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  1. That looks tasty.😦 Pig ears ?
  2. Another example of the special british cuisine :
  3. Do you like british food ? 😬
  4. Yes, she seems to have a big sense of humor.
  5. Really, I like that she owns 2 shooes. Where are you looking first ?
  6. Coachello Festival offers this year an amazing line up , but no. Morgan James and the orthopedic shoes
  7. Bold , she is wearing orthopaedic shoes on stage.
  8. Specially during the winter time:
  9. It's always a good idea to search this forum för solutions in stuck situations.🙃
  10. The specs of this guitar ? Is the body aged and dark sunburst brown ?
  11. It´s impressing me as much as :
  12. Visiting the studio toilette to get inspiration for an awesome guit riff :
  13. Greetings for your fantastic BF deals , Kenny .
  14. Thanks Craig, I believe that is right .
  15. Pragi


    Agreed.the earlier tunes are mostly more impressive soundwise. The courage of improvising during a live gig with a guit and many soundtoys is impressing me much in the vid above. Thanks for the hind that Gong and the Steve Hillage Band are on the road again.
  16. Pragi


    Steve Hillage & Miquette Giraudy - System 7 a vid from a festival gig in 2009 As always, music from S.H is awesome.
  17. Thanks för the tip ,I will check it out .
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