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  1. This applies to all Ostinatos https://vi-control.net/community/threads/free-update-to-ostinato-series-now-available.90049/
  2. FWIW Vocal Splitter is 2.90$ at WAP. And yes, XMAS19 code still valid and I saved about 10$ on my already pretty reasonable order. Thanks All.
  3. Acustica dumped a whole bunch of stuff into my vst3 folder
  4. Hey Fleer, thanks for this. Would have never seen it as I don't believe the offer appears anywhere but right on the Furia page. I'd just spent more than that on Vocalisa and Allura and Taylor at ISW was very kind to honour the offer retroactively. Cheers.
  5. (Re : Percussao Do Brasil library) https://www.sonokinetic.net/products/ethnic/cuica/ https://www.sonokinetic.net/products/ethnic/berimbau/ Although included, the manuals for these are not downloaded with the Percussao Do Brasil library. https://www.sonokinetic.net/manual/cuica/Cuica-Reference-Manual.pdf https://www.sonokinetic.net/manual/berimbau/Berimbau-Reference-Manual.pdf
  6. They're (2 of them) under bonus instruments. - Soprano Cuica 6’ - Bass Cuica 10’ Plus : - Berimbau 1 (Biriba Wood) - Berimbau 2 (Fiberglass)
  7. I upgraded (in place) w7U to w10P (free version) on both my laptop and my daughter's this past year. Everything went fine without a hitch. What is a real pain is to disable all the intrusive stuff and then it's still anyone's guess what kind of privacy is left over. My floortop will keep w7U for as long as it works. I've always hated w10's square minimalist look.
  8. Paul P

    The Legend

    Seeing as this synth is just about never on sale, it's probably worth mentioning that it is now on sale till the end of the year. Not much of a reduction, and not enough for me to buy it though I'd like to : 79$ down from the usual 99$. And it's sold through Digital River who want me to pay tax, though just about nobody else does. https://www.synapse-audio.com/shop.html
  9. I got in touch with Embertone support and received, within just a couple of minutes, my serial number for the binaural mics. Currently downloading - to a new drive with tons of room. Thanks Embertone. I'm looking forward to getting to know the Concert D (and the other stuff I couldn't help getting).
  10. It looks like the LITE is the only version that has gone back up, though still on sale apparently. I can't for the life of me figure out how to download the extra mic position. I only received two confirmation emails for the purchase, but no download links or instructions and no mention of what to do in the manual. For the main product there was a third email with links and serial number. I guess I'll have to contact support.
  11. Sale is still on for those who might be interested. Sale price appears once in the cart. I just noticed that the extra mic positions for the Walker Concert D are 10.50$ each instead of 15$ once they're put in the cart. So I picked up the binaural position for playing with headphones. The Embertone website is pretty awkward and I could only get it to work properly with Chrome, which I never use. Neither Firefox nor IE11 could get through to buying anything.
  12. I'm not impressed with the Continuata Connect utility program used by Embertone and others to handle their downloads. I had sufficient space on my drive for the Walker Concert D, but not twice the space. Nowhere does Embertone mention this requirement though I've seen it before elsewhere. I started the download then went out. The program successfully downloaded all the files but then ran out of room when it went on to install them. Now when it ran out of disk space, instead of saying something, anything, stopping, I don't know... It just redownloaded the current file (which it had already successfully downloaded) then ran out of room again while installing. So it downloaded again, and tried again... This went on all day and evening and I blew up my internet allotment of 150 gb/month. Luckily there are only 2 days left in the month. So make sure you have double the space requirement.
  13. How did you find out about this update ? I have LL EP-4 and my account had no sign of an update available. zip file name was same as old, but when I downloaded and installed I went to v4.3. anyway, thanks TheSteven for the tip.
  14. 1955 Walker Concert D - 69$ Full but without the extra mic positions. 36 velocity layers. I was hoping to get the Ravenscroft 275, but the sale wasn't low enough for me.
  15. So I updated Waves Central and when I went to install my newly acquired Waves Tune Real-Time the portal tells me that I'm running Windows 7 and that only Windows 10 is supported for Version 11. I went ahead anyway and my new plugin works just fine, as I presume my others do as well.
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