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  1. Just as the title says. You can rename any type of track from the Console View by double clicking on the name field. Is should be the same for midi tracks when working in PRV. Please consider it, Thank you!
  2. Hijacking this thread, this would be a delight Noel!!!😁
  3. I see! It makes sense now that you said it! 😄 Thank you for everything! E.
  4. Oh, wow!! This is superb! Thank you very much!!! For some reason it wasn't happening before this latest update! But I am so glad you were able to pin point it! I am so grateful for your effort Noel! Thank you again!!!🥰 Be well, Elias
  5. Noel, thank you for your support! I've send you a pm with the files! Elias
  6. The problem probably lies on the existing project. When I try a new project the freeze doesn't happen. I haven't tried opening older projects with video files and see if they reproduce this behavior yet. I will when I am done with this project, since I am in a pickle with time restraints! I am learning to use space for stopping and rewinding to the now time. If the playback is stopped, I can press "W" to go to the beginning without problems. I only mentioned my case because of the freeze, this was totally unexpected and happened on a command that I use very frequently. I will august and avoid it for the time being. Anyway, thank you everybody for helping! Be well, Elias
  7. Hello Noel, I am using the keyboard shortcut "W", not the UI buttons. Double tapping "W" while the project is playing used to stop the sound and revert the transport at the beginning. Now, when tapping "W" on a new project, without a video file loaded the transport keeps going back to the Now Time and play back without stopping. With a video loaded, a simple "W" tap repeats from the Now Time position, while a double tap goes to the beginning of the project and stops the sound. On my existing project with a video file loaded however, the second option freezes Sonar for about a minute and a half, looping the sound (the familiar grrrr sound of a very short loop). At first I thought that the program crashed (Task Manager said it didn't respond), but if I wait it eventually unfreeze. Until I double tap "W" again. Using this shortcut is engraved to muscle memory, so this is very inconvenient for me. Why did the Go to Start function changed and is there an option to revert it back the way it was before? Finally, the dump file is over 13Gb in size, so it's practically impossible to sent it. Also, I installed Procdump but the command "procdump.exe -ma Cakewalk.exe cakewalkhang.dmp" found on the other post you linked is not recognized. Thank you for your insight Noel, be well, Elias
  8. Hello, first post here! Unfortunately to report that the new W (rewind) behavior is freezing / crashing Sonar each and every time I double tap it to go in the beginning of my project. This is happening on an existing project with a video file open for scoring purposes. Removing the video fixes the problem. Is there a way to revert RTZ back the way it functioned before? Thank you for your continuous effort!
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