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  1. @Notes_Norton I like the "tone" of the musicians in this session a lot. There is a huge tone difference in playing bass and guitar with the (right hand) fingers like Wes Montgomerey / Jeff Beck aso and the contrabass player in the vids above. I don´t practice playing without using picks much and will change that again.
  2. oscar peterson - ray brown - niels henning orsted pedersen My favourite piano and bass player in one session,
  3. Sie does look like a musician.
  4. Congratulations. Now you are grown up by chance.🤠
  5. This seem to be good names for a band and songs.
  6. Do you think that Level 61 is a good name for a band? Sure Bapu knows?
  7. I don´t count years anymore: Jäääääpaaa.😢
  9. Wes Montgomery-Four On Six
  10. Bunny Wailer - Ballroom Floor
  11. Revolution - Rise and Fall
  12. A Static Lullaby - "Toxic" (Britney Spears cover)
  13. Sparta - Breaking The Broken [live]
  14. Iggy Pop - Gardenia (Live At The Royal Albert Hall)
  15. The last place in the charts ? Yes, that´s 100 % better than no place in the charts.
  16. The kick in the track you see above lacks a bit of punch, now I know why. You should give courses in drum recording/mixing.
  17. Good that you show professional ways to get a good snare sound, but I don´t have issues like that:
  18. Thanks for your esoteric eye opener . For a recording engineer it´s the biggest challenge to get propper drum recordings, specially the snare and kick. Here my goto kick trick :
  19. Your rig looks very impressive,but be aware of the drummer of the new generation:
  20. I have visited the future teller last week and have been surprised about his recording and mixing skills:
  21. and those who can count polyrythm and those that don't.
  22. Persistantly trying to get rid of my studio is leading me to go into the studio . For me It´s like getting rid of GAS.-😃
  23. Beeing a creative person you get 3,, have to admit I'm not
  24. Coupon for Audiodeluxe I´ve found on dealscove:😀 How does it work ?
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