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  1. That seems to be good offer. There are still posibilities to upgrade Win 7 to Win 10 for free.
  2. Yes, I replaced an old pc (Core2 duo -32 bit) in the rehearsel/recording studio with a refurbished Fujitsu Esprimo E710 DT | PC | Computer | Intel Core i5-3470 @ 3,2 GHz | 4GB DDR3 RAM | Intel HD Graphics 4600 / 500 GB HDD | DVD-Drive | Windows 10 Home for 149 Euro. It´s a system without a cooler , very silent , running very good with Cakewalk (I added 8GB Ram and a second harddrive ) the flat box version . The case does have some scratches and it is robust to handle. For 149 Euro a steal .
  3. Bapu is a word for "father" in many Indian languages such as Gujarati and Marathi, and may refer to: Mahatma Gandhi (1869–1948), officially honored as Bapu (Father) of the Nation of India. Bapu (film director) (1933–2014), painter, cartoonist, movie director from Andhra Pradesh, India. Source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bapu
  4. Yes and he seems to be a handyman.That´s a nice passion,isn´t it ?
  5. Another kind of soundman,sound artist :
  6. You do have the greatest guitar technician under contract in the music busines.
  7. Yes, it seems like Bapu is doing a bit disoriented with the industry standard,.🙁
  8. I don´t know which version Bapu just got, but the windows version of Pro Tools can be like a real donkey.
  9. One of the most transparent limiter is IK 's Stealth Limiter.It is possible to Demo the Plug-in 14 days via the t.racks Custom Shop.
  10. Good lesson about halloween, I have to buy Candy for the halloween kids,
  11. Herman Brood & His Wild Romance - All the girls are crazy
  12. A more essiential question regarding life on earth :
  13. Good idea, but I´m busy on Halloween. Can you tell me your experience you had last year doing that ? 🤕
  14. These are good air bags,very functional.
  15. Because the sun does shine for all, also for movies. See you, ED, have a good night.
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