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  1. I've just spent quite a few minutes trying to find the difference between 'registered' and 'activated' without any luck. The waves site itself is pretty opaque on the matter. Anyone know if a plugin is in my waves central but "not activated" is it registered ? If I click "Licences" on the left of waves central, I only see plugins that have been 'activated' and installed. My six ver.14 plugins that are present but not 'activated' don't show up and I can't get to any serial numbers for them if I have them. Most if not all six were freebies from waves themselves and deposited directly to my account by them. EDIT: the update plans for the six are apparently in effect as they each have different end dates.
  2. There's a new version available since yesterday : Quite the authorization process ! New code + email at each step. JRRShop -> Plugivery -> Xils-Lab -> iLok
  3. As someone who participated in ISO commitees way back when, I completely agree. Then too, all the work put into developing electronic document standards lost out to the narrow minded thinking of proprietary format owners (after 30 years we're still stuck with word and pdf). We had (still have sort of) sfz as the standard for samples and players but that also lost the fight.
  4. Thanks PavlovsCat, I apologize for not giving your post the attention it deserved. You'd think Librewave could have mentioned this in their confirmation email or somewhere obvious on their website. Even the installation guide doesn't say that Rhapsody is something that is required, because it's the player. The flute page does have a "Runs in the free Rhapsody player" buried in the system requirements, but without knowing what Rhapsody is, that's not very helpful. But then it took me quite a search to figure out how to quote the above in this reply. "Quote" to me looks like the "+" button's label...
  5. I must be missing something... I grabbed this instrument and the order gave me two files to download + my serial number : emerald_flute_data_1_0_0.lwz emerald_flute_samples_1_0_0.lwz There is no installer anywhere and searching their site for a good while produced no info. I have never seen a .lwz file before (and I've been around a while) Their 'installation guide' says there should be a .exe for windows. I tried 7-zip on the above files and got : info.hxi articulations.ch1 sustain.ch1 transition.ch1 Seems promising - but what do I do with them ? Help please...
  6. https://8dio.com/products/clarinet-virtouso?variant=41309923999944
  7. 29.99$ on same site. Microsoft accepted the serial number. They call it "Office Professional Plus 2021" Downloading as I speak... I can't say anything about the security aspects of what I just did, but a great upgrade for my Office Pro 2010.
  8. I also like Boz and had figured the 10$ was reasonable enough. I have V1 and a bunch of other plugins. But I checked since others apparently got it for free.
  9. https://www.thomannmusic.com/presonus_studio_one_6_pro_ug_1_5_pro.htm
  10. Paul P

    Windows 12 in 2024?

    My favourite drawing package, that I still use regularly, is/was Micrografx Designer (and the rest of the Suite, including a 3d modeller). I purchased it sometime before 1991. I still haven't found a replacement that does as much, is as easy use, and is affordable. I used it in XP Mode under Windows 7 and then, when I just this year moved to Windows 10, thought I'd lost it forever. I actually went about setting up a nested virtual machine to run XP Mode inside Windows 7 inside VMware but at one point discovered that my problem was only the fact that Designer was 32 bit. Installing my Windows 7 as 32 bit in VMware solved everything and I can continue to use my beloved drawing software for more years to come. So old software doesn't have to die, if you're lucky...
  11. Portal throws an exception if I try to choose an install folder. Drive "P" is already filled in the download dialog and the only destination possible. Had to move it after.
  12. Paul P

    Boz Digital Mongoose

    Big banner on Boz site says an additional 10% off the 17.10$ (1.71$) if you buy before 4/19. I didn't get the 10% and have contacted the company. (I know it's not much, but still...) EDIT: The reply, for what it's worth, is that the 17.10$ was arrived at from an initial sale price of 19$ minus the 10% to get to 17.10$. A bit misleading since there is no mention of 19$ anywhere... This is all trivial, but the identical prices between Audio Deluxe and Boz (15,39) justified for me getting it straight from Boz. 17.10$ - 10% = 15.39$
  13. Paul P

    Windows 11

    My Asus motherboard has a TPM header but their module seems to be discontinued and unavailable anywhere.
  14. Paul P

    Windows 11?

    At the other end of the spectrum, rounded corners is the #1 reason I'm still on Win7. My eyes have always found those pointy corners on windows and menus aggressive. And overall the square look lacks elegance. (but then I'm 3/4 scandinavian brought up on danish curves)
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