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  1. A view to the life outside now.
  2. Albert King - The Sky Is Crying Live Japan 89
  3. Guilhem Desq - Cicatrices - Hurdy Gurdy What a nice instrument !
  4. Perfect : Johnny Cash - Personal Jesus
  5. Elise LeGrow - Who Do You Love
  6. One specially for S.L.I.P: I haven´t known that S.LI.P has his own girly dance group. Kudos.😍
  7. I idon´t know, There are people who do have a big sized fantasy 😞 and no sense for logic.(Spock)
  8. Thanks for the link,Kenny. I compared the Maybach Lester with Gibson L es Pauls in the same price range (2 grand) in my favourite store https://www.no1-guitars.de. Imho no chance for gibson to beat the sound and playability of the Maybach Paulas. I have to wait 1-2 months longer to get the Lester cause I had to buy another audio interface, my Saffire Pro 40 starts crackling and buzzling cause of the Win 10 updates (of course, I have a TI chipset card ). After 2 days of work I got the RME Raydat to work in my "old" box. Now I can record with a 3 ms RTL latency at 32 samples buffersize, that´s really .........😂 I never had thought that this is such a big step forward in sound and latency. Cheers.
  9. Sweet 66. Happy B-day, Mr. Mudgel.
  10. Thanks for your sharing your thoughts on this. I don´t wonna use a plugin as rextreme as the most Izotope Vocal Synth presets are created. So I think I´ll go with the OVOX.
  11. That must be a good plugin/synth. So I grabbed the 4 free preset packs. Thanks for the links. Is Ovox worth the price (I have found it at EP for ca 42 bucks) ? I don´t have a vocal synth and have an eye one izotope vocal synth.
  12. Jazzkantine - Eine Ehre
  13. Gruppo Sportivo- a band from the netherlands either :
  14. Noles ,for me GE are one of the best rock bands ever: GOLDEN EARRING Eight Miles High
  15. I haven´t noticed her before : Carol Kaye - Most Heard But Least Known
  16. Are you ready for a good drummer ?
  17. I'm in if the Red EQ is not preringing.😎
  18. OOOkaayyy, but therefore :
  19. In which direction does the marketing of beer go now ?
  20. Dylan Vaughn and Ian Mardon - Giant Love Babys
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