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  1. Paul P

    Loom II - 9.99 $US

    Thanks ZincT for this. I found the links down at the bottom of the email which I had missed. It was a pretty convoluted download, installation and activation procedure for Loom with multiple websites to visit and codes to provide. I initially ended up with two versions of Loom in my iLok account, a demo version and a full version, and had to move my licence from the first to the second, once I figured things out.
  2. Paul P

    Loom II - 9.99 $US

    My Loom2 upgrade version (the only version I have) doesn't seem to include Tapestry as the presets aren't in Loom's preset folder (I'll be copying them into it, as per the install instructions). The free Tapestry download version found on the fingermarks website also includes NKS patches : http://fingermarks.co.uk/music2.htm#Tapestry Where is the Touch Loops AIR Bonus Pack ? Can't find it on AIR's website.
  3. Paul P

    Loom II - 9.99 $US

    FREE at Plugin Boutique : Tapestry for Loom Expansion Packs by AIR Music Technology 64 presets. I know nothing about them. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/70-Expansion-Packs/3399-Tapestry-for-Loom
  4. Won't a simple 20ms delay give you the Haas effect ?
  5. Paul P

    Loom II - 9.99 $US

    https://www.jrrshop.com/air-music-tech-loom-upgrade While the item says "upgrade from Loom Classic", I installed and activated it successfully without having Loom Classic beforehand. (At that price, I figured what the heck, if it doesn't work, I'll just buy Loom Classic for another 9.99, but didn't have to in the end.) There is a regular Loom II product for 19.99.
  6. Integral Studio Pack III 99$ Included : - Analog Mastering Tools - Analog Signature Pack - Blue Tubes Dynamics Pack - Blue Tubes Effects Pack - Blue Tubes Equalizers Pack - Blue Tubes Analog TrackBox - BlueVerb DRV-2080 - Cosmos - Echoes - Essential Studio Suite - Liquid Bundle II - Magnetic II - Retrology Motown (Music & Film) - Retrology British Bundle - Retrology PulseTec EQs - Retrology ALL-TECH - Rock Amp Legends
  7. OK, just got it to authorize. Had to run EXPOSE the first time as administrator (even though I'm always administrator) and it then accepted the code. Lucky for me I just reinstalled Dimension Pro 1.5 in the last few days and had to do the same thing, which brought the solution to mind. (it doesn't say to do so in the installation instructions, which are for LEVELS anyway)
  8. Got EXPOSE (with Aparillo) and it fails to authorize. When I enter my serial number into the licence authorization window, I get : There was an error. This software has not been successfully authorised. Error code: 28 I've written to Plugin Boutique for advice.
  9. Plupgin Boutique just changed the bonus freebie to EXPOSE. https://www.masteringthemix.com/products/expose Looks useful, especially since I just created my first Youtube account for a new project of mine. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/4-Synth/3978-Aparillo (5 days left, according to the first link in this thread)
  10. The article is a good read and perfectly rational, which is why it probably won't encourage anyone to change. If I'm anywhere near typical, there can be a lot of history and emotional baggage behind the desire to acquire the next piece of gear. GAS is just the tip of the iceberg. Dealing with what's going on deep inside us is a huge undertaking, the work of lifetime. An infinitely worthwhile process with nothing to do with the studio.
  11. We are super excited to announce the launch of the incredible new Zero-G Northern Lights Pad Machine. Click below for full information: https://zero-g.co.uk/products/northern-lights-pad-machine To celebrate the launch of this fantastic new product, we are offering a 2 week 20% discounted introductory launch price. Buy now for just $52.95 (offer ends on Friday 6th September 2019).
  12. Thanks Fleer for this. I've been waiting for a while. Now to wait even longer to see what freebie might be thrown in with it, since I recently got Iris 2 with something else. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/1-Instruments/4-Synth/3978-Aparillo
  13. I found that having to sign up to three different mailing lists was a bit extreme. Especially in the context of a celebration. And I don't FB either.
  14. I just unchecked Update Notifier in the Windows services configuration Startup tab (msconfig.exe).
  15. Well, I splurged a bit a picked up Soundiron's Lakeside Pipe Organ as an excuse to get Iris 2. Thanks again Larry.
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