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  1. "Your heart knows it won't hurt... You can't hear your heart until you actually do it!" I needed to hear that : )
  2. Thanks for the inside stories Reid! It's great to hear about recent film history! Just pointing out (like someone did for the first video) there is a sound imbalance between the right and left channel. Wearing headphones, the sound on the right side is sharper and clearer and sounds louder. The left side is more veiled or recessed, with less treble. It almost sounds like you're using two mics, one going to the right channel and one going to the left channel. I'm not sure whether the issue is panning or a mono track not being bounced to stereo? Maybe someone else can chime in with some advice.
  3. Does COSMOS pick up Kontakt or Maschine samples?
  4. Run IK Product Manager. New Sounds to download too... What's New in SampleTron v2.0.3 • New "Lost String Quartet" presets and samples added • Native Apple M1 silicon support • Edit Panel in-app keyboard now displays which keys are active in the preset • Fixed an issue where AU/VST/AAX plug-ins did not properly react to tempo changes • Fixed an issue where the Zone LFO trigger mode was not always saved • General reliability improvements
  5. https://line6.com/support/page/kb/effects-controllers/helix/helix-315-release-notes-r992/à The free Helix® 3.15 firmware update applies to all Helix and HX® family products. The update includes a new Line 6 Original amp, ten all new effects, and 18 additional Legacy effects: Line 6 Ventoux - Original amp with a unique gain and control design Ampeg® Opto Comp - Based on the Ampeg® Octo Comp compressor Ampeg Liquifier - Based on the Ampeg Liquifier Chorus Heliosphere - Original delay with reverb in the feedback loop ADT - Original automatic double tracker Crisscross (mono, stereo) - Original dual delay with cross-feed between delays Tesselator - Original delay Ratchet - Original delay Dynamic Plate - Original plate reverb Dynamic Room - Original room reverb Shimmer - Original shimmer reverb
  6. Download unlimited high-quality loops and packs for your next big hit. 100% free, with new samples added weekly https://www.bandlab.com/sounds/home
  7. For those who went through this process, did the Avid site ask you for both your iLok username AND password?
  8. This is another great FREE resource: www.helixhelp.com
  9. Each of these individually sound great, but when you layer them in Kontakt, you sound like a genius!
  10. For those wondering, if you input your new Groove3 serial number now, it will add the extra 12 months on top of the time remaining on your all access pass.
  11. Just confirming that upgrading from MPS 4 to 4.1 includes another Groove 3 pass. You also receive serial numbers for Nimbus and R4 reverbs (but I think those were already included with MPS 4, so I don't think there's an extra reverb as mentioned above, unless I'm mistaken). It also provides a new serial number for Melodyne Essential 5... and of course the RX 9 standard upgrade. Also, I asked, if you simply upgrade RX from 8 to 9 for $49, would that be recognized as upgrading to MPS 4.1, for future upgrade purposes... and the answer is no. Just a warning for those considering the RX upgrade on JRR Shop for $41. I didn't see the upgrade from MPS 4 to 4.1 on their site. Here is the response from Izotope support: Hi there, Thanks for contacting iZotope Customer Care! Yes, the MPS 4.1 includes the Groove 3 pass! You would get that if you upgrade. Let me know if you have any other questions! Sincerly, Matt
  12. Run Native Access to auto update Driver, Enhanced EQ, Passive EQ, RC24, RC48, Solid Bus Comp FX, Solid Dynamics, etc....
  13. If I re-sell an original license for an IK product that is listed as a qualifying product in the group buy, will the buyer be able to register the license and benefit from the group buy?
  14. VocAlign Project 5 replaces VocAlign Project 3 and any users who registered VocAlign Project 3 after March 16th, 2021 are eligible for a free upgrade. To claim your free upgrade to VocAlign Project 5, please visit this page.
  15. Pluto Gabo

    Out again!

    Larry's absence serves as an opportunity to learn to live with our G.A.S.: https://www.guitarworld.com/features/guitar-acquisition-syndrome
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