 and 2 is orchestral libraries. Factory Library (1) has a bunch of VSL instruments (Legacy and otherwise) plus a bunch more. Overall, there seem to be less orchestral instruments in FL2.
  9. If you mean the Kontakt Factory Library 2, I still have 18 minutes left on the 40gb download. I had to uninstall Native Access and then manually install NA2 and it seems to be working ok. It already installed Kontact 7 without problems.
  10. SoundSpot Limited Registered office address: 3 The Coach House 24 Station Road Bristol BS11 9TX Company number: 09221507 Tel: +44 (0)1202 376 706 Email: info@soundspot.audio PLEASE NOTE: We do not currently offer telephone support or email support through the details above. For customer enquiries or technical support queries, please use our support system which can be accessed via the home page on our site. [if only it was accessible...]
  11. I just ran into problems trying to install the big 40gb Kontakt Factory Library 2. Apparently Native Access doesn't update itself to the latest verstion (Native Access 2) so if you haven't done it manually in a while Access will still download first to the system drive (which then requires a massive amount of free space) and there's no way to change it. I had to uninstall Native Access first and even that wasn't easy since it didn't show up in the installed programs list in my Windows Programs and Features panel. Searching for it in the panel found it (weird). Then install latest version of Native Access from the NI site. Finally change download folder in Native Access preferences. Looks like a pretty slow download...
  12. I'd stay away from anything by SoundSpot. I haven't been able to determine if their site has been up since october 2022 and currently can't activate my Union synth that I got cheap a while back (activation server is unavailable). Other unencouraging posts are to be found in various forums. Don't know why Plugin Boutique can sell things from a company that apparently no longer exists.
  13. Lounge Lizard EP-4 v4.4.4 Multiphonics CV-2 v2.0.3
  14. This is the one thing I've been waiting for (I'm on K5). And for a price lower than I expected. Will it be even cheaper elsewhere ?
  15. When I fired it up the first time it said it couldn't find the instruments, but I was able to tell it where they were (right there in the subfolder) and everything was fine from then on.
  16. Thanks for this, Larry. Just a couple of years ago I bought an authentic old bowl from Nepal, I think it was, as a gift to someone close. Mesmerizing just to hit it once and listen to the sound evolve through difference phases while it faded slowly away. I no longer have access to it so this plugin is a nice reminder. I would have been happy with just the least processed samples which seem to be the "The Mornings After" preset.
  17. Well, that was fast. Best Service offer great service. Yes, it is indeed Transgressor 2 and the licenses comme straight from Boz, so the latest version.
  18. I want to buy this, I'm just a bit uneasy because they say Transgressor, and not "Transgressor 2" like everyone else. Great deal if in fact it's 2. Anyone sure ? Edit : I've sent the question to Best Service and will update when I hear from them.
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmxoeqcwbyg
  20. I watched a video on Hybrid 3 yesterday [nothing to do with this sale, I've just been infected with a psytrance virus] and the guy said it's like you get over a thousand (factory) loops and there's a synth thrown in for free. (for Loom it's more like 1500).
  21. This makes sense. I was wondering what use constraining to scale notes could be on a pitch wheel, when its use (at least in my mind) is when you want to vary a pitch off of a scale note (bends, etc). Why not just use the keyboard if you want scale notes ?
  22. I've been watching some how-to videos lately that have used FL studio (and some that used Bitwig) and find myself asking how I could do similar on my daw, Studio One 6 Pro, It seems that often enough, I can't, or it's not obvious. Even on sale it's a lot of money, and a lot of learning, for something that might just be a passing interest for me. But it looks like it'd be a fun adventure.
  23. I have no experience with Noire so can't compare. One thing I forgot to mention about the binaural recording is that the sound moves with your fingers just like on a real piano which is a big part of the realism. 36 velocity levels doesn't hurt either.
  24. This is one instrument that I'm actually pretty good at. But nothing like this Godess UUTAi Olena (she gets going around 2:25).
  25. I also have a bunch of soft pianos and only one of them gives me the impression of playing a real one, Embertone's Walker 1955 Concert D. When I play it with headphones and the Binaural Perspective it's uncanny. I swear I can feel my Nektar LX88+'s keys vibrating under my fingetips just like when I played the console piano I dragged around since my early childhood till just a few years ago. All my other soft pianos just sound badly recorded with uneven notes and unatural perspective.
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