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  1. 15 hours ago, Pete Brown said:

    There's a person on Gearslutz who PM'd me about malware they got. The vector there was their router, which has apparently been compromised. Again, didn't require any bad behavior on the part of the user, other than not making sure the router was up to date (and even then, not sure that would have stopped it).

    Are you sure their router was compromised. Over in the UK I get loads of calls supposedly  from BT or Microsoft claiming that my router has been compromised and can I download anydesk or teamviewer so they can look at my PC. If I am not busy It can amuse me playing who hangs up first after I ask them for my i.p. address or claim I am running Windows 95 or claiming not to have a mobile or computer :)


    p.s. great guide though


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  2. fair enough. Enjoy playing. To make sure (as it is 05:30 in the morning here) I just followed the steps i provided and in actual fact doing it this way you don't have to enable the metronome for playback as long as it is enabled for record

    The only reason I can think for it not working is if the metronome isn't enabled for record.



  3. Hi Jonathan, I haven't read the other thread but this is what I do.

    If you start by creating a new project using the empty project template, There should already be a metronome bus created. Go to the send section of the metronome bus strip, click the + sign and choose New Aux track, This should create a new standard track. which will be automatically routed to the master.

    Make sure you have the metronome set to play on record. This can be done via edit>preferences or via the control bar. Arm the aux track to record and hit record.

    The metronome should then record as audio on the aux track. Once recording has finished, just mute the metronome bus

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  4. Nice! Thank you. One thing I noticed is that the high pass and low pass values on the pro channel eq are hard to read. I have no idea if these are changeable.

  5. Out of interest are there any IK products you guys would say are must haves that can't be found or bettered elsewhere?

    I originally got into them for Sampletank but no longer use it preferring Kontakt libraries

    Amplitude I no longer use because I have Guitar Rig

    T-racks stuff annoyed me for installing everything which meant having to disable the ones I wasn't licenced for and tbh I now only use Stealth Limiter, having equivalent or better compressors, gates, eq's, channel strips etc. elsewhere.

    Each time there is a sale, I look at my Jam Points and my Gear Credits and still can't find anything worth buying that I don't already have. Even ARC I have yet to bite on as I have Sonarworks.

  6. I think most of the suggestions I have read here make sense. I have had the same questions myself having built mine back in 2014 with an FX8350 AMD3+ chipset and 16Gb of RAM with a 750Gb SSD as the main OS drive and where I have my current CW projects. It works fine but does hit the wall sometimes usually once I have a load of plugins active. I have a 1Tb drive for samples, Kontakt libraries and archived CW Projects and another 1Tb hard drive for backup and archived files. I would recommend as others have, bumping the RAM up to 16Gb first and getting an SSD even if you don't ideally run the OS off it, you could store your projects on it which would improve audio streaming I would expect. As far as improving latency when tracking/recording, the only thing I would suggest is track first then add effects plugins after finishing tracking. You can then work with a lower buffer rate then increase it once you have finished recording, to cope with the extra load once you have started adding fx. Freeze or archive tracks whenever possible to lighten the load

  7. Hi all, I have found some very useful information watching twitch streams by Musicians and Producers.

    Provided you can ignore the chat which is sometimes inane and annoying, there are some useful insights into peoples workflow.

    I must confess my son put me onto them :D

    The ones I have enjoyed so far are those by Disclosure, Mike Shinoda and Kenny Beats.

    Does anyone have any other recommendations?

    sorry, can't embed links to twitch for some reason but they are often put on Youtube such as this one



  8. From what I have read and understood, the performance gain in using USB 3 over USB 2 is minimal hence why manufacturers have not all jumped onto the ship.

    USB 3 does provide more power which helps if you want a USB powered interface as opposed to mains powered. AFAIK the downside of USB 2 is that the bus runs at the speed of the slowest peripheral on the bus so if you have something slower than your interface also attached, it will affect performance. If you are looking for a cheap interface, I recently bought a Behringer UMC404HD interface (USB 2) for my son, and am quite impressed

  9. Don't discount the added value of building a PC with your lad. I went through this with both my son and my nephew.

    The shared experience of looking at parts and prices and having them investigate where they could find deals and comparing specs was invaluable.

    The expectation and joy when parts were ordered and arrived at the door was fantastic.

    Finally laying them all out with tools at the ready and explaining how all the parts fitted was a joy.

    Actually putting the jigsaw together was brillant....for the first 10 minutes, then they got bored and went off saying "let me know when it is done so I can download my games" :D

    Still it must have taught them both something, as they have both since upgraded their PC themselves or bought and built another one by themselves.


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  10. Good Video! Funnily enough I was explaining something similar to someone the other day by explaining that a song at 120BPM has a beat every 500ms (obviously faster for higher BPM's and slower for slower BPM's or half time beats).

    So you want to take that into account when looking at the combined attack time and release time,  if you want the compressor to swing with the beat.

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  11. 18 hours ago, Fleer said:

    Okay, got off and got in. This is my third Voice of Wind library. Exquisite. 

    If you like Voice of Wind libraries, I can knock one up for you. I had chilli last night and a curry the night before, so just need to record the samples.

    I can offer a few different articulations such as legato, fortissimo and a number of staccato round robins.:D

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  12. @Amicus717 funnily enough I have Nimbus but for some reason I prefer R4 might give them an a/b. Don't mind the commentary at all.

    I did another mix where I dropped the choir near the end for a couple of bars and the instruments sprang to life so it could be I need to look at bringing the choir in and out to leave some space.

  13. @Amicus717 Thanks for taking the time mate. In regards to the panning, I was trying to keep to the orthodox orchestral soundscape apart from the bass which I kept central rather than in the traditional position. A few people have mentioned the dynamics which is strange as I used very little compression apart from on the percussion bus. Will need to look at it again. Similar to you I didn't use a lot of plugins at least on the tracks. I did use two reverbs and did originally start with a more ambient space for the IR but found the overall mix lost a bit of definition.


  14. Whilst I found the technology Impressive I found both messed with my sounds too much.

    The AR made my drums sound like a 60's Ludwig kit, no matter what bass I was using, it emulated a Hofner Violin bass and all the vocalist's had a Liverpool Accent.

    Trying the new Ocean Way, the song tempo slowed down, the guitars became jangly and jumped up in the mix whilst the synths completely disappeared, The lead vocal lyrics changed to singing about cowboys, drinking and lost love and the BV's sounded like a choir of Dolly Partons

    I'll get my coat.....

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  15. Just an idea although I could be wrong. You could try downloading the installer linked in the first post of this thread

    [CLOSED] 2021.01 Hotfix Preview [Updated to build 93] in the early access section. Then try running that. It may work and you may have to update afterwards but worth a go.

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