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  1. I've been waiting a while for this one : https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/3-Studio-Tools/93-Music-Theory-Tools/3933-Scaler 40% off + free iZotope Nectar Elements if you haven't already gotten it.
  2. Ok. Thanks Steve. Not what my other portals do (XLN, iZotope, Waves, etc) as I can close them with the X and reopen them at will by clicking on their desktop icon. And I didn't have BA icon showing in tray, didn't even know it was there. But this works.
  3. Had the same trouble updating. Now, after a system reboot, BA will come up once. But if I close it, there's no way for it to reopen again. There are however - 4 - Bandlab Assistant.exe processes running.
  4. Paul P

    ilok manager updated

    During the install process, the update tried to install this driver : "Intel(R) C600/X79 séries chipset Thermal Management Controller" When I refused : What is the link between the intel driver and ilok ? I can't find any. EDIT : maybe has something to do with USB ports for the dongle (which I don't use) but that doesn't explain the "thermal management" bit. Windows flagged the driver as not having a valid certificate, which is the reason I initially refused. Not wanting to lose an afternoon, I reinstalled, accepted the driver installation, and everything seems fine.
  5. Still available here : https://web.archive.org/web/20190429113503/http://sonic.supermaailma.net/plugins
  6. Updated again : https://www.fathomsynth.com/versions VERSION 2.33.0 10/11/2019 Added new FM Tonal Mode. A new mode dial has been added to the FM oscillator page which controls whether or not the oscillator runs in free mode or tonal mode. In tonal mode the FM modulator and carrier phase are synchronized at the start of every cycle which forces the oscillator to be tonal no matter what the FM parameters are set to. Fixed the Serum Wave Table RIF header factory bit. The second bit should be set to zero so if the wave table is saved from Fathom and loaded into Serum then Serum will know that it is not part of its own factory library and therefore will save the table as part of the preset. Setting this bit to one was a bug since it will cause Serum to think that the wave table is part of its own library and prevented it from saving the table with the preset. Made the modulator file path independent from the programs root path and added it to the list of saved paths. This enables users to grab modulators from the existing list even after browsing to different locations for presets. If a new programs path is selected and it contains a modulators folder with modulator files inside it then the current modulators path will be updated. If the new preset path does not contain modulators then the old modulator path will be retained. Changed the file browser so when a program is saved the new program is highlighted in the list and the list scrolls to show the program if it is not currently visible. Added a warning message if the user attempts to load a program or modulator from the wave file or wave table browser. This prevents someone from accidentally loading a new program while browsing for waves or wave tables. Removed sharp edge processing from the LFO modulator when applied to the Gaussian filter in order to increase CPU efficiency. Sharp edge processing is only necessary for envelopes with sharp vertical edges. Increased the efficiency of the wave draw Gaussian filter so it does not overload the CPU when its frequency and resonance are modulated. Fixed the preset loader so it works correctly if the “Load Presets in UI Thread” setting is disabled and the host is playing. Fixed all filter graphs so they are updated correctly when modulated by a MIDI controller. Fixed all effects so they are audible when the host is playing a sustained note and they are connected. Fixed the wave draw view so portions of the graph are not deleted during a mouse drag if the user interface thread is overloaded while the host is playing. Fixed a bug in the Gaussian filter, caused by an uninitialized array, which resulted in CPU overload if the Gaussian filter frequency is modulated. Fixed the modulation list so the order is retained after a program is saved and loaded. Fixed the main signal flow view so it accepts drag and drop preset files. Added Windows 10 optimization instructions to user guide. Optimizing Windows for audio processing cuts CPU load in half!
  7. Don't know if EVINITY is aware of it, or has a virus doing it for him/her, but what s/he quotes gets edited to add links to all sorts of things. See all four or his/her posts.
  8. Thanks Larry ! I have all their synths and upgrade for me was 39 $cad. Nice, easy installation.
  9. Paul P

    Loom II - 9.99 $US

    Thanks ZincT for this. I found the links down at the bottom of the email which I had missed. It was a pretty convoluted download, installation and activation procedure for Loom with multiple websites to visit and codes to provide. I initially ended up with two versions of Loom in my iLok account, a demo version and a full version, and had to move my licence from the first to the second, once I figured things out.
  10. Paul P

    Loom II - 9.99 $US

    My Loom2 upgrade version (the only version I have) doesn't seem to include Tapestry as the presets aren't in Loom's preset folder (I'll be copying them into it, as per the install instructions). The free Tapestry download version found on the fingermarks website also includes NKS patches : http://fingermarks.co.uk/music2.htm#Tapestry Where is the Touch Loops AIR Bonus Pack ? Can't find it on AIR's website.
  11. Paul P

    Loom II - 9.99 $US

    FREE at Plugin Boutique : Tapestry for Loom Expansion Packs by AIR Music Technology 64 presets. I know nothing about them. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/70-Expansion-Packs/3399-Tapestry-for-Loom
  12. Won't a simple 20ms delay give you the Haas effect ?
  13. Paul P

    Loom II - 9.99 $US

    https://www.jrrshop.com/air-music-tech-loom-upgrade While the item says "upgrade from Loom Classic", I installed and activated it successfully without having Loom Classic beforehand. (At that price, I figured what the heck, if it doesn't work, I'll just buy Loom Classic for another 9.99, but didn't have to in the end.) There is a regular Loom II product for 19.99.
  14. Integral Studio Pack III 99$ Included : - Analog Mastering Tools - Analog Signature Pack - Blue Tubes Dynamics Pack - Blue Tubes Effects Pack - Blue Tubes Equalizers Pack - Blue Tubes Analog TrackBox - BlueVerb DRV-2080 - Cosmos - Echoes - Essential Studio Suite - Liquid Bundle II - Magnetic II - Retrology Motown (Music & Film) - Retrology British Bundle - Retrology PulseTec EQs - Retrology ALL-TECH - Rock Amp Legends
  15. OK, just got it to authorize. Had to run EXPOSE the first time as administrator (even though I'm always administrator) and it then accepted the code. Lucky for me I just reinstalled Dimension Pro 1.5 in the last few days and had to do the same thing, which brought the solution to mind. (it doesn't say to do so in the installation instructions, which are for LEVELS anyway)
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