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  1. I purchased this (albeit at the more expensive $39.99 price) through Stacksocial because I too had purchased the AAS bundle from them. Some people had duplicates of the sound packs and were contacting AAS to see if they could swap them. AAS knew about the Stacksocial sale and was indeed very generous in allowing people to swap some of the sound packs. That's the one reason I trusted Stacksocial. You can also pay by Paypal, so you have that level of protection. However, some personal information, i.e. name and address, is obtained by the vendor when using Paypal (info fields are auto-populated in vendor order window). But that's pretty standard for any vendor and not enough information for fraudsters. You are provided a license key that you input on the Microsoft website to complete the download. It was very easy. Now the Reddit forum above raises questions about the legitimacy of these keys but I have no insight into that. It just works for now.
  2. Edit: See link in replies below for even cheaper option on the same website. For the business side of music-making! Microsoft Office Professional 2021 for Windows: Lifetime License : https://stacksocial.com/sales/microsoft-office-professional-plus-2021-for-windows Microsoft Office Home & Business for Mac 2021: Lifetime License: https://stacksocial.com/sales/microsoft-office-home-business-for-mac-2021-lifetime-license-2
  3. I opened my Black Friday credit card bill today... it was unreasonable!
  4. From a Canadian perspective, I just never imagined folks in Vegas wearing tuques!
  5. Thank you Marc for being my voice of reason!
  6. https://www.roland.com/ca/products/rc_td-17_version_2_update/ Feature-packed system update for the TD-17 module Adds new kits and samples, expanded effects, compressor and reverb sections, and Roland Cloud support Choose from 70 premium preset drum kits, including 20 all-new kits with custom samples 26 newly developed samples for layering with internal instruments and enhancing drum tones New high-quality reverb effect for further customization of kit ambience New compressor function for studio-grade sound shaping 11 newly added Multi FX types Trigger support for the latest thin-profile V-Cymbals, including the CY-12C-T and CY-14R-T Integrated support for Roland Cloud content, including kits and sound packs created by pro drummers Available as a free download in Roland Cloud Manager
  7. I just got this. You might consider checking your previous purchases from Sonuscore... it's the third cheap bundle in the past 18 months that I have bought that has included the Hapi Harp. Still a good deal though since I didn't have the other two pianos!
  8. Ah, that makes sense! I have TS Max 2 and only really wanted Fame Reverb, so I bought it earlier this month. But then like five days later, they announced the Maxgrade to 3.5 for a little extra money. Luckily I hadn't registered the Fame Reverb yet, so I think I will just wait to do that until the next Group Buy to get all the new stuff in TS 4. I'm both patient and cheap!
  9. You'll really be kicking yourself if you buy it separately when you realize it's already in TS 3.5!
  10. Hope this works for you like it did for me... it's a two-step process: Visit Get Good Drums to get 2 free midi groove packs: https://www.getgooddrums.com/collections/groove-packs Once the checkout completed, you may (like I did) receive an email for a free 7-day trial to MidiRemap: https://www.midiremap.com/ MidiRemap converts various types of midi files from one platform to another. Converting those Yurt or Ugritone midi files to Toontrack is a breeze with MidiRemap. Although for some obscure reason, Toontrack has not assigned a midi value to Cowbell (and maybe shaker and claps?). Are they anti-"more cowbell" ? You will see that the drop-menu of possible file types for conversion is somewhat limited but it covers many of the popular drum VSTs. Also, be aware that the maximum file size for conversion is 50 MB... trying to convert Addictive Drums 2 midi packs (one file is aprox. 800 MB) to another platform won't work, at least not through MidiRemap. If someone has a trick for converting AD2 midi packs (for lazy midi drummers), it would be great if you could share. Happy virtual drumming!
  11. There are a couple freebies available too The Real Piano and Freeky Free Clavinet.
  12. I registered EZ Drummer 3 four days ago (Saturday). I wrote them an email today and they said that because of the timing of my order, I was ineligible for the free EZX. In keeping with their reputation, such poor treatment of clients is to be expected from Toontrack I guess.
  13. RUN NATIVE ACCESS Updates for Scarbee basses and Straylight
  14. There are a few people that refer to the $20 off in the Reddit comments: https://www.reddit.com/r/AudioProductionDeals/comments/yyo5t2/celemony_black_friday_sale_melodyne_5_vocal/ I didn't see it mentioned on the Celemony site. If you just paste your unused license key in the coupon field, will be applied, I don't know.
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