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  1. David Bowie // Live in Berlin 2002
  2. Shure , but the devices are better to use with innovative technology like punch cards.😎
  3. Is this the the future of music ? The device orchestra - We will rock you
  4. Anyhow it's a must to have seen hin playing live,compareable to Gary Moore. Bonamassa is one of the best guitar player touring today. I hope you enjoy it.
  5. Mesh, I have not been in a Bonamassa concert cause of the ticket prices. 130 Bucks and more. He musst be a very good LIVE MUSICIAN and Entertainer .I habe seen a lot of good live Videos of hin.
  6. Did you know : This could be the reason why wives don´t like guitars.
  7. I like that there many creativ and open minded persons are sharing their thoughts,music, ideas aso in this forum. I hope you won't be demotivated to share your knowledge .
  8. During the weekend I have had problems paying Xln Audio via PayPal. Since monday PayPal is working as expected.
  9. The different ways of being a producer:
  10. That's a good theory . God shave the Queen..🤗
  11. Another practical innovation for the studio work :
  12. The new generation of producer does not need cables in the studio. .:
  13. I prefer a plain version of a bottleneck guitar, but the bass player is unique . Jeronimo Costa (gropiuswalter) en Pinterest pinterest.com
  14. That's what I call a rich man,someone who has the freedom to do what he wants,free of to much compromises For me ist's the first time in my life I'm able to save up 2 grand for a guitar .like the Maybach Lester.I played it 2 times and it's one of the best I ever played. The time I made a living as a musician in my live (2years only) as a young man is long ago. There are some good instruments in my studio,like a 87 Strat,a´n Ibanez As 103 , a Dean Evo Tevo aso which all work well,but I never had the possibility to get an instrument that makes me feel like it's a body part.The Lester is doing that for me. I know well where you are talking about when you describe the financial responsibility for the structure of a family. Great that you go this way. I wish you and your family all the best . Pete
  15. Meanwhile instead of waiting to get the money for a new guitar ,I´ll try this:🤧
  16. Notes, i guess most of the musicians dont have unlimited money to spend for instruments. I´m saving up more than 2000 Euro for an e guitar over the last 3 months,I hope in march I am ready, to get this: https://www.thomann.de/de/maybach_lester_honey_pie_60_aged.htm This is not much money for many people ,I think.
  17. Haha, most women are a bit jealous about music instruments, specially synths. The reason why : Billy Eleish - Synthwave Legend
  18. Talking about gas ,Craig ? :
  19. The drummer does knows how to swing.
  20. .I love the sound of this :
  21. Are you ready for fat drums ,Kenny ?
  22. Your DAW and your drum tracks are fat, Kenny.
  23. I have no words and no idea for that, But you seem to be right .
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