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  1. Who don´t know it , the new way to create music on the beach without headphones and speaker. Musicians from now on won´t need a studio and living room .🤔
  2. Feel with you and I-m so sorry to read this crimes, don´t know where to start about this things happening in good old germany. Trump and Merkel? No politiccs wanted in this forum, Don´t want to go to far.😃
  3. This foto is specially for the "producer." 🤣
  4. The will to understand is what really counts:
  5. Thanks for sharing your thouights on BFD 3. I can understand your point of view: It takes a long time for me to "feel" at home woth the workflow specially of a native drum emulation. The (old ) AD 2 fits my needs soundwise good, no metal or heavier drumsounds needed. I appreciate your hind towards Perfect Drums, will demo it if possible. Again, thanks for your reply.
  6. Can you say why or what the BFD drums are making you tired ? Til now I heared continuously good feedback about it.
  7. I Think it's time för an Upgrade Version of tAD Drums 2.
  8. The AD drums 2 is still my goto drum emulation. Even if there are other/newer virtulal drummer (SD 3 ,BFD drums aso ) available, imo the Xln Ad 2 drummer is the best fitting tool for my workflow with a realistic drum sound.
  9. Find new inspiration with our AD2 Flash Sale If you're looking to boost the creativity with a new ADpak, MIDIpak or Kitpiece paks now is the time! Gear up for the summer vacation with our Addictive Drums 2 Flash Sale and save 30%! https://www.xlnaudio.com/products/addictive_drums_2/adpak?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=owns_ad2&utm_campaign=addictive_drums_flash_sale&utm_content=image%2Fbutton SHOP ADPAKS NOW https://www.xlnaudio.com/products/addictive_drums_2/midipak?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=owns_ad2&utm_campaign=addictive_drums_flash_sale&utm_content=image%2Fbutton SHOP MIDIPAKS NOW https://www.xlnaudio.com/products/addictive_drums_2/kitpiecepak?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=owns_ad2&utm_campaign=addictive_drums_flash_sale&utm_content=image%2Fbutton SHOP KITPIECE PAKS NOW
  10. Congrats Kenny, I havent thought that you have been a ballerina ,😊 I like to dance ballet too .
  11. And being a musician:
  12. Situations like that :
  13. AFAIK Independence Pro in the X Suite bundle is locked to Samplitude. Don´t know if you bought Independency as a separate plugin.
  14. Just got the bx_console SSL 4000 E for 34,51 bucks cause of my 20 dollar Voucher i received today. Thanks to PA and as nearly always- Larry.😥
  15. Thanks . I got T.racks 5 for ca 42 Euro incl. VAT. The matching function is a very useful feature of this release .
  16. Hopefully in 30 years it is still possible to Life a good Life on Earth.
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