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  1. My favourite drawing package, that I still use regularly, is/was Micrografx Designer (and the rest of the Suite, including a 3d modeller). I purchased it sometime before 1991. I still haven't found a replacement that does as much, is as easy use, and is affordable. I used it in XP Mode under Windows 7 and then, when I just this year moved to Windows 10, thought I'd lost it forever. I actually went about setting up a nested virtual machine to run XP Mode inside Windows 7 inside VMware but at one point discovered that my problem was only the fact that Designer was 32 bit. Installing my Windows 7 as 32 bit in VMware solved everything and I can continue to use my beloved drawing software for more years to come. So old software doesn't have to die, if you're lucky...
  2. Portal throws an exception if I try to choose an install folder. Drive "P" is already filled in the download dialog and the only destination possible. Had to move it after.
  3. Big banner on Boz site says an additional 10% off the 17.10$ (1.71$) if you buy before 4/19. I didn't get the 10% and have contacted the company. (I know it's not much, but still...) EDIT: The reply, for what it's worth, is that the 17.10$ was arrived at from an initial sale price of 19$ minus the 10% to get to 17.10$. A bit misleading since there is no mention of 19$ anywhere... This is all trivial, but the identical prices between Audio Deluxe and Boz (15,39) justified for me getting it straight from Boz. 17.10$ - 10% = 15.39$
  4. Paul P

    Windows 11

    My Asus motherboard has a TPM header but their module seems to be discontinued and unavailable anywhere.
  5. Paul P

    Windows 11?

    At the other end of the spectrum, rounded corners is the #1 reason I'm still on Win7. My eyes have always found those pointy corners on windows and menus aggressive. And overall the square look lacks elegance. (but then I'm 3/4 scandinavian brought up on danish curves)
  6. Code doesn't work for this (which I found out while proceeding to buy).
  7. Wow... 89.97 $US... I'm trying very hard to limit my spending, but...
  8. I have everything (not all sound packs) up to date except CV-1 and it's 69$ for me. Maybe later if there's a very interesting sale...
  9. This policy is what's keeping me from upgrading. I've normally waited for the 50% off sale to upgrade (and regularly). But if there's no penalty in waiting for a few versions to go by, why spend money now. SO4 does everthing I need.
  10. My experience is that there is substantial lag over bluetooth, even with Apt-X Low Latency. How could this be ok for studio monitors ?
  11. Not in my account. I got entropy free when I bought Union in June 2020. After buying this time around with your code, everything went properly, but I only have one serial number for entropy in my account (no "NFR" to be found).
  12. Apparently if you already got this as a free add-on from Plugin Boutique (like I did a year or two ago) you won't get another serial number this time around.
  13. For those that preordered the bundle, you can purchase the third installment Le Snappet from your boz account for 0$. For some reason, there is no login button on boz's website but can be reached at : https://www.bozdigitallabs.com/wp-login.php (and then there's no logout...)
  14. If you're still on Win 7 like I am, you may get a a WinHttp.WinWttpRequest error when you enter your license key for validation during install. Issue is regarding TLS security protocol. Just follow the instructions nicely presented in 2B's FAQ. Quite a bit of bother for a free plugin, but it did work.
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