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  1. I found out what it was, some setting at the top right that says 'ripple edit all'.
  2. This isnt the same thing as 'link / unlink clips', as the option to unlink is greyed out. I cannot delete one of the clips on one track without deleting all the ones on the other tracks again, and cant find out how to separate them.
  3. Thanks for this, I was clicking on the volume section before, its gone now.
  4. I dont think I can find this envelope context menu then. Right click gives read / write / add /remove automation line. The problem is that the automation line that is showing within the track is not opening in the automation line view.
  5. While I've done that I cant find out ho to find and edit / remove the circled volume dots.
  6. While trying to edit the volume curve for my tracks, initially doing so wasnt doing anything until I fiddled with changing the track output to one that worked, but this actually created a second volume curve, and now I cant undo the edits I made the first time and they are causing volume ripples / spikes in my track. Here is a screenshot showing the problem, I have tried removing all the volume curve dots from my current automation line, but a bunch still remain in the midi track (circled) that I cant find out how to remove:
  7. Until now I've been using separate instrument tracks, and if I do need two of lets say the Piano, its usually for different sections and sounds. What I've now found is that I need to separate the same track into two, to individually volume and pan curve the low and high notes, with the VST settings remaining the same on the new track. But the normal method of creating a new midi track and inserting a VST sets it to the default settings. So how do I copy the settings from the VST on one track onto another, or simply create a clone of a current track with the same settings?
  8. Right thanks, I'll try and look for the downloads for Sonar Platinum. Ok I was dumb, the downloads were available, I stopped looking when it popped up with telling me to just use bandlab assistant to install it before.
  9. I was able to login to my legacy cakewalk account but it says you need to use the bandlab assistant to install it and the assistant doesnt let me log out. I am waiting to get a reply from support on how to install Sonar Platinum.
  10. Problem is the bandlab installer doesnt let me log out at all so I cant log into my legacy Sonar account.
  11. While I was able to retrieve my login for my legacy cakewalk things, I am unable to find a way and Bandlab support havent replied on how to merge my Sonar and Bandlab things together. Does bandlab already have all the features that came with Sonar Platinum (other than AD2), and if not how to I get the full Sonar Platinum functionality into it?
  12. Clicking on the '...' for the default C drive pathways under settings only brings up 'open folder'. And never mind that I cant even log in to my Cakewalk account and password reset isnt sending me any links.
  13. I am trying to learn how to create more variance in different sections of a drum track, and if possible this should also work for other instrument tracks as well. Other than simply splitting, unlinking and editing the notes and volume curves, is it possible to edit the individual drums within AD2 for just one specific section such as the one highlighted in this screenshot without affecting the rest of the track? (and then simply copy pasting that section to each part that it is needed). Thanks for any help.
  14. I installed this track template some time ago, but it makes piano sounds instead of the drums. Changing the output on the midi track to Addictive Drums works, butr removes all the drum names in the step sequencer and replaces them with notes instead. I'd like to find a way to keep the drum names as well. Changing the out port for each In note from Microsoft GS to AD2 works, but I have to do it for each and every note separately, how can I do this for every note and save it to work for every project?
  15. BHAV

    Is this an improvement?

    I actually meant with the backing track and overall production, and yes I maybe overdid the reverb.
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