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  1. I have everything (not all sound packs) up to date except CV-1 and it's 69$ for me. Maybe later if there's a very interesting sale...
  2. Paul P

    Studio One 25% off

    This policy is what's keeping me from upgrading. I've normally waited for the 50% off sale to upgrade (and regularly). But if there's no penalty in waiting for a few versions to go by, why spend money now. SO4 does everthing I need.
  3. My experience is that there is substantial lag over bluetooth, even with Apt-X Low Latency. How could this be ok for studio monitors ?
  4. Not in my account. I got entropy free when I bought Union in June 2020. After buying this time around with your code, everything went properly, but I only have one serial number for entropy in my account (no "NFR" to be found).
  5. Apparently if you already got this as a free add-on from Plugin Boutique (like I did a year or two ago) you won't get another serial number this time around.
  6. For those that preordered the bundle, you can purchase the third installment Le Snappet from your boz account for 0$. For some reason, there is no login button on boz's website but can be reached at : https://www.bozdigitallabs.com/wp-login.php (and then there's no logout...)
  7. If you're still on Win 7 like I am, you may get a a WinHttp.WinWttpRequest error when you enter your license key for validation during install. Issue is regarding TLS security protocol. Just follow the instructions nicely presented in 2B's FAQ. Quite a bit of bother for a free plugin, but it did work.
  8. For a moment there I thought this was a plugin to emulate a capo on a guitar.
  9. 59$ instead of 99. Lowest I've seen and I've been following for a while. A few months ago I would have pounced on this, now I'm undecided... https://www.synapse-audio.com/shop.html
  10. I didn't have to register anything. Just followed the links to waves and it appeared in my waves account. Useless for the moment, though, since waves now refuses to activate plugins on windows 7. EDIT : Apparently Waves can send me a special version of Waves Central to solve this. Waiting for their reply.... EDIT 2 : Got the special version and all my waves plugins (v11) are now activated on window 7.
  11. Paul P

    OB-XD 2.0 - still free

    That's for the update.
  12. Thanks Chuck for this ! But I got even better !! I did what you said, but when I went to the W10 Home page and upgraded to PRO, it remained in $CAD and showed 40,91 $CAD + 4,08$ taxe (QC). So total, paying in $CAD on cleverbridge (and not $US like I did for my first copy) was 44.99 $CAD. Now my laptop will be 'official' as well.
  13. Thanks Robert for this. I'm still on Win 7U on my main computer and don't want to go anywhere else, but I feel I won't be able to hold off 'progress' for ever. So I picked up this offer more as insurance for the future when I'll finally give in. I've alread upgraded my laptop to full Win10Pro (from U) recently, and still for free, to get used to Win10 but I don't use it much. I don't like the feel of Win10 any more than I do my very recently acquired first smartphone (android) . Feels like I'm opening myself up to a world of abuse and can't do anything about it.
  14. My account gives 2.0.5 for Mac and still at 2.0.4 for Windows (which is what I need). Drop down says 2.0.2, but I get 2.0.4.
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