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  1. But, but... you can still get Carousel for free.
  2. Yes, the instrument is deep within my file tree. If you discover how to make Carousel appear in a main menu or in a less obscure file folder, please let us know! : ) EDIT - It now appears in my home menu in Kontakt. I didn't do anything either so hopefully it appears for others too!
  3. Yes, the Advanced and Standard upgrades can be made from earlier versions at a fixed price, but when it comes specifically to the Music Production Suite, only the preceding version provides the best update price, while updating from an earlier version is more expensive, as demonstrated in the current offer: https://www.pluginboutique.com/meta_product/2-Effects/39-FX-Bundle/6923-iZotope-Music-Production-Suite-4 Great... now I just promoted Izotope to prove my point! They get you every time!
  4. Yes, that should probably read updates will be free, rather than upgrades. They did provide TEOTE free to existing membership subscribers. But who knows what the future holds...
  5. Right now, you can get the entire Voxengo Suite, including lifetime upgrades, for $255. Cheaper directly through their website than anywhere else I think. This would include Teote, the recently released better-maker. His plugs don't look pretty but they work. Hobbyists should beware of the Izotope model. Less than two years ago, I bought into MPS 2.5 initially for $399 (having had an elements product). Than a year later, I got a deal from a fellow forum member to upgrade to MPS 3 for $100. And just last month, upgrading to MPS 4 cost another $199. That's $700 in two years for some incremental changes to the same package! Sure the Exponential Reverbs are nice and Groove 3 is useful but... It's not the Kontakt model where it's the same price if you skip an update or two or three... if you miss one Izotope update, you have to pay an additional $100 at least on top of the regular update price.
  6. Ah... maybe it's just my lack of knowledge. I have only seen the .dll file extension. When I looked up .vst3, it indicated that it may not work for some Windows users: https://fileinfo.com/extension/vst3 Glad if it does though!
  7. For you Windows users, the VST3 WIN link provides a .vst3 file extension. This extension only works for MAC if I understand correctly. However the other link, VST WIN, provides a .dll extension file, that you can copy and paste into you x86 program file vst folder. That's what worked for me!
  8. REDWIREZ IR Packs and MixIR3 are 50% OFF with code BLACKFRIDAY https://redwirez.com/
  9. ...but that translates into an extra $10 Australian! Crikey!
  10. Is there another secret Santa with a code?
  11. They raised the price by 0.08 cents for Black Friday! Yesterday, it was at $98.92.
  12. 50% OFF Selected IRs https://www.ownhammer.com/store/
  13. Does anyone use a Roland kit (I have the TD-11) with SSD5? Is the hi-hat triggering motion realistic?
  14. Thank you very much gentlemen! That explains a lot!
  15. Yes! Eli's soothing voice lessons!
  16. I have successfully updated to the latest version. But when I click on Ignite Pro, it opens a box showing me the version, with options for Deactivate and View Help... It doesn't appear to open a program. Is that because it is integrate into HitFilm pro under the Effects menu? Or should it be doing something more, like opening in its own window?
  17. They should have called it the "Almost Everything Bundle"!
  18. https://lancasteraudio.com/shop/impulse-responses/bundles/ir-everything-bundle/ IR Everything Bundle $1,340.00 $297.00 Literally all of our IRs! Including Producer Packs!
  19. I can upgrade to Horizon for cheaper than WUP-ing Diamond. Does that give me V12 of Horizon?
  20. To satiate those awaiting the return of the king, you may be interested in the following: Free VSTs: https://laptopguitarist.com/category/downloads/instruments/ Free Cabinet IRs: https://laptopguitarist.com/category/downloads/cabinet-impulses/ ... and more!
  21. I didn't perform the last update of World Suite from July I believe it was. I just picked up WS2. Should I bother with updating World Suite 1? Can I uninstall World Suite 1 to save on SSD space?
  22. Chromaphone and String Studio updated too! Release notes were in the email I received. Chromaphone 2 v2.2.2v2.2.2 Additions * Added support for GUI scaling in 64-bit DAWs. Fixes * VST3 plug-in now works in Digital Performer 10. * Improved default GUI size on Windows in DAWs with high-DPI support. * Some popup menus could remain open when the plug-in window was closed. * Fixed compressor bugs. String Studio VS-3 v3.1.4 Additions * Added support for GUI scaling. Fixes * Compare and undo now work as expected when the layer labels are modified. * Fixed contextual menu in text fields. * Fixed memory leak. * Fixed Notes scrolling in the Info panel. * Scala tunings did not reload after a sample rate change. * VST3 plug-in now works in Digital Performer 10. * Fixed possible crash when using some touchscreens. * Improved default GUI size on Windows in DAWs with high-DPI support. * Fixed level meter display on Synth page. * Fixed crash in Save As dialog. * Some popup menus could remain open when the plug-in window was closed. * Fixed compressor bugs.
  23. https://shorttakes.canadianmusician.com/gibson-launches-free/ Gibson is launching a free virtual and fully-interactive guitar tune-up service called the Gibson Virtual Guitar Tech Service. A global experience, the service matches players worldwide with Gibson’s team of professional techs in real-time to cover basic tune-ups for guitar, bass, electric and acoustic players in any genre or style.
  24. Run Native Access to update to Traktor DJ 2.4.0
  25. Anybody have a code they aren't going to use before midnight ? PM me : ) Thank you.
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