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  1. To be equally fair or equally unfair, Izotope's MPS3-4 upgrade cost left me cold and I waited until now to pull the trigger, Celemony still haven't come up with a soup worthy upgrade from Studio 4 to Studio 5 so I am holding off on that. I never upgrade Komplete as soon as it comes out, I wait a few months until something comes up. Hopefully there will come a day when Lars posts a deal on this that has us reaching for the tureen and the ladle!
  2. @Stewart Cormack as @Will_Kaydo says it will take time but trust us that once you understand how it all hangs together it will make sense. There are shed loads of tutorials that you can find in the tutorials forum plus if you check out the House of Kush videos on You tube he has a novel way of talking through how to approach things. The only thing I would say as a starter is try to get your individual tracks to a level of around -13 to -11db in volume and your busses to around -9 db and your master to around -6db. This gives you plenty of wiggle room to avoid nasty clipping but still trigger effects like compression (just make sure they don't increase the volume by gain matching between on and off/bypassed). If you export at around -6db this would be around the level that would then go to mastering so will still be quiet compared to released product. Mastering is a whole other ball game of minor tweaks. but you can have a go by importing the wav file into an empty project and tweaking eq and adding a final limiter that is set to a -1db ceiling. That should get you around the ball park. Don't forget that the model of your headphones will have an impact on your sound compared to when you play it through other mediums like speakers or phones but once you are used to them you can mix based on knowing what your phones are doing to colour the sound.
  3. I would be careful about using the "Deliverance" preset 😬
  4. Was this using the external power supply? I don't seem to need it for my PC but when using the laptop I had to use the external power supply or it won't power up and be seen by the OS. That is also something to consider if you are running four inputs at the same time particularly if they need +48v phantom power. May be worth using the power supply rather than relying solely on USB bus power.
  5. Before I export I always make sure I choose the menu edit>select>none just in case I have something de-selected by mistake and as @Promidi says Wav format will be better quality than mp3. It is also worth checking that you are not clipping level wise anywhere before you export. Whilst often clipping doesn't sound too bad whilst playing back it can be more noticeable after export.
  6. @Pakewalker as you have been using cakewalk for years, what happens if you load one of your old projects via file>open? I assume you didn't delete them?
  7. Glad to hear you got it sorted. @winkpain are you still using the 404HD? I have no problems with the one I am using although like any interface it has its limits. Funnily enough I have it plugged into a USB 3 port mainly because USB 3 supplies more power so I have less reason to use the power adapter and secondly because my USB 2 bus is running an external hard drive, Novation keyboard, Vinyl deck plus the keyboard and mouse
  8. Hatstand

    UAD HOT 50 Sale

    I checked and Kate Beckinsdale is only 47 so we can cross her off the list unfortunately I guess that means she is not in the sale so full price or maybe there is a subscription deal? Lars, go do that voodoo that you do so well
  9. I am not a religious man, more like a lump of sentient carbon, but nonetheless I hope you are making the best of the situation. perhaps you can get a nurse to sneak in a couple of rashers and a liquidiser? Take Care Mate
  10. Funnily enough this is similar but diametrically opposed to an answer I gave elsewhere, in that scenario nothing was working So each midi track has an input choice. You can go to input to decide where the midi to trigger the sounds is going to come from. In this case it is your keyboard and most likely on channel 1 (but Omni should work). In order to hear what you are playing (when not actually recording) you need to turn input echo on (in track view it is the button on the right of the track record button). Sometimes you may have the same input on multiple tracks which is OK but you also might have input echo enabled on more than one track which will result in you hearing both sounds when playing a note. Hope that makes sense
  11. Hatstand

    UAD HOT 50 Sale

    If Fleer is caught reading this, Edith will be asking questions...
  12. yep Groove 3 pass included. Mine just ran out from last time. Not sure whether Ozone 8 is MPS3 or 2. I have 3 and it is Ozone 9 so more likely it is 2. Going to check whether I can get the JRR code working for my Australian address rather than my UK one as it will save me compared to the $149 from Izotope, although I am guessing I can get it elsewhere and pick up an additional freebie and knock some loyalty dollars off it. I have the invite for the 7 day trial of Pro so will check it out to see what if anything I am missing.
  13. Hatstand

    UAD HOT 50 Sale

    when I saw the words "Hot" and "50" I thought it was an opportunity for an upgrade. Turns out to be a bunch of plugins.
  14. all the sandwiches you can eat for $25/month
  15. yes so we are sort of upgrading blind not knowing whether to wait to see if the sub is worth it...
  16. Tempted this time, but wouldn't be happy to buy this and find out two weeks later that there are new "pro" versions to entice subscribers
  17. normally the keyboard is channel 1 and the pads if you have any are usually channel 10. If you set the input of your track in CbB to Omni and it works then it is likely the keyboard is not transmitting on the expected channel.
  18. This is what Glenn is referring to on the device section of Edit>preferences in CbB The other thing to check is that you don't have the direct/monitoring "mix" knob on the UMC turned all the way to the left. It is worth knowing as well that if you decide to run CbB at for example 48000/24, you will need to go into Windows sound devices and change the sample rate/bit depth to match on all available sources (go to Settings>Sound> device properties>additional device properties>advanced tab). Otherwise you will jump out of CbB to find that things like Youtube videos will stop working.
  19. This might help possibly? https://www.sweetwater.com/sweetcare/articles/universal-audio-console-routing-explained/
  20. Before you go down a rabbit hole of tweaks, is it worth reinstalling the ASIO drivers or even contemplating if it is the actual interface or the cable itself that is the problem?
  21. Glad that was the answer for you. It happens even to people who have been doing this for a while, particularly when there are a lot of tracks and busses. For clarity, the global solo and mute buttons will light up even if only one track is soloed or muted but it is a good way to clear the decks with one button rather than scrolling through tracks. If you go back to your first post in this thread. You should be able to edit the topic and add [Solved] to the title so that others know you are sorted. Cheers Hatstand
  22. bit hard to tell from your screenshot. What might help you is to have the mix module in the control bar visible. This has a global mute/unmute and global solo/unsolo button which comes in handy if you have a track soloed or muted that you can't see.
  23. I had an issue with BBCSO where it loaded perfectly and did everything apart from emit sound. In the Spitfire audio app, I used the repair option which I think basically reinstalled it and it worked afterwards. Not sure what caused it, could have been a windows update.
  24. I know this doesn't answer your question as it would be a workaround, but what happens if you create an aux track and send to that track from the vocoder track? can you record the aux track and get the desired resultant audio?
  25. Got this email "Get early access to Music Production Suite Pro" Try for free. It will be interesting to see what (if any) improvements there are in the "Pro" versions. I already have MPS3 and didn't see the point of upgrading to V4 given that it would give me a reverb and some minor additions to Nectar. In my case it is safe to argue that If I can't get a decent sound using everything I already have, I probably have no discernible talent in mixing and mastering. I can understand why they want to go with subscriptions and minor updates as I don't think there any many major toys they could add. Perhaps Composer Assistant that writes the music for you, Lyric Assistant that writes the words for you, Playing Assistant that plays the instruments for you and Recording Assistant which records everything for you.🤔
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