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  1. Yeah, got me beat. I did reinstall it before I posted and tested loading it on a new track/project without any frills and strangely, it just crashed CbB - latest version.  This not only crashes the original project but as mentioned, a new one as well...yet opens fine in Reaper. Oh well, I'll just use another synth in CbB or shift the whole project to Reaper. Thanks for the feedback. 

  2. Hi, I haven't used CE for a while but I opened up an old project with the view to update the mix and CE kept crashing it. Loading in Safe Mode and disabling it, subsequently opened the project. I then tested it in a new project with nothing else loaded and it crashed it. I then tried loading it in Reaper and it loaded it there without any problems.

    So it would appear, that this is an issue between this program and Cakewalk. This is Plugin Boutique's developed soft synth, so I thought I see if anyone else had this issue currently, before I reach out to them. CE has worked okay in the past in Sonar, but I'm not sure I've tried it since changing over to CW. 



  3. Hi Robert, Falcon does not have a VST3 option. Scaling not an issue for Reaper, nor in stand alone mode. Canopus, thanks this proved to be the solution, although initially is was crashing both Cakewalk and Reaper. Uninstalling and re-installing fixed that. No longer truncated in Cakewalk. There was also a UVI Workstation update and a couple of expansion updates as well. Thanks to all though for suggestions. Cheers

  4. Hi, 

    Haven't used Falcon for a while...has been updated to latest version though. Had it in one project and wanted to play around with a voice. Opened it and none of the dials worked and it appeared truncated...couldn't access soundbank section, nor scroll. Tried reloading it and then a fresh version and it appears to be uniquely a Cakewalk issue. I have opened it successfully in its standalone version and also in Reaper, which is why I'm thinking something peculiar to Cakewalk, since I guess the last updated version  - of Cakewalk and/or Falcon?

    Anyone finding this issue? Any fixes or solutions? 



  5. I noticed this occurring after a recent Native Instrument Komplete Kontrol update. Before this, the project would load saved midi assignments correctly. Since this, I'm either getting 'none' or a combination of midi inputs and virtual controller. I've been in contact with NI for a solution and they provided an update which did not fix this from happening. My Komplete Kontrol S88 keyboard has not been functioning in other ways since a few updates ago...no longer have keyboard transport controls available, nor interactivity with the macros after loading a 3rd party program into Kontact like Output. 

  6. 5 hours ago, Cookie Jarvis said:

    Read up on this a bit and to me it's just light buss mixing followed by the traditional 2-track mastering.


    Bill I think the idea here is to have some groups of voices from a mix you're happy with, to then apply final tweaking and setting up a mastering chain. So theoretically, you could have an instruments group, vox group, bass/rhythm groups, and send those groups to the master bus. I was trying this yesterday and it certainly felt 'a lot lighter' is terms of CPU and memory use. I liked being able to further fine-tune the levels of the various voices or do whatever as they fed into the mastering chain. So I'm liking it so far. No way is the correct way of doing this of course. It's just something I haven't tried before. :-)


  7. 5 hours ago, Daniel Vrangsinn said:

    I have never done stem mastering myself, just the regular kind. But I would send the tracks to dedicated buses for each intrument group. Guitars to a guitar bus, drums to a drum bus and so on, and then just solo the buses I want to export. I think that is what the mastering engineer wants 

    Yes, that's the idea. I tried this and it's certainly a way of getting groups of voices for mastering treatment..instead of just a stereo mixdown of the entire mix. I believe this also works from the track group as well...ie, solo the group track - say guitars - and mix that down...you then get the bus FX/processing as well...if you mix it down as an entire track. Maybe bus export is a more elegant way, assuming everything is sent to such. I sometimes take sends out from a track to other FX buses , so I guess the track mixdown is better...unless you also mixdown the bus FX for those specific sends...if that makes any sense.?

  8. Thanks for that John. I agree with you re the 'polishing' stage for the most part. I like the idea though of maybe having some other options open, should you need them. It appears to work for Syence and it's something I've never considered doing...so give new approached a try hey? Cheers

  9. Thanks for the suggestions guys. There's a few ways to go at the end of mixdown before mastering, that I'm figuring out.

    1. Stay in CW and freeze tracks and add to mastering chain, if haven't been doing that...some like to mix into comp, etc. This still has processing on the buses, which may or may not limit your mastering processing.

    2. mixdown to stereo tracks and either import into CB mastering template, or import into 3rd party mastering program like iZotope.

    3. Mixdown groups tracks with their processing and import into a new CW session for mastering chain setup. 

    The latter idea is Syence's approach  to mastering- Hyperbits - https://hyperbitsmusic.com - it's a paid for tute so you won't be able to see it. The idea here is to expand the mastering process to have some further groups available for individual processing if necessary.  So  for eg, if you wanted the piano lower, rather than go back into a mix to do so, or if you wanted maybe a specif eq cut, a stereo mixdown might limit this further 'fine-tuning'. But if you had some groups, you might be in a better position to do so. 

    I don't know if it will be necessarliy better mind you as I haven't tested it yet. I found the only way I could do this is to mixdown one group or track at a time as an 'entire' mix and just solo it before mixing it down. This gives me what I was chasing...a track - or group of say basses, - with processing, including the bus FX/processing.

    All good, thanks for help and ideas. Appreciate  it guys. Cheers. :-)

  10. thanks for responding guys. I'm trying to mixdown the individual tracks their track FX and the sends to various buses - eg, drums to bus 1 with comp, drums to bus 2 for parallel processing, bus 3 for all drums - including PP - and then to a submix and finally master. 

    Some  special vox tracks might have some SFX, but usually vox are send to eg a vox bus - eq, comp etc, whilst the track might also have sends to eg, reverb, delay etc.

    So as you can appreciate, this eats up CPU, so my intention is to mix down all the various tracks wavs, with their individual and bus processing, and then import back to a master template for final tweaking and mastering. This would include all automation, effect sends and bus FX/processing.

    The export tracks with 'what you hear' did not work - thanks for the suggestion.

    The export of the buses gives me the FX, and processing, submix, master etc, but not the individual tracks.


    Leadfoot - a bit of both as I'm trying to explain above. The main FX are on the buses. 

    I've seen this done in tutes on Abelton Live, so I"m trying to do the same thing here but maybe as initially suggested you can't do stem creation like this? The best I can do at this point is to 'freeze' all tracks - which does reduce CPU - and go into a master like this...but I really prefer a clean template...or mixdown just a stereo track and master this...but I don't have the same type of control as I would if I had all the track's wavs with their incorporated FX/processing. 


  11. Hi, I haven't down stem mixdowns for mastering before, so I'm trying it out. I normally export the stereo mix and then do my mastering separately. So today, I'm mixing down the individual tracks to then re-import into Cakewalk for mastering. 

    I selected the entire mix and then for exporting, just the tracks. I made sure the checkbox for Bus FX, Clip Automation etc was selected and did the mxdown. 

    However when it came to importing, there are no bus FX. So for example, the reverb, delay weren't preset...just dry tracks. What am I doing incorrectly? 


    Thanks in advance

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