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  1. What about disabling the realtek/nvidia audio devices in the BIOS settings?
  2. +1🤭 The same here but whenever the upgrade theme arises there is not signal in that direction.
  3. Jep, but at least the cymbal samples need an upgrade. Basicely I like XLN, it's a very user friendly company and the workflow of AD 2 is really easy to handle imho.
  4. Why not trying to get contact to vocalists inside the bandlab community? I'm in a comparable situation with my songs. There have been some Cakewalk-discuss forum members which have reported about their way of searching singer in the bandlab forum, if I remember right the basic line was that it takes some time and afford to get the right contact.. I will check it out during the next months.
  5. Bapu's mixing secrets are revealed, just all P.A. plugins on each track and you're done.😉
  6. Right , also "The problem with having to much money for Gear" would be a good idea for a Video
  7. Installed and thank you. The plagiarist 🤓
  8. 801 iBrian Eno,Phil Manzanera project .
  9. A "bit" depressiv . Perfect Circle - I
  10. Billy G. is still one of the best.. Gov't Mule (WarrenHaynes, new Album ) - Shake Our Way Out (with Billy F Gibbons)
  11. That´s a hard decision, which of the 2 is the "winner" 🙃
  12. Great Rocker . Groundhogs - Split (Full Album)
  13. JBL 104-BT White - 129 Euro https://www.thomann.de/de/jbl_104_bt_white.htm 189 Euro in black......
  14. Imo AD 2 is pretty much underrated. Using the samples without fx/ presets turns AD 2 nearly at the same Level as SD3 and BFD 3, except for the cymbals.
  15. C'mon, Strummy would do a much better job.At least he would have used better forms and colors. He is the King of Sherwood Forest.
  16. Eleven ● Get Me Down
  17. I think we need more info about the whole setup. Or are you asking for a soothsayer heee ?
  18. HTH: Hawthorne, Nevada USA . You are a southy aren t you ? 😶
  19. Delicious, wrrrggg...😷
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